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Homeopathic Ecstasy

   A poor man came to the house of an elderly couple. Unfortunately they had nothing in the house to give him except an old piece of fish “from before the time of Noah’s Ark and the flood.” Out of desperation, they served him this fish and the next thing they knew he had to be rushed to the hospital. The elderly couple, of course, accompanied him to the hospital but, unfortunately, watched him die in front of their eyes.

At the funeral the elderly woman was crying uncontrollably and her husband was having a hard time trying to console her. She was hysterically screaming, “The fish killed him, the fish killed him.”

The husband who couldn’t stand to see his wife in such a state comforted her and said, “My darling, it’s really not that bad. We had the merit of fulfilling three good deeds: Welcoming guests, visiting the sick, and escorting the deceased!”



One person related: A year before I connected with Rebbe Shlomo, I had started using LSD. It had been a very powerful experience. It brought me to experience the state of oneness with everything where the boundaries just disappeared and I started to be one with everything. It was very amazing for me to discover that it was possible to enter that same state of oneness just by being around Rebbe Shlomo when he would teach and uplift us, in our dancing and standing around with everyone’s arms around each other. I realized from that experience that my own people, my grandparents, my ancestors, our tradition of the Torah, had been doing this – going to this place of oneness – for a long time. Somehow the wisdom was there; I just had to find it.

As I was beginning to understand this, Rebbe Shlomo was mentioning a quote from the Holy Baal Shem Tov: “If everyone in the world would hold hands, the hands would reach Heaven.” When he said that, the timing was perfect for me. He was describing the actual experience that I was having.


I once met a homeopath, and he told me that the difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine is that medicine works from the outside to the inside, and homeopathy works from the inside to the outside. Religion has to work from inside to outside.


The more important something is, the less you need of it.  Sometimes you need just one drop.  Sometimes you need just one friend.  Sometimes you need just one good word. It is written in the Prophets, “Draw one drop of water from the fountains of joy.”


Medicine is the most finite science in the world. If somebody is sick, you cure the body. If the feet are sick, you try to cure the feet. But now, something new is happening to the world – the feeling that if the feet are sick, the pain is not just felt in the feet, but all over. The whole person must be cured, not just the feet.


You cannot heal yourself unless you are filled with joy. Even the greatest doctor cannot heal sad people.


Rebbe Nachman says that the greatest thing in the world is to be filled with joy because, when you’re sad, GYd forbid, any sickness can befall you. If you are filled with joy, even if you are sick, you can be cured easily.


In our daily prayers we say, “GYd heal us and we will be healed.” I want to be healed on a GYd level. When something hurts me, I don’t want just to cure my body, I want to cure my life.


When a person is, GYd forbid, sick, when things go wrong in our lives, at that moment, we have a vessel that can hold everything.


It is one thing to be good, and another thing to have a taste of goodness. It is one thing to be happy, and another thing to taste joy. Do you taste your own joy? A lot of people don’t mind dancing a little bit, hopping around just a little. They have a little bit of happiness, but the happiness is only on their head, on their ears, but their tongue is still bitter.


People who never taste joy can’t help but say bad things about other people because their tongues are still filled with evil.


If you taste joy with your tongue it’s good, right? Do you know how good it tastes to say good things about another human being? Do you know how good it tastes to give some courage to another human being? Gevalt, does it taste good!


When people get married, they drink wine. Do you know what this means? It’s not enough to be married. Do you taste the marriage? It’s not enough to love each other. Do you taste it?


Drugs, like diapers, need to be grown out of. Get out of your diapers already!






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How do you know which part of the service the congregation has reached? It’s very simple – if one third of the congregation is outside then they are davening (praying); if half the congregation is outside then they’re reading the Torah (Bible). Ah, but if everyone is outside then the Rabbi must be giving a speech!