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Our home has officiated as the center for many different courses on psychological counseling for the past eight years.  This has been very rewarding for both of us.  Students have been inspired in many ways to grow in self discovery, and have become skilled in helping many others on their own journeys of growth.  It has been a great privilege to lend our home for this purpose.

This letter was written when I felt challenged by the continual bustling activities around me.  My kitchen was invaded most evenings, not to mention the entire ground floor, and the ringing phones didn’t let up very often.  Varied teachers arrived to lecture.  Current and former students knocked at all hours asking to borrow or return a book from our specialized library, or just to keep in touch.  Joshua was sought after for private counseling sessions, and his thoughts were constantly preoccupied planning the lectures he would be giving, and evaluating the student’s progress.  It began to be a bit much.  I felt like my home nor my husband were any longer my own. 

Dearest Beloved Master of Souls,

     Master of Infinite Beauty and Perfection,

            Master of Creativity

My home is being invaded!  Joshua doesn’t even know I am here when I stand next to him!  Where are we going?

With blessings, everything gets straightened out and falls into place, as it always has  been in your marriage.  Continue blessing Joshua for at least ten minutes a day.

You have so many exciting endeavors to accomplish with your art, writings and your inner revelations.  Most of all, consider your relationship with Me.  Am I not a more reliable companion and faithful friend than any other human being could ever be?

My precious child, I hold you so dearly in My heart, in My Heart of Hearts.  You are feeling neglected now because you have been neglecting My Presence in your life.  Whatever you do comes back to you.  You cannot afford to ignore Me at this time.  Walk in My direction.  Don’t be afraid.  Go deeper.  Joshua will return to you from his busy thoughts sooner than you think.  Take him into your heart.  Bless him with success.

These ripening years of your life are meant to be the best years.  Depend on Me.  Fill your awareness and background consciousness with My Presence that brings Joy.  I will heal your present situation with Joshua.  I am the Giver of Life.

I am a great entertainer and you are all My beloved audience.

Feel My full attention and blessings of strength.

Every time you are afraid, immediately connect back with Me.

Let My Presence be more powerful than anything else.

The world of mankind is awakening.  A powerful new spiritual Force is here, working to bring this immense mass of 6 ½ billion people to the higher levels they are meant to reach and accomplish, in spite of all the obstacles.  Watch at the way people relate to each other. It is increasingly more accepting and understanding. Just flow with the events in your life, as well as globally.  Relax with this flow, not resisting, just blessing and trusting.  All this is part of My work of creativity.  Join the team.

Joshua also needs his field of creativity, just like you need yours.  Men especially need to feel accomplished.  You are both fortunate that you are so involved with your creative passions, making room for each other.  Don’t be so afraid and worried!  You will find your balance.  Sit in on some of Joshua’s courses and mentally bless the group, the compelling teachings, and the future success of the students.  Be grateful for your space with your own private time. I am nurturing you with My compassion, My Life, My patient Presence.  I have been talking to you for many years; I have been protecting you, and even saving your life on many occasions you have never been aware of.

Beloved Master of each soul, Your answers lift me up.  I am soaring with renewed strength.  Please tell me more about Joshua and I.  I am concerned about the quality of our private time together.  He is so involved with his work, I feel left out of his life.

Romance never dies when it is nurtured with the awareness of My Presence of Loving kindness.  I am a Great Romantic Orchestrator.  I created human beings with a longing for this.  Romance is one of My gateways that invite your soul to soar!  I am the Great Dreamer.  I dream through your dreams, even when people fall short of holding on to My dreams.  I bring soul mates together, and I also harmonize them when they evolve and diverge on their paths.

Hold on to My Dream of Loving kindness, support, safety, of unconditional Love. . . of tranquility.  These are My dreams.  See the goodness, charm and soul beauty of your beloved husband.  Appreciate him.  Don’t be afraid that you are becoming too needy, too dependent on him.  Instead, Honor him, encourage him, and reassure him. Become a fountain, expressing who you are, and gain the power of living more fully.  You are walking together, supporting each other in deeper ways than words could convey.  You are a blessing to each other, and you will rediscover it again and again.  Always turn your gaze towards Me.  Choose to feel My Presence of infinite Good, all Strength, all Life, all Mastery in Gentleness, true Beauty and Power.

From the book “Answers from Above”  by Liliane Ritche



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The Ropshitzer Rebbe returned home after giving his sermon in the synagogue. His wife asked him, “How was the sermon?” He answered, “I had a fifty percent success. I taught the importance of the rich giving charity to the poor, and I was able to convince the poor to be willing to receive it.”