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The message of this book is to reveal some of the immense resources of the human soul and spirit. It is about choosing love and wisdom, connecting with powerful, all-knowing forces from Above which sustain and intervene for us in infinite ways. It is getting acquainted with these spiritual forces that assist with events in our lives.


My dear husband Joshua and I, in the course of our lives in California, New York and Israel, were blessed to bond in deep love with great Masters, extraordinary Rebbes radiating an indescribable power. Their inner blissful joy was communicated to us by just being in their presence. These soul giants were passionately devoting every moment of their lives to the service of God and man. They were selfless, truly humble people, even when many people were constantly waiting for a turn to speak with them for just a few moments. We would like to share with you stories that contain unique accounts of their lives as well as our personal experiences with them.


Secretly or not, there are many questions people ask themselves, such as: ”What is the purpose of my life?” “How can I overcome fears?” “Help others?” “How can I begin to connect with God?” “Trust in God’s love and protection?” “How can I experience joy? Grow Stronger? Create loving relationships?”


Some chapters in this book are addressing these questions with healing and empowering answers. You will find them under the titles:

Connecting with our Infinite Source ~ Accessing blissful love ~ Inviting miracles into our lives ~ Blessing with love ~ Prayer, a gift from the Infinite ~ From realms of Infinite Joy ~ Our power of Higher Awareness ~ What do you really want, Forever? ~ Love’s Higher Vision in Relationships ~ Experiencing the presence of God ~ and much more.


Joshua and I had started searching for life’s answers in our teens. We both shared the same longing for true spiritual values and a meaningful way of life. We yearned to serve a greater purpose. I believe this is what was our instant connection when we first miraculously met in Geneva while Joshua was touring Europe. And this is what deepened our loving relationship in marriage over the years.


When we met, Joshua was just entering medical school at the University of California in San Francisco. We soon realized that the only way we could receive the guidance we desired was to look for role models, for people who radiated true joy, real loving- kindness and strength. We yearned to find someone who could inspire this love and joy and transmit it to others.


The question was: Where? And How? Fortunately, within a few years, our quest was answered in better ways than we could ever have dreamed. We will forever be grateful to Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach z”l, the only Rabbi in those times to make himself publicly available on stage sharing his music, stories and wisdom from Torah. He was reaching out to the world and especially to Jewish audiences, reminding them of their forgotten spiritual roots. From the moment we listened to his soul-healing melodies and songs, our lives began transforming rapidly. Over the years we have been immensely blessed by his constant profound, gentle radiance of loving kindness, inspiring our souls to soar with joy.


In the following years we were also privileged to bond in lasting, loving friendship with another great Chassidic Rebbe, known as the Amshinover Rebbe z”l, in Jerusalem. Later on we were also able to connect with other revered great Masters.


In the company of these extraordinary Rebbes, explorers of higher worlds of soul and spirit, we realized what boundless potential our Creator has given each of us. We became aware of the wonder of our inner self, this mystery and depth called our soul, a spark from the Infinite One.


We embraced the invaluable legacy of our spiritual heritage.


We have also been privileged at times to be hosting Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach in our home at

613 N. Las Palmas in Los Angeles on several occasions. Occasionally, even today, complete strangers walk up to me here in Israel saying: “I was at your home more than thirty years ago in California. It completely changed my life. Rabbi Carlebach was teaching there.”


Holy men have a way of accessing the powerful refined Light from Above and transmitting it to our world. Many people, even if they know little about these giant souls, or never met them, are magnetically drawn towards their spiritual radiance. In our experience this brings immediate transformative benefits. We can commune in our heart with the intensity of their loving devotion, we can feel more trusting and content. We can discover that life is precious, that our own life has important value and meaning. New insights will come pouring in, granting us the ability to see things from a much more joyous, loving, wider perspective, giving us the impetus to act accordingly. We can embrace beautiful truths. We can get together in a spirit of acceptance, loving connections and support. We can become much more creative in our thoughts and our situations. Our life can become zestful, graced with beautiful sweetness, harmony, beauty and comforting experiences.


Over the years, being connected with these holy mentors, Joshua and I have moved through many life transformations; yet it is only now, years later, that looking back, we can begin to share our experiences with others.


Holy Rebbes, sages, tsaddikim and all their devoted students, men and women, are constantly seeking ways to bless humankind with gifts of understanding, gifts of precious truths. They long to awaken us to our sacred destiny, our ability to build a personal, trusting, loving, soaring relationship with the Supreme Eternal One, the One whose Love is vast enough to sustain the lives of 7 billion people in our world.


