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Love from the Divine Presence

You are probably aware that the most primary need of most every human being, consciously or not, is to feel loved and accepted and appreciated, as well as sharing love with others.

Let’s contemplate together the enormous power of love as it is blissfully expressed through exceptional people, those passionately engaged in bringing light and joy, healing and strength to others.

Love from the Supreme Infinite Source of Life gives us life. It sustains you. It is waiting in the heart of your very being waiting to manifest its magic and wonder in your consciousness. This Love reigns supreme over all the invisible, vibrantly alive realms of the higher dimensions of creation. It is a love such as from a most loving father or mother, only immensely greater, and forever. To receive this Love, to trust in it, is your choice and unique privilege at every moment.

You can allow it to comfort and strengthen you instead of letting worries, guilt and anger rob you or your natural sense of joy. You can speak on its behalf, just like you would tell your best friend in need about this great resource available to them.

You can remember this eternal Love and greet yourself first thing in the morning with it. You can receive this encouragement that you need most often in your life and you can bring it to others.

The best way to begin to understand this love from the Infinite Source of Life is by watching a loving mother taking care of her baby and children in utmost devotion. She wants her children to grow self-confident and secure – She doesn’t want them to wallow in self-blame, criticism and guilt. She wants them to live in joy, loving what there is to learn with enthusiasm. She hopes her children will get along with each other. Even so, her love doesn’t stop when they fight – She loves them un-conditionally, no matter their mistakes and shortcomings.

The love of the Almighty One is infinitely greater and forever. You can call on it – You can choose to receive it and reflect it towards others.

True love unites human hearts with its blissful healing Force, beyond jealousy or possessiveness. Connecting with divine love brings new sparkling energy to your body, mind and soul. It reconciles opposites. It heals old hurts, disappointments and emotional wounds. It will turn you around. It opens you and lifts you to new heights of creativity. Real love exhilarates and opens wide the gates of Paradise, even as you are rooted here in this physical world. Love can comfort and strengthen you every moment.

Your heart is beating with the irresistible drum beat of its’ yearning, the yearning to express Life’s beauty in Love. Love empowers you. With it you can overcome the seeming impossible. With Love you can express the invaluable qualities of kindness and compassion, acceptance and appreciation. In love you experience sheer delight, enthusiasm and exultation. Through love you can grow and express higher wisdom, release, forgiveness and inner freedom. With Love you are gifted with patience, perseverance, courage and devotion. Through love you can manifest true friendship, trust, heart wisdom, enthusiastic creativity, and euphoric bliss.

As you realize this and make it part of your everyday living, you can begin to express true, compassionate, caring Love. You can connect with the Infinite Source of life. In this state of mind you are experiencing a charmed life with a sense of peace, harmony and well-being ~ with miracles of perfect timing, of intuitive knowing, true vision, and higher wisdom, also miracles of beneficial events and divine intervention. Then your decisions turn out to be right, your actions successful, your steps firm, and your accomplishments enduring.

Your perseverant attention on Love can reveal awesome truths. It allows you to tune in with the Divine Source of Creative Power that seeks to support and inspire you always. This loving attunement can fill your life with magic and joyful wonder. Eventually this Love can allow you to accomplish things you never dreamed you could do. You can suddenly be filled with courage and daring, with clear guidance. Your mind will expand and learn quickly.

Even just a few fleeting moments of giving or receiving kind attention will put a new sparkle into your everyday busy humdrums. Love graces with sweetness everything that touches you. Love opens your vision; it allows you to perceive how precious human beings are. Love will reveal to you that unique, eternal spark of Divine Light resting in the soul of each individual, even when this spark is hidden.

We are all so privileged to be able to choose Life, to choose to grow in strength and higher awareness whenever we want to. Our knowing is our treasure house, our great gift, our sense of joy.




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A not–so–young man and woman were sitting on the porch of the hotel catching a little breeze. The woman turned to the man and said, “It’s really something – you look exactly like my third husband.”

The gentleman asked her, “How many times have you been married?”

She replied, “Only twice so far!”