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Crown Children


Rebbe Nachman says the deepest thing. I want to tell you something very strong:  Obviously parents are not just the people who create children, who give them life only one time.  They are the people who are responsible to give their children life continuously.  First they have to feed their bodies and then they have to take care of their education.  Feeding their soul, giving them life all the time.  Giving life the first time is not so hard, everybody can do this.  What’s hard is giving life afterwards.  And the older the children get, the harder it is, the deeper it gets, the more demanding it is.

Rebbe Nachman says, “What am I to give over to my children?  My story.”  Because my story is a combination of my story based on my father’s story, and my grandfather’s story.  Because what am I?  I’m a little bit the product of my father and my mother, and their fathers and mothers.  So when I tell my baby my story, I’m actually telling my baby the story all the way back to Avraham.

If I connect my Crown (Keter) to my baby, then my baby connects his/her crown back to me.

On a very simple level:  Do you know when the relationship between parents and children stops?  At the moment when children don’t tell their secrets to their parents any longer.  Do you know what that means?  It means that the private secret revelation between me and GYd doesn’t belong to my parents anymore.  They’re not still feeding me.  How did this happen?  Suddenly the parents looked at their children not on a Crown level: “I know how you were created.  Listen, I’m a scientist, I studied biology in school.  Don’t fool me, I know it better.”  What does he know?  What does she know?  What do they know? You know, it’s heartbreaking.  Some people know how babies are created, but they don’t know who they are.

The difference between babies and bagels is very simple. A bagel, if you know how to make it, you know what a bagel is all about.  Children are deeper than that.

Do you know why there is no peace in the world?  Do you know why there is so much war?  Because the ‘Non-Crown people’ are very strong.  “You know, we’ll kill a few million kids, we know how to do it.  We know how to make bagels.  So we’ll make some new kids, who cares?”  The education, everything is on a bagel level.

The ‘Crown people’ are the people who relate to children on the level of a Crown.  And you know, you and I know the sad truth.  The last generation did not tell it to their children any longer.  Their relationship to GYd was not on a Crown level.  Their personal life was not a Crown life.

Strange, you know, today most people don’t have friends.  But they pay a psychiatrist fifty dollars to tell him the Crown of their life!!  What a heartbreaking world.  That which is most sacred, most holy, which can only be told to children, or to the one who loves you the most… that you tell to a stranger?  That’s how low you are?  And again, I have nothing against psychiatrists, it’s a very high thing.  You know, if they would be on the level of a Rebbe – if they would be on a Crown level, they could do the highest things in the world, right?  Some are, you know, a few chosen ones, maybe two in the world.

Do you know the difference between ‘Crown knowledge’ and ‘mind knowledge?’  Anything which I tell to somebody on a mind level, after I told it to them, they don’t need me anymore.  Take the whole school system; after your teacher teaches you whatever he knows, you spit the teacher in the face, right.  Already while he’s teaching you, you want to. OK, but you hold it in a little bit.  Crown knowledge is: even after I tell it to you and you know it already, you know it because I told it to you.

Imagine, husband and wife on a ‘mind level.’  In most marriages, the husband says to his wife, “I love you.” Ten minutes later he says again, “I love you.”  She says, “Listen, you just said it ten minutes ago.”  This is because the husband was saying, “I love you” on a ‘mind level,’ an information level. I already know the information.  I know it.  If the husband says, “I love you” on a ‘Crown level,’ you know what she’ll say?  “Why did you wait ten minutes to tell me again?  Ten minutes… and you didn’t tell me you love me.  What’s going on here?”

So now listen to this.  The holiness of the Torah is “Kesser Torah,” the “Crown of Torah.”  Do you know what the Crown of the Torah is?  When GYd spoke to us on Mount Sinai, according to our tradition, angels came to put crowns on our heads before GYd spoke to us.  Do you know what that means?  When GYd told us, “I am the L-rd your GYd,” do you think He gave us some information?  It was on a Crown level. So deep.

If a Jew says, “You know, all the religions are really the same.”  It’s very beautiful, but obviously your knowledge about GYd does not come from the Crown on Mount Sinai.  It’s information. “I have to go to shul to find out there is one GYd? I’ll go to the Divine Light Mission, they’ll also tell me there’s one GYd.”  On the level of information, you’re right.  But on the level of the Crown, GYd told me, GYd spoke to me on Mount Sinai.  That means after I know it, I know it because GYd told it to me.

