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Becoming a Beacon of Love

Dear Most Beloved One,

I realize I will receive Your help according to how much love I can remember to send forward to You and to others.

~~*~~  You are blessed with your school in psychological counseling running at full speed right in your own home.   Continue giving Joshua total support in planning, directing, teaching and guiding his students in the art of living a full life.

Behind the successful confident part of him, there is also an insecure side needing love and respect from you.   You are sometimes ignoring that need, being too preoccupied with your own creative work, and thinking that he is too accomplished to need you.  You matter to him the most.

Bless the miracle of Love between both of you, this gift from Me to you all these years.

My work with you is about setting yourself free, and in this way you can set an example for your family and others.

To be trusting with each other.

To be set free with each other.

To emerge out of the darkness of ignorance into the awareness of My Presence that brings harmony and healing.

Hold each other’s hands.

You are not being judged.

When you hold on to Me, Love springs forth like a forever gushing spring –

Do you know what fun is for you?

For you, fun is something precious that you need to enjoy much more.   It is the grace, the wonder, the understanding of life, and its appreciation.   Fun, for you, is inner insight and acting on it.   It is pure joy in action.   Fun is glorifying the simple events of life.   It is the sweetness of life made available within its general “run of the mill” activities.

You are My child.   I love to see you as My little girl, when she is having fun shopping for treats for her grandchildren.

Fun is blessing your life with acts of kindness – they come right back to you!

Listening to Me is fun!   You learned the art of listening when you were a youth in need of a loving voice – you were listening as a child to your own mother with awe and reverence and receptivity.   Your mother’s voice was of a human being, sometimes right, sometimes wrong.   Now you are listening to the right voice.   You have this faculty to listen and to receive.   Do not get sidetracked.   Do not ignore it out of false humility.

I am always here to show you the best way of having compassion for yourself and others.   Remember every time you feel this compassion, you are paving the way for others to do the same.   This is how human beings can help each other in overcoming inner hurdles and wrong attitudes.

Reach out to Me.   I am your healing balm – Your Friend – Companion – Treasurer – I keep and hold many treasures for you – waiting for you.   Do not give up on yourself.   I am here.  Rely on Me.   Bless your life, the strength, the wise understanding from Me.  Become compassionate with this sweet child you are, trying to do her best.   I am guiding you at every moment.   I am signaling you clearly when you veer off track.   Be grateful for that.

Watch out for hidden fears.   They are paralyzing you at times.

Your higher inner self knows best.  Listen to its voice.  Go along with its impulses for kindness, courageous action and strength.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


From the book “Answers from Above” by Liliane Ritche



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The Ropshitzer Rebbe returned home after giving his sermon in the synagogue. His wife asked him, “How was the sermon?” He answered, “I had a fifty percent success. I taught the importance of the rich giving charity to the poor, and I was able to convince the poor to be willing to receive it.”