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Major Disaster Averted


Often Divine guidance comes to us in many unexpected ways to encourage us in our particular creative endeavors. I was given two more encouraging signs indicating that this book about miracles which you are holding in your hands was meant to be created and was receiving help from Above to be completed.


You are probably aware that there are many more miracles happening to the Jewish people than I can possibly record here, even if I were to write many encyclopedias! The project of writing this book was a bit overwhelming. I could only deal with it one story at the time as I went along, praying that Divine Providence will take care of the details and guide me. My intent behind it was only to bring the joy, healing and comfort that greater