We can learn so much being in the presence of a Rebbe, just by watching the way he moves, the way he prays and connects in immense love with others, the way he opens their heart and transforms them. This teaches us more in a few minutes than years of spiritual search. We soon begin to trust and learn to be guided and strengthened as we connect with our Creator with reverence, love and devotion. This heart connection is above and beyond what the mind can fully understand. It is immensely more satisfying.


Sometimes the easiest way to understand and receive answers to our questions is by paying attention to the mystifying interventions happening in our times, events mostly taking place in Israel.


Holy people, known or unknown, are constantly intervening on our behalf for the welfare and protection of mankind. They do this in spite of all the resistances and madness going on in our world. They are acting like lightning rods to prevent disasters. They transmute the overwhelming dark energies of hatred that countless thousands are so easily brainwashed into. They turn circumstances around to prevent the devastation of wars.


Through the intensity and loving commitment of their lifetime’s prayers they are connected with Higher Realms of Light and immense power. They merge with the longing and prayers of multitudes and lift them up to the eternal dimensions of peace and compassion from the Infinite One. Their whole being radiates with this peace. It gets communicated to their students and hundreds of thousands of others willing to open their heart. Trough this they invite divine protection to manifest for their people and for the world.


The secret power of Divine Intervention and protection for Israel and mankind comes through many channels. Great Masters have said that our every act of kindness, care and friendship can tip the scale toward divine intervention. I believe its most powerful force manifests through the merit of all the people who dedicate their lives in assisting others – selfless perseverant, humble people such as some health care providers, or kindly teachers, as well as all the courageous soldiers who are ready to risk their lives anytime to defend their nation. People such as devoted parents, public servants, creative minds, writers, musicians, housewives and countless others involved in all kinds of professions or none. This is so, no matter whether they are religiously observant or not, able to pray or not, aware or not.


Day after day, year after year, they are serving others with the desire to make life easier, safer and more inspired for them.

Their faithful commitment is the merit, the energy of selfless love that brings down the blessings from on High. Their merit is the force that counteracts the darkness of our chaotic world. For it is known that, in the awesome higher dimensions of Life, the Wisdom of the Supreme One knows all our thoughts, sees all our positive choices, desires and actions and responds to them in many pathways yet unknown, pathways that foster life, healing, growth and abundance.


Many events and circumstances in Israel defy rational explanations:


How do the people in Israel keep their spirit strong in spite of 6 wars in the past 60 years and the constant threats proclaimed from their Muslim neighbors banding together? These nation’s conglomerate military power is enormous! They have amassed the wealth of trillions of dollars over the years from their oil resources. They use it now to effectively control the media, even in the western world, with its subtle brainwashing as well as many politicians worldwide. This is so much more than we know. They occupy a land mass hundreds of times vaster than this tiny island of democracy ~ the Holy Land!


Who can explain the mysterious incidents that prevented the invasion, occupation, terror, and mass murder that has been attempted again and again over six wars against the people of Israel since 1948?


We can watch some previous movies over the internet, such as:

In 1967, Egypt’s President Nasser was proclaiming over the media the end of the nation of Israel while displaying huge military parades. Four Hundred Egyptian super fighter jets were ready to take off and devastate the cities of Israel. Yet, amazingly within a few hours, these planes were all rendered harmless, even before taking off! How is it that one thousand tanks advancing toward Israel’s borders were stopped in their tracks and one hundred thousand foot soldiers were retreating, panic stricken? This happened within 96 hours! All this notwithstanding the other attacks and invasion on Israel from Jordan and Syria! (see chapter 8)


In 1980, within six days, dramatic air battles took place between Syrian MiG15 super jet fighters, and a few Israeli F15 and F16 super jets. One after the other, eighty six of the Syrian MiGs went down in flames while each Israeli plane returned safely to its base! No one could explain how it happened, including the Israeli pilots who landed back, in a state of awe.


During the 1991 Gulf War, Saddam Hussein fired

50 Scud missiles toward Israel and more than

4000 buildings were destroyed or damaged. All the people of Israel, except for one, were miraculously saved. (See chapter 10)


This is not beginning to mention the many hundreds of other incidents, known or unknown, of miraculous divine interventions occurring over the years.


A few years ago in the United States, at the American Military Academy, a high ranking Commander was giving a course to officers on the tactics and strategies of offense and defense used in different battles in the history of wars. At one point one student asked: “Could you please address the wars in Israel in our times?” The Commander snapped back: “There is nothing here to talk about. With this people, we are dealing with inexplicable miracles.”


You will find many of these events related in chapters 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24,



Jews in general are always yearning for peace. They loathe the insanity of mass aggression, tyranny and brainwashing into hatred and war. Many of them have lost family members in the holocaust. They realize and know they have a duty to empower their people when being attacked. They are prepared for it. They are fiercely determined not to be victimized any longer. Above all, their highest dream is to build a better world for themselves and for all people. They long for messianic times of Light and Peace between all nations, blessing all mankind with new beginnings, abundance and greater wisdom.


You may ask: “How do I invite miracles into my own life?


Remember – miracles happen through the mysterious bonds of our soul and spirit with the Infinite, Eternal One, Source of life and love, who created our very being. When we connect with our Source, we can be blessed with the privilege of receiving miracles. Sometimes they happen on the spot, or later on in ways we did not expect. Most definitely collective prayer creates an energy that brings forth divine protection for entire nations.


Miracles are always beneficial. Multitudes of people can attest to that! Miracles always abound on behalf of mankind. Awesome heavenly powers are intervening to prevent the destruction of our beautiful planet. Today more than ever our world is being threatened by some cruel leaders who are crazed for power and armed with weapons of mass destruction.


Praying together for guidance, strength and blessings is something that is part of everyday life in the religious Jewish world. It has been so for millennia. It has been so for multitudes of other well-meaning people, throughout the world, from other religious or spiritual traditions, or none. From the depths of our heart we are all joining together, praying and yearning for a new Light to shine over mankind, bringing peace, love, friendship, respect, cooperation, healing and abundance for all nations.


Remembering our great teachers and holy Rebbe’s radiance of loving kindness is reminding us that we are created to express these divine qualities of love, joy, peace and wisdom, and when we do, our prayers become spontaneous, joyful and powerful. Miracles come our way. We can sense that we are blessed with a far-reaching future destiny of growth, exploration and transformation, with resources and support way beyond our present understanding.


The Light of Faith, Love and higher awareness is dawning on our entire world more than ever. There is a great hunger for spiritual growth and experience. Over the past few years in Israel alone, hundreds of thousands are returning to their true connection with a caring, loving God, and are seeking to live accordingly. They realize that choosing to love God as well as loving people opens the door to the great blessings of joy and well being, and allows them access to divine guidance.


Scientific research on the human brain has found that our brain has enormous potential. Most people barely use more than 3 to 5% of their brain capacity. Our brains are composed of billions of neurons representing our thoughts, concepts, sensations and images. And the interactions between these neurons can be multiplied many fold. Our brain is a dormant genius!


This is addressing the mystery of our brain. What about the dormant power of our heart?





According to research, it has been found that our heart’s electro-magnetic field is 5,000 times greater than that of our brain. The scientific community realizes it has yet to fathom the awesome transcendent powers of our soul and spirit. These are the elements that fulfill our most essential needs for life, for joy, for peace, love and happiness. We have been blessed with infinite wondrous resources awaiting each of us.


Modern physics is revealing many discoveries that are confirming the teachings of sages and kabbalists from past millennia. It acknowledges that the universe depends on a higher consciousness that continuously creates, sustains and co-ordinates all the material and energy in the universe. This is essentially the Chasidic view of continuous creation.


Quantum theory brings forth the concept that man is the pre-planned goal of the cosmos from its beginning, since “for physical reality to emerge from a potential to actual state requires the participation of a conscious observer.” This is a modern paraphrase of the ancient Jewish teaching, “For my sake was the world created.”


Many have heard about the personal experiences reported by thousands, during a near-death experience (NDE) as well as in countless mystical revelations. As we are paying attention to these testimonies and learning about them, our confidence is strengthened. We can trust that when our time comes to leave this world, we will continue being fully alive and expanding as we reach the next wondrous higher realms of awesome beauty, creativity and love yet to be discovered. These realms are our true home. When we know this we can live our lives here with less fears, greater joy, increasing courage, peace and beneficial actions.


Someone designed a cute T-shirt with the inscription: “Be patient with me. God is not finished with me yet.” We can always start afresh and forge ahead toward new wondrous discoveries.


May we all join together with the untold millions of other people who desire peace in our world, who are yearning for mankind to be blessed with higher awareness, the awareness of God’s Presence, blessed with trust in the awesome divine Master Plan of infinite kindness yet to unfold and be discovered.


May this Light of awareness ever increase in our heart and mind, helping us connect with each other and hold each other up with love. May this Light rapidly expand among many millions more, and keep growing until it is reaching out to every nation in our world.


May we all begin to perceive our own magnificent purpose and blissful potential, together.

from the book: Masters and Miracles – By Liliane Ritchie




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