 Do you know what the holiness of Jewish parents is?  When children are away from their parents, and they still say, “This is the GYd of my fathers.” You may ask, “The GYd of your father?  And you need your father?  He gave you the information that there is one GYd. You don’t need him anymore.”

The GYd of my father… Can you imagine what a world this would be, if people would relate to each other on a ‘Crown level?’  If every word we would tell each other would be on a Crown level!

I want you to know, friends, imagine… let’s say I know my baby needs juice, so I’m bringing her some juice.  But imagine she says the word “juice,” gevalt, it’s the cutest thing I ever heard in my whole life.  I’m jumping up like mad to bring her some juice.  You know what a deep connection it is, because I know what she said and I’m doing what she said.  It’s so deep. You see, GYd also gives us everything without praying, but the holiness of praying is that suddenly GYd listens to us on a Crown level.  This is “Keter Kehuna” [Priestly crown], the Keter, [Crown] of serving GYd, the Beit HaMikdash [Holy temple].  This is so holy, so deep.

You know, sweetest friends, it’s so true.  Sometimes you walk on a street and you say to each other, “Good morning.”  On a mind level, it’s stupid, right?  What do you mean, “Good morning?”  If the morning is lousy it’ll still be lousy.  And if it’s good, do you have to say, “Good morning?”  And yet the world knows, on a Crown level, it doesn’t come from your head.  In the morning you say, “Good morning.”  Why do you say, “Good morning?”  Because the truth is on a Crown level, it might be a lousy day, but if someone tells me with all their heart, “Good morning,” it becomes a good morning.  Suddenly something happens.  It can be the loneliest night in the world.  When I walk down the street and a drunkard says to me, “Good evening.”… On a Crown level, what a world, what a world, someone said to me, “Good evening.”

I want to bless you and bless me back, that we should be privileged to tell each other things such as “Good morning,” and “Good evening,” on a Crown level.  Do you know how hungry children are in the morning for a little Crown, for holy words?


 This is a teaching from Reb Shlomole Eiger. His teachings are very high Torah, absolute Crown Torah, because even after you learn it, you know it’s much deeper than that.  It’s much deeper than that.  When GYd gave the tablets to Moshe, do you know how GYd gave it to Moshe?  Can you imagine it? Do you think GYd let go when he gave it to Moshe?  No, Moshe was holding the tablets and GYd was holding them. I want you to know something.  How do you know when you love somebody very much?  It’s very simple.  Imagine someone whom you don’t love very much comes and gives me a gift.  When does the “great thing” really happen?  After I take the gift, I open the package, and then I see what’s in it.  The giving was meaningless to me.  How I got it is unimportant to me.  But when I love somebody very much, really, what’s in it is absolutely unimportant.  It may be just a piece of paper, or just one stone.

 So when GYd gave us the Torah, it was not just that He gave us the Torah.  The giving – we say “noten HaTorah” the giving of the Torah – the giving was so deep.  GYd is still holding on to the Torah.


 I want you to know, we were learning a lot about parents, the secret of parents.  Parents are so special. I don’t have to tell you. You feel it yourself.

 When you shake somebody’s hand, sometimes it gives you a real creepy feeling.  Imagine, without sounding gruesome, imagine there would be no skin on my fingers, GYd forbid, and you just have to put your hands on raw flesh.  It’s gruesome, right?  OK, so there’s a little skin over it, but absolutely you don’t have the feeling of a hand.  Some people are just a little bit higher, so when they shake your hand, you have at least the feeling of a hand, of something human.  You know, sometimes people give you their hand, and it feels human miraculously.

Blessing with Hands

 Now listen to this. Everybody knows when you bless someone, in a strange way you bless with your hands.  And sweetest friends, if you didn’t do it so far, I’m begging you – I’m crying before you: Friday night put your hands on your children’s heads and bless them.  You don’t realize that if you don’t do it, that your children will never forgive you.  You can do everything for your children, and maybe on a mind level of knowledge, you never told them that parents are supposed to put their hands on their children’s kepalach [heads] and bless them Friday night. But on a Crown level of knowledge, they do know.  They do know.  They mamash know. And on Friday night, the moment they get older they walk out of the house.  They say, “Damn you parents” because you didn’t bless them.

