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In 1988 Rebbe Shlomo did  an electrifying music–tour of Poland. He was asked on Polish National Television, “Why would you even want to come here? It was the worst place for the Jews.”

He answered, “If you have the power to destroy, don’t you suppose you have the power to rebuild? I came here to shake hands with everyone in Poland.”

Within hours, his first concert was sold out as people wondered, “Who is this guy?” The audience, mostly non–Jews, was made up of diplomats, government officials, children of people who committed atrocities and children of Holocaust victims.

At one point, Rebbe Shlomo stopped the concert and said to the stone–faced audience, “You’re sitting here like you’re in an old folks home. If you want to get anger out of your hearts, the only way is to fill your hearts with so much joy that you cannot possibly hate. For this you need two hands and two feet. Let’s go!”

With that, the followers that were traveling with him went into the audience and danced, bringing everyone to their feet.







When a person is sick physically, the doctor says to the patient, “You have to take medicine.”  But if you and I want to cure the world, spiritually and mentally, then we, the doctors, have to take the medicine.  There is a medicine for everything, and it is made up of one word:  Joy.  Not external joy, but deep, inner joy.


The Prophet says that there is only one way to fix the world: We have to turn the clock back and make it be like before everything happened.  Let’s all go back to Paradise, and let’s forget that we were ever in hell.


When I see how much suffering there is in the world, my heart is so, so very heavy.  But I also know that we can fix it with a lot of joy.


When I see hatred, then I say to myself, “I have to love the world even more, to fix it.”


I would like it if you and I and all of us would live to see a better world. Not just a better world where today is better than yesterday, but where tomorrow is so good that I don’t even remember yesterday.


In the last fifty years there’s been a lot of darkness in the world. What you and I have to do is not only to turn the darkness into light, but we also have to bring so much joy into the world that we don’t even remember the darkness anymore.


When you meet someone you love a little bit, you are a little bit happy, but you still remember your pain. When you meet someone whom you love the most, you don’t even remember that you were ever sad. 


The truth is, one person can change the whole world, and the only problem is that we don’t really believe in ourselves.


Sometimes, when the door is closed, you have to go through the walls.


The whole world needs to get together and hold hands.


We should have time to take care of the world at least a little bit.



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Joke of the day

poor man came to the house of an elderly couple. Unfortunately they had nothing in the house to give him except an old piece of fish “from before the time of Noah’s Ark and the flood.” Out of desperation, they served him this fish and the next thing they knew he had to be rushed to the hospital. The elderly couple, of course, accompanied him to the hospital but, unfortunately, watched him die in front of their eyes.

At the funeral the elderly woman was crying uncontrollably and her husband was having a hard time trying to console her. She was hysterically screaming, “The fish killed him, the fish killed him.”

The husband who couldn’t stand to see his wife in such a state comforted her and said, “My darling, it’s really not that bad. We had the merit of fulfilling three good deeds: Welcoming guests, visiting the sick, and escorting the deceased!”