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From Realms of Infinite Joy

Perhaps the best way to open ourselves to true joy is to learn from the example of those rare people who have mastered the secret of real joy, who are living in it and communicating it. If you are fortunate enough to draw close to them, ask them for their secret. Some of them will answer you because of their compassionate desire to share their joy with others – these are some of their words:

“When we are ready to love, to give, to open our heart, to trust and receive from our Creator, then we begin to understand. We begin to perceive that we are treasured beyond our wildest imagination. From the Source of infinite joy, the creator of the universe, blissful love flows in torrents and gushes in mighty streams. It is from His transcendent, exalted dimensions that all life force radiates forth, sustaining all creation. Mighty angelic beings of light are with us, inspiring us, protecting us, loving us at every moment.”

“We are all invited to tune in to blissful love. We can reach out for it, we can ask to become aware of it, we can cry, hope, laugh with it, and transform ourselves through it. We can taste of its healing and be comforted. We can rest, and rejoice with it. Bring its comfort to others. We can draw all our strength from it. We are treasured, we are cherished, and we are supported always.”




Daily Torah Quote

Joke of the day

The Ropshitzer Rebbe was famous for his sense of humor.

Once one of his followers asked him, “What is the reason for your custom to dress in only white cotton clothes?”

The Ropshitzer Rebbe said, “I cannot reveal this to you now. You must first prepare yourself. Immerse yourself in the ritual bath eighteen times every day. After three weeks come to me and I will reveal the reason to you.”

The follower did exactly as the Rebbe ordered, and after three weeks time he proudly went to the Rebbe.

“I did all that you asked,” said the follower. “Please reveal to me the secret.”

The Rebbe said, “Because it is cheaper.”

The follower was confounded: “What? Because it’s cheaper? Why did I have to immerse eighteen times a day for three weeks? Why couldn’t you just tell me?”

The Rebbe answered, “If I would have just told you, then you would have just told someone else, and he would have told someone else, and so on…. And before you know it the price would go up.”