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Chapter 11 – Who is “The Lady of Light?”

Chapter 11        Who is “The Lady of Light?”


When Jesse opened his eyes, he found himself stretched out in the meadow near the lake.  The sun was now setting behind purple clouds and sending golden rays of light into the evening sky as if in farewell.

“Gift of Love… forever… remember…” whispered the gentle splashing of the waves on the shore.


Jesse stirred, coming out as if awakening from a deep sleep.  It was hard and disappointing finding himself in this heavy body again.  Yet the blissful happiness he had experienced was still dancing in his heart.  He felt blessed. The wondrous awareness he had absorbed in the Lands of Beauty and Light was with him.  For a long while he sat in the glow of the sunset, feeling the delicate balance between heaven and earth.  Then he thought:


“Now I can go and tell Mommy.  This time, she will listen and understand and she won’t be sad any longer.”

He got up and ran toward home.  Mother was there, waiting for him in the garden.

“Mommy, I have something very important to tell you!”  Mother saw the glow of happiness shining in Jesse’s eyes.


“What is it that makes you so happy?” she asked.

He took her by the hand and led her to the bench under the apple tree, where they sat together.


Jesse poured out his adventures to her.  He told her about the dark passageway, the door of the heart, his great friend Daniel, his companions, the palaces, the gardens, the Lady of Light, the awesome Angels, Uriel’s revelations ~ ~ ~   He told her about the radiance of the stars and mostly about the great Love from the Awesome One he had felt ~ ~ ~ so good ~ ~ ~ so strong ~ ~ ~

Mother didn’t answer.  Jesse looked at her face.  Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

“Oh! Mommy, please tell me, why are you crying?”

She was silent.  Then she said softly:

“Because it is so beautiful… so beautiful… your words make me feel so good… just the way I felt when I was a little girl.” Jesse took her hand and she cried some more.  She asked to hear more about his discoveries.

Jesse had a lot more to tell.


Suddenly she said:

“Jesse, there is something I must tell you, something that I have kept to myself all these years.” She hesitated, then said softly, “You see, when I was a small child, I was raised by my grandmother.  She used to tell me stories about the miracles of life all around us. She told me about the loving kindness of the Almighty One who watches over us ~ ~ how good it is to know Him.  Stories about worlds of Light and bliss where our souls return after leaving this world, where we are reunited with all our loved ones and our great ancestors.”

“Oh! Mommy, you see? She also knew!”


“She was an extraordinary lady, always bringing sparkling laughter and fun.  Children followed her, listening to her every word.  People often came to ask her for advice, and they would come back later with a shining smile to thank her.  Somehow their problems had been resolved.  She had her own special way… I was so happy with her…”

Mother continued with some effort:

“One day, when I was four years old, they told me that my dear Grandmother was gone – that she had just been killed.  I called out to her.  She wouldn’t come back.  I cried for days.  I felt so abandoned.”


“She was killed?  But why? How could it be?”

“I only knew there was a terrible war going on.  I knew that I was Jewish and that I needed to hide that, so that I may not to get killed also.


Mother paused.

“Oh Mommy! How very awful! How scary! And you were just a little girl!…Is this why you have been sad so many times?”


She continued:

“Shortly after, I was sent to some unknown foster family.  Then to another one.  They told me to stop all this crying.  I tried.  As the years passed, they made fun of my Grandmother’s words, calling them tales to please little children.  They told me that I must grow up.  I stopped talking about her teachings and after a while I stopped believing in them.  My life became busy with other things.”


“But Mommy,” protested Jesse, “She was right!  She knew!”


Mother looked at him earnestly.

“Jesse, please tell me the truth.  How can you be so very sure that these lands are so real?  This whole thing could be just a beautiful dream, you know.”


“Oh, Mommy, Mommy!  If only you could see!  These lands are real, even more real than the ground we are sitting on.  I know for sure… Everything about it feels right!  If only I could show you…how very happy everyone is there…all the love!  It is sooo good.”


Mother looked deeply into Jesse’s eyes and suddenly she knew the truth of his words.  She was quiet in deep reflection for a while and then she smiled and said:


“Jesse, you have reminded me of what I knew so long ago when I was a child.  I had almost forgotten my own knowing, deep inside… Yes! …that special feeling… that golden glow.  I guess this is what people call intuition, or faith… that is what I need to listen to.  That, I can trust in.”


She was deep in thought for some time.  She turned to Jesse – a new softness shone in her eyes.  “Jesse, that loving Presence… I can feel it.  I don’t know what it is, but… I know now that it is real.  It is here, all around me.  Thank you, my precious little one…”



They hugged each other for a long time.  Jesse felt so relieved, so happy, he couldn’t speak.

Mother said:

“You know, your father has been worrying about you a lot.  He is soon going to find out how lucky he is to be the father of a young, unique boy like you.”

Jesse felt such great love for his mother, for his father, for the whole world.

They watched the crescent of the moon appearing over the mountain ridge, quietly absorbed in the mystery of the beauty surrounding them.

Mother sighed and recollected:

“Rachel… my dearest Grandma… you used to make me feel just like that!  Dearest, Rachel… It’s strange… now I can feel your love, your sweetness, just as if you were right here with me…”


“Rachel…” said Jesse thoughtfully.  Oh!  Yes!  I remember now…Rachel… That was what Daniel called the Lady of Light!”

“What did you say?” asked Mother.


Jesse repeated: “Daniel told me that the name of the Lady of Light was Rachel, when she was living on Earth.”

Mother was quiet, a new thought dawning on her.


“Could that mean… perhaps… that your Lady of Light could be my Grandmother?  Is that possible?”

Jesse was excited with this new revelation.

“Mommy, in the Higher Worlds, all good things are possible!  Now I understand why she came to me.  It was especially for you also.”  She spoke about you.  She said:  “Your dear Mother will be the first to respond to the gift of faith and trust. She was never abandoned.”


Mother mused with growing wonder:

“She promised she would always take care of me, never abandon me.  And now… Rachel… you never stopped loving me, never stopped caring for me… you kept your promise!  You were always near me after all and you found a way to reach out to me through Jesse! Oh! Thank you! Thank you!”


The light of the moon was now weaving silver veils over the clouds and dancing on the lake.



mother and son- brighter and cropped




Jesse knows that Daniel and his friends, the Lady of Light and Uriel and the Angels are very near him.  He knows he will visit them again.


And he knows that the taste of Infinite Happiness he had felt there, this warmth, confidence, stillness and this love, will always remain with him, deep in his heart, whatever will happen.


Often his thoughts are returning to the worlds on High, to the great all- enveloping Presence of the Awesome One who created all worlds and watches over them forever.





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