 I’m begging you: Please bless your children.  And don’t just put your hands on their head and say, “GYd bless you, I hope your grades will be good this week.”  Please lift yourself to a high level, because children are on such a high level. Despite the fact most of us are not on such a high level, gevalt, our children are so high.

So everybody knows, in the Temple, Aaron HaCohen [Aaron the High Priest] would bless the people. How would the High Priest bless them?  He would lift up his hands to high Heaven.  So, even if you are not a Cohen, even if you are not a priest, lift up your hands and bless your children. Everything is in the hands.  When GYd said to Avraham, “You should be a blessing,” Rashi explains, “Kol habrachot mesurot b’yadecha,” All the blessings are in your hands.

 Listen to this… it’s very deep.  The most destructive part of us is our hands.  You know what hands are?  Hands are power. What is the most awful, disgusting thing about people?  When they think they have you in their hands.  Did you ever shake hands with somebody who thinks that they have you in his or her hands?  It’s like going right to the gas chambers. The hands are very dangerous, because most people think that my hands did it.  My hands – “I’m a self-made man.  Look at how much money I have in the bank.”

 This is so beautiful.  Listen to this, the most unbelievable, beautiful thing.  Mamash, this is opening up new gates in my heart.  There is a very deep controversy among the Kabbalists.  When you bless your children, do you bless with one hand or with two hands?  So Reb Eiger says: with two hands.  Listen, my hands are power.  Do you know what the High Priest does?  He puts his two hands together and he says, “GYd, I have no power.”  But you know something? When I know that it’s not me, that it’s not my power, then, gevalt, do I have power.

 What’s a blessing?  To make it infinite, I connect you to the infinite.  If I think it’s only my power – I’m just a human being, I’m finite.  That’s all I have.  Even if I have the most power in the world, it’s still finite.  This is how much it is.  Not one cent more.  Not one ounce of strength more.  But if I connect myself, not to my power, but to GYd power….  And you know GYd power is so gentle….

 You know, sweetest friends, sometimes I can help somebody with my power, and then I degrade them and I let them know, “I did it for you.”  Or I can really help a person, and lift them up, on the ‘holy hand’ level.  And I want so much for them not to think that I did it for them.  You know how much I can do for them?  An absolute infinite amount.  I can do for them much more than if I tell them I did it.



 I have to tell you something. The truth is, if the mohel, the person who makes the circumcision, is mamash very holy, it doesn’t hurt at all. It does not hurt at all. Only if the mohel is not so holy, it hurts a little bit. But the way GYd wanted it, you know, like with the Holy Munkatcher Rebbe. The Munkatcher Rebbe was mamash the greatest mohel before the Second World War. Not only was he the mohel, he also was holding the baby. He was the sandek and the mohel. And mamash, he did it so fast, that the human eye couldn’t follow. You couldn’t. Beyond. And the baby never cried. They put a little wine in his mouth, but not one bit of crying. The babymamash knew, this is mamash the highest. But you’ve got to be the Munkatcher Rebbe. And he said, that any baby that he circumcised, would be holy all his life.

Can you imagine if you don’t know there is one GYd, and suddenly you discover that there is one GYd. We don’t even know what that is. Because for us there is always one GYd. But imagine if you were brought up like Avraham Avinu in a pagan society, and then suddenly you discover, after forty eight years, there’s gotta be something in this world. Awesome, right?

But Avraham Avinu is still a conscious Jew. Everything matters. Yitzchak is the first Jew who is an unsconcious Jew.

 You know, you circumcise a baby when he’s eight days old. Unconcious. It’s not, “I’m ready. I discussed it with my parents, and we agreed.” It’s unconscious.

 So Yitzchak was already beyond consciousness. But it was not that deep yet, like Yakov. Yakov is deeper than unconscious. He’s super conscious, beyond conscious, eternity conscious. It’s so deep that it’s mamash in his bones. In every part of his neshama, which is the deepest depths.

Now everybody knows that what you give over to your children is not what you have in your consciousness. I can be Einstein and my son can be a dope. It’s possible. Why? Because you are only giving over to your children what is super-conscious, beyond. The deepest, deepest, depths of you, you give over to your children.



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The Ropshitzer Rebbe returned home after giving his sermon in the synagogue. His wife asked him, “How was the sermon?” He answered, “I had a fifty percent success. I taught the importance of the rich giving charity to the poor, and I was able to convince the poor to be willing to receive it.”