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G-d Needs Me

The Zohar HaKodesh says that there are, G-d forbid, certain wrong doings for which you can’t even do teshuva [return to G-d].  Reb Nachman says it’s not true, it’s not true.  You can always do teshuva.  You know what that means?  If someone, GYd forbid, tells you that you can’t come back to G-d, that means he can do without you.  It’s mamash clear to me that G-d can’t do without me. He has to take me back.


When I’m learning, the deepest depths is not that I want to understand what it says, the deepest depths is that I want to know: How does it relate to me?  Why do I need it?  Why did you tell me that, G-d?


The deepest depths of Shabbos is not that I don’t drive a car on Shabbos.  I want G-d to reveal to me why it is that I could never be without this one Shabbos.  This is the deepest explanation there is.  The absolute deepest, deepest depths.


I would love to know why G-d put me in this world in the year “tof shin mem,” in the year 1980.  Obviously, I was not around previously unless I was in another form. I was not here 1840, but I was here in 1940.  And I’d like to know, why do I have to be right now in Yerushalayim?  Last week I was in Toronto, two weeks before that I was in Paris.  G-d please reveal to me what am I doing in this space, what am I doing in this time.

How do I know when I meet my soulmate?  When I look at my soulmate I feel that I knew her for two thousand years.  In fact, I can’t even imagine that there was a time that I didn’t know her.  She was already written on my heart.



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How do you know which part of the service the congregation has reached? It’s very simple – if one third of the congregation is outside then they are davening (praying); if half the congregation is outside then they’re reading the Torah (Bible). Ah, but if everyone is outside then the Rabbi must be giving a speech!