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Alef: first letter of the Hebrew alphabet

Asara ma’amaros: ten pronouncements / sayings with which the world was created

Avraham: Abraham, the first Patriarch of the Jewish People

Atzvut: dead kind of sadness

Avoda: work

Azut d’kdusha: holy arrogance

Bal Shem: The Bal Shem Tov, founder of the Hassidic movement

Beis Din: Rabbinic court

Beis Din Hagadol: High Rabbinic court of 71

Beis Hamikdash: the holy tabernacle, Holy Temple

Beis medrash: Synagogue study hall

Ben: son, the son of

Bench licht: light Shabbos candles

Bentsh gomel: say a special blessing thanking G-d for helping us

B’simcha: filled with joy

Bet: 2nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet

Challah: loaves of bread eaten on the Sabath

Chanuka: Jewish holiday of light

Chas veshalom: G-d forbid

Chassan: groom

Chassidishe mentsh: Chassidic man

Chassidishe Yidden: Chassidic Jews

Chassidus: Chassidism

Chevra: group of friends

Chhhh: an expression

Chodesh: Jewish month

Chossid: Chassid, of the Jewish spiritual movement

Chumash: Five Books of Moses

Chuts laarets: outside of Israel

Chuppah: Jewish marriage canopy

Chutzpah: audacity

Daven: pray

Davening: praying

Davener: someone who prays

David HaMelech: King David

Ellul: a Jewish month

Esrog: citron

Emuna: faith

Frum: Religious – careful to abide by the word of HaShem

Gabbi: shamash / beadle / secretary

Gaon: genius

Geferlach: a bad scene

Gehinnom: Hell

Gemara: Talmud / the oral law

Gevalt: strong (Yiddish expression originaly having a negative meaning: ‘help!’ Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach zt”l transformed the word to have a positive meaning: ‘tremendous!’)

Gornisht: it is nothing, worthless

Gut: good

Gut yom tov: have a good holiday

HaNeor balayla: One who is awake at night. (The title of Rebbe Nachmans teaching on Hisbodedus)

Haggadah: read at Passover, recounting the Jews’ leaving Egypt

HaKodesh: holy

Haneor Balayla: if you are up at night

Hanevia: the prophetess

Hashmonaim: Maccabi

Hatzadik: the holy person

Heilege ziese: holy sweet

Heilege: holy

Halacha: Jewish law

Hevre: group of friends

Hisbodedus: being alone with G-d

Ich veis: I don’t know (Yiddish expression)

Kaddish: prayer, said when ten men pray, honoring G-d

Kallah: bride

Kavod: honor

Kiddush: blessing over the wine on the sabbath and Holidays

Kishkes: stomach

Koach: strength

Krechts: cry

Krechtzing: groaning

Kvetching: complaining

Kriyat Shema: reading the prayer, Hear O Israel

Lasuach: to talk

L’vatala: to nothingness, to unimportant things

Lechem mishna: Double loaves of bread on the Sabbath

Lulov: palm branch waved together with a citron, willow, and myrtle on the holiday of Succoth

Maimonides: Rambam

Mamash: really

Maos Hittim: Money given to the poor to buy wheat for Yom Tov

Marirut: bitterness, which is living sadness

Megilla: Purim scroll

Mehadrin min hamehadrin: very high stardard of doing good deeds

Menorah: candelabrum lit on Hanukah, hanukiyah

Meraglim: The spies that were sent by Moses to the Land of Israel

Michuyav hamitziut: really existing

Mikva: ritual bath

Mincha: afternoon daily prayer

Mishna: Jewish oral law

Mitzvah: good deed

Mitzvas: when you do something good

Mashiach: Messiah

Nebech: unfortunate

Nefesh: soul (lower level of the soul)

Neshama: soul (higher level of the soul)

Niggun: a tune, a song

Neggina: singing a song

Noam Elyon: holy sweetness which flows down from Heaven

Olam hatohu: chaos world

Olam Hatikun: the world of correction

Oneg: bliss

Ohr Haganuz: the hidden light of creation

Oral Law: Gemara / Talmud

Oy: oh

Oy vey: oh, no!

