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Flaming Hebrew Letters Brought Her Soul Back

Sherry Levi shifted gears as she headed up the windy highway towards Jerusalem. This was a familiar road, flanked by pine tree hills and as usual typical with the anxious people driving to get to work. Today you could tell something was different. As she slowed with the traffic she finally caught sight of the reason for the delay. A demolished car was surrounded by the crowd of well meaning onlookers that had stopped to see if they could be of any help. Then she saw her. An unconscious woman was lying on the ground, bleeding. It was a wrenching scene. Who was she? Did she have family? Sherry began to pray heart and soul for her. She recited psalms, she blessed her to recover wholly and fully in every way.

One day she received a telephone call: “Are you Sherry Levi?” A feminine voice queried. It was months after the incident and she had all but forgotten about it.

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“You do not know me yet, but may I ask you a question? It is important to me.”

“Why not? If I can help.”

“Perhaps you remember a few months ago, driving by the site of a car accident on the way to Jerusalem?”

“An accident?” Sherry thought for a while. “I remember now, this woman was lying on the ground. My heart went out to her. But why do you ask?”

“That was me.”

Sherry’s relief was sincere “I am so glad – thank

God you are alive.”

The next question was even more surprising. “May I ask you something? When you were driving by, at that moment, did you say some prayers for me and bless me with the words “Refuah Shleimah”?”

“Yes. That’s exactly what I did.” Stunned by the question, Sherry had a few of her own.

“I don’t understand – tell me, how in the world did you know about it? How did you get my number?

“Now I will tell you my story. I will not go into details about what happened before that horrible crash that almost killed me. This is what happened afterwards. I suddenly found myself floating about 30 feet above the scene of the accident. I was just there looking down, not knowing how or why. I saw my crashed car and was curiously watching this woman lying there on the ground. It took me a while to figure out that this woman was my body. I didn’t feel any pain, just a deep peaceful feeling. I realized I had died. I felt an invisible, but strong force drawing me upwards and I felt ready to leave but something below me caught my attention. Brilliant sparks were floating up from one particular car that was passing slowly by my body on the ground. I noticed its license plate clearly as if it were a street sign. These sparks were beautiful and fascinating. They had a purposeful soul quality as if they were alive. As they took shape I realized these sparks were in reality luminescent, flaming Hebrew letters! They were rising upward, twirling and dancing. I was drawn towards them and I moved further down to see better where these letters were coming from. They were coming from the woman who was driving this car and I heard the words:

‘Refuah Shleimah’. i.e. “Full Recovery and Healing”. The Light from these letters lifted up towards the heavens.

Moments later that light came down again and embraced me with comfort and bliss. I don’t remember what happened afterwards.

“I regained consciousness in the hospital. The doctor told me he was amazed I was still alive. It took me months to recover. My experience with the Light was so vivid, I still remember every detail. I know it was that enfolding Light which brought me back to my physical body. Remembering that Light was what speeded up my recovery

“I also remembered the license plate number of your car. That identification together with some connections helped me locate your telephone number. And here I am, to thank you for saving my life!”

Sherry was awestruck. It took her a few moments to assimilate this.

“Just, through a few words of prayer? I never realized how powerful it could be! God hears my Prayers and answers them. Thank God, Thank God…”




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