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Do you know why Moshe Rabbenu died?  Because he didn’t go to Eretz Yisrael.  Moshe Rabbenu brought  the concept down to the world that unless I go to the Holy Land, I cannot live.


When the Jews walked into Israel with Yehoshua, it was all the Jews together.  Avraham Avinu was mamash the one Jew going in all by himself.  There was one more Jew who did it all by himself.  Moshe Rabbenu, seeing the Holy Land.  A lot of people live in Israel and they don’t see the Land anymore.  A lot of people see the Land, and they are not there.  You know what happens, a lot of people come here and they get swallowed up.  What’s so special about Avraham Avinu coming to the Land of Israel?  He knows that the Land of Israel is only called the Land of Israel because I’m this one Jew coming into the Holy Land.  In the time of Avraham, why was it called the Holy Land?  Because there was nobody else, just Avraham.  Imagine if we would reach that level that every Yiddele would know; the Land is only holy because of me.

You know what the beautiful thing is?  Why does G-d create the world with a “bais?”  Why does the world begin with the first letter of “bracha” [blessing]?  Because bracha is touching the existence of the world.  The deepest depths of the world.



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A not–so–young man and woman were sitting on the porch of the hotel catching a little breeze. The woman turned to the man and said, “It’s really something – you look exactly like my third husband.”

The gentleman asked her, “How many times have you been married?”

She replied, “Only twice so far!”

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