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“Friends, Listen to This”



 Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach’s

Teachings and Stories


Compiled by Zivi Ritchie

copyright © 1995





In memory of my grandfather,

Rabbi Yakov Mordechai ben Benzion

on his 7th Yahrzeit,  TuB’Av, 5755






Table of contents


Foreword:                                   4

Introduction:                             8

Preface:                                       11

Acknowledgements:                14

Prayer:                                         17

Truth and Faith:                       23

Fixing:                                         29

Hands:                                         44

Hiding:                                        69

Children:                                    74

Guests:                                        81

Israel:                                           85

G-d Needs Me:    88

Paradise:                                     92



Daily Torah Quote

Joke of the day

The Ropshitzer Rebbe returned home after giving his sermon in the synagogue. His wife asked him, “How was the sermon?” He answered, “I had a fifty percent success. I taught the importance of the rich giving charity to the poor, and I was able to convince the poor to be willing to receive it.”