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There are many people who helped me put this book together, without whom this book would not have been printed.


My sister Leyora for typing this book.


My father Joshua Ritchie, M.D., for his help, emotional support, and editing skills.


My mother Liliane Ritchie for her love, help, and support.

My friend Yachad Witt for his help and encouragement.  He inspired me to write this book.


The people who taped and transcribed Shlomo’s teachings from which I wrote this book.


I want to thank the Amshinover Rebbe for giving me his blessing to write this book.


Most of all I want to thank my Rebbe, Reb Shlomo Carlebach, ZT”L.


In deep gratefulness to the Holy One Blessed Be He.

Tears flow up.  When you see someone’s tears flowing down from their eyes, they are not going down…  Gevalt, are they going up to Heaven.  Gevalt, are they going up.  When somebody is crying G-d gives you the greatest, deepest privilege, to kiss away their tears.



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A young man learning in Yeshiva is engaged to a wonderful young lady from wealthy home. The father is upset. How is this guy going to make a living? So he takes him into his office to interview him while the mother and the future bride wait nervously outside. The father says, “How do you intend to make a living?” “G-d will provide,” answers the young man. “Well, my daughter’s needs are great; she was brought up that way.” “G-d will provide,” comes the reply. “How about a house? She needs a big house.” “G-d will provide.””How about clothes? She’s used to expensive, elegant dressing.” “G-d will provide.” The father comes out of the interview and the mother and daughter anxiously inquire, “So what do you think?” “Why, he’s a very fine young man. He thinks I’m G-d!”