P’gam: a blemish

Passuk: passage, verse from the Torah

Peyos: sidelocks

Rabbenu: Our teacher

Reb: Rebbe / Rabbi

Rebbe: Chassidic master

Rebono Shel Olam: G-d

Rosh Chodesh: New month

Rosh HaShanah: Jewish new year

Ruach: soul (mid level of the soul, between nefesh and neshama)

Sanhedrin: Rabinic high court

Schmendrik: fool

Sefer: holy book

Sefira: level, emanation of the light of G-d

Sforim: holy books

Shabbos: the Sabbath

Shabbosdike: Sabbath like

Shacharit: Morning prayer

Shalach Manos: food gifts given on Purim

Shames: beadle / secretary of the Rebbe

Shasim: books of Talmud

Shebalpeh: oral tradition

Shema: Hear

Shema Yisrael: Hear O’ Israel

Shlemazel: lazy, simpleton

Shleppers: poor, sad people, tramp

Shlita: May he live long

Shmendrik: fool

Shmonah Esrai: Prayer

Shukkle: shake

Shul: synagogue

Siach hasadeh: The little grass in the field

Siddur: prayerbook

Siddurim: prayerbooks

Simcha: joy

Simchas Torah: Holiday of the Torah

Streimel: Traditional fur hat

Sukkah: temporary dwelling on Succoth

Sukkot: Jewish holiday of Succoth

Tallis: prayer shawl

Talmid: disciple, student

Tamuz: a Hebrew month

Tefillin: phylacteries

Talmud: Gemara, the Oral Law

Taka: actually

Torah: Bible, Pentateuch. Sometimes means; a teaching from the Torah

Torah shebal peh: Oral Torah

Torah shebechtav: written Torah

Teshuva: returning to G-d

Tzadik: holy person

Tzadikim: holy people

Tzitzis: four cornered garment with fringes

Yarmulke: skullcap

Yerushalayim: Jerusalem

Yerushalayim Ir Hakodesh: Jerusalem the Holy City

Yeshiva bochur: young Jewish student

Yesod heafar: the element of earth (of the four elements: air, water, fire, earth)

Yid: Jew

Yiddelach: Jews

Yiddele: Jew

Yidishkeit: Judaism

Yivul: fruit of the field

Yom Kippur: Day of forgiveness

Yom Tov: Jewish Holiday

Zie gezunt: goodbye, be healthy

Zohar HaKadosh: Holy book of Kabala

Z”tl: may the memory of a holy person be for a blessing



A bad scene: a bad situation, hard to imagine

Blow my mind: mind boggling, amazing

I am not knocking it: I am not saying anything bad about it

In the craziest way: in the most amazing way, paradoxical

Intellectuals: they have everything in their head, and nothing in their heart

It doesn’t go: it does not work, it doesn’t make sense

Let’s put it this way: Put in another way

Not to be believed: amazing

Right?: Do you understand?

So: very

Straight: orderly. (Or it sometimes means; overly conforming and uptight.)

Strong: intensely, powerful, gevalt

Taste: experience, receive, understand

Top: epitomy, best, greatest

Top man of: the person who epitomizes the concept of…

That is all head stuff: It is only intellectual without feeling and depth

Way out: amazing, very high concept

With it: composed and in control, together with



Daily Torah Quote

Joke of the day

poor man came to the house of an elderly couple. Unfortunately they had nothing in the house to give him except an old piece of fish “from before the time of Noah’s Ark and the flood.” Out of desperation, they served him this fish and the next thing they knew he had to be rushed to the hospital. The elderly couple, of course, accompanied him to the hospital but, unfortunately, watched him die in front of their eyes.

At the funeral the elderly woman was crying uncontrollably and her husband was having a hard time trying to console her. She was hysterically screaming, “The fish killed him, the fish killed him.”

The husband who couldn’t stand to see his wife in such a state comforted her and said, “My darling, it’s really not that bad. We had the merit of fulfilling three good deeds: Welcoming guests, visiting the sick, and escorting the deceased!”