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Engage In New Pathways of Joy – Answers from Above

Engage In New Pathways of Joy


Beloved One, Master of All

          Healer of All, Comforter, Source of All Strength,


Please heal me of this inner turmoil, guilt and revolt still there from my childhood traumas – paralyzing my ability to handle this present, extremely painful situation, paralyzing my inner resources.


Let go of the fears – they do not serve you at all.  They prevent you from taking the right moves – they darken your life.


Plunge into My Presence – this is where you will always find your healing.


Free yourself from these clinging vines of fears.  Cut them at their root.  Life is good.  Life is filled with new beginnings.  Follow your higher guidance from Me, so that you may be an example and help others to find their guidance on their own –


Please follow Me!  Retrace your steps back to Me!  Engage in new pathways of Light and Love!


Be trusting, confident, Light – Look UP !  Connect with Me! Remember Me !


How I wish to comfort you !  You are much too hard on yourself – release what is worrying you.  Let go.


Go deep within – remember your inner world of Beauty – strength – gentle power – initiatives – wisdom – calm and confident – trust in Me –


Believe Me, I can resolve all troubling situations – I am HERE !



~~*~~I can do All – I can repair All ~~*~~


Do not get embroiled in or take upon yourself the emotional issues of others – it is their challenge !  You are here only to hold the Light and Love from on High for them –


You are here to bless everyone with My Love.  You are here to bring some of My Sweetness to all – to remember My Light and shine it over to them.  You are here to bless all with My Wisdom, My Sacred Joy and Harmony.


You are here to start painting again, to start

~~*~~sprinkling star dust over your dreams on canvas ~~*~~

~ ~ * ~ ~

Feel My Grace infilling all Creation, My generous Life-energy sustaining every living being.  Feel My Love that created the whole Universe !


Bask in My Immensities.  Bask in the Majesty, the Eternal, the unlimited loving, affectionate Power – fill yourself with this


Remember to pray and connect with Me again, so as to be free from your old, worn out fears.  Drown them in your creativity. Over the years, I have found many ways to heal you through your creative impulses !


I am the Infinite, beyond all what you can see and know.  I also created you all with great love, waiting for you to respond to My Love.  I am like a most loving parent – friend – companion – lover – mentor – for each one throughout time.  I patiently wait for each soul to evolve and express its true unique identity.

The truth is, I also feel neglected and ignored.  Hardly anyone pays attention to eternal true Realities !  I imbue all Creation with My Presence and people hardly ever notice !  I give Life to all, and you ignore Me !  Please remember Me and pay attention – Love Me and receive My Love.


Bring My Love into your life.  Bring it to your loved ones, to all Creation, even to a moth, or a beautiful silver lining on a cloud. My love is felt in the eagerness to grow and blossom, that you find in nature.  Bring my love to the longing hearts of men, women and children, distracted away as they are from their true purpose in life.

* * * Bring them My Love !* * *

They need it so desperately.  I can direct My Love through you.  I created you for this.  It is through your heartfelt desire that you can do this.  Stay aware of My eternal Love and invite Me to flow this Love through you.  When you set yourself aside and focus on My Presence only, I can reach out to many others.  It depends on you.  Be totally selfless in these moments of conveying my energy of love.  I hold you in My Protection – just Listen

*  Listen to My Voice  *


I will be the One to give you strength. Remember that.  You will take in stride anything that comes your way.  My energy of life-giving Love is enthusiastic, eager, and passionate.

Just follow suit !

This energy repairs all, builds all, and sustains all. I constantly renew. With Me, there is no stagnant state of affairs.  I am healing and influencing your emotional states and bringing about new beginnings, always.


* * *  Rejoice !  * * *

by liliane Ritche



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Once there was an old man who was on his deathbed. He turned to his five children and said, “Please, before I die, run to Mama and bring me one last piece of her delicious cake.”

The five children ran desperately to fulfill their dying father’s last wish. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to him, they returned with the news: “Sorry, Dad, but Mama said she’s saving the cake for after the funeral.”