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Intimacy – Answers from Above


I am hearing one painful tale after another about the suffering people experience in their closest relationships.  There is much hurt, illusions, abuse, confusion, and fears associated with what was meant as a God given gift.  The divine life force that magnificently energizes us was meant to be also channeled in our physically intimate relationships.  Stories abound of the ways people have managed to distort it miserably, perhaps because of their earlier negative experiences or perhaps because of rejections they feel now.  Harmonious intimacy is a key to our sense of well being.  It can give us exhilarating moments, glimpses of heavenly pure joy and delight and sweetness and depths.  On the other hand, when we misuse it, we can plunge into anguish with obsessive cravings, or with lifelong guilt and heartbreaks.


Master of the Universe,

Creator of Body and Soul and our vibrant life energy.

All these situations are difficult for me to understand.  What relief can I offer?


Physical Intimacy is a sacred field of experience.  It is designed as a venue for you to merge with Me through a state of joy.  It is meant to be experienced as a blissful soaring of the soul.  As a gift from Me, it is meant to be treasured, made space for, honored and guided within the shelter of My boundless Love.  It is a blending in joyful abandon, a unification with oneness, a merging of both bodies and souls.


I created your bodies in perfection and masterful ingenious design.  The feminine and the masculine aspects become partners in allowing Me in and experiencing the miracle of creating new life.  I designed all this so that you may all be blessed with having a mother and a father to raise you — with mother’s unconditional love and with a father’s strength and reliability, as you are growing within a family, bonding together in caring support and true love.


So much is expected of you as you raise your children.  The task may seem enormous at times.  I am making your life sweeter with the gifts of physical intimacy to remind you of the value of couple-hood.  As a family, you are learning about the joy of giving, serving, taking a commitment and honoring it through thick and thin.  You are growing and perfecting faster through this generous love, than through most any other demanding life situation.  You are learning to express the strong and beautiful person you are, through being available to your family, especially when you would much prefer taking care of your own immediate needs first.


Do not forget that during your moments of intimacy you are merging your souls, the holy Divine sparks within.  Your souls yearn for deep communion in love, for oneness in tenderness and passionate involvement, in caring, respect and devotion.  The magic of true love ever springs forth anew when you remember the mysterious Divine origin of each other.  Your souls are immensely precious in My eyes, forever.  When you relate to each other through My perspective, you are feeling My love flowing between you two.  You see each other’s beauty beyond the physical appearance.  You are eager to give, to bring support and kindness to each other.  You experience blissful moments of fulfillment.  Always remember to return to My perspective.  Without it, your physical intimacy soon loses its quality of pleasure of joy.


Do not try to figure out other people’s distortions of My gifts or the experiences they are learning from.  Ultimately, their emptiness will draw them toward Me.   Intimacy with another, in its purposeful form, is most often connected to intimacy with Me.  When it is lacking, the soul cries until I am searched for and found again.


People cannot thrive for long without some kind of loving relationship.  Yet many have been deeply hurt in their personal relationships.  They shut their heart and try to live without any loving interaction.  How sad is their existence.  I am here, waiting for them to reach out to Me.  As they establish a loving trust in Me, in My Wisdom and personal loving attention, and reflect that trust in their life, I gradually heal their heart.  When their heart is returning to its natural state of loving spontaneity toward others, they open the way to receive the kind of relationships they can trust in.


With My help you can fill your life with many other kinds of loving companionships.  So many millions are yearning for a true friend!  My highest delight is bringing many people together, who are willing to be a true friend and caring support, willing to gratefully give and receive.  I draw people with the same intent together.  When you seek My guidance and healing wisdom, when you reach out to me in trust and gratefulness, then new friends will be drawn into your life – and the love between you all will spring forth effortlessly with ever renewed joy.


by Liliane Ritche



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Joke of the day

The Ropshitzer Rebbe was famous for his sense of humor.

Once one of his followers asked him, “What is the reason for your custom to dress in only white cotton clothes?”

The Ropshitzer Rebbe said, “I cannot reveal this to you now. You must first prepare yourself. Immerse yourself in the ritual bath eighteen times every day. After three weeks come to me and I will reveal the reason to you.”

The follower did exactly as the Rebbe ordered, and after three weeks time he proudly went to the Rebbe.

“I did all that you asked,” said the follower. “Please reveal to me the secret.”

The Rebbe said, “Because it is cheaper.”

The follower was confounded: “What? Because it’s cheaper? Why did I have to immerse eighteen times a day for three weeks? Why couldn’t you just tell me?”

The Rebbe answered, “If I would have just told you, then you would have just told someone else, and he would have told someone else, and so on…. And before you know it the price would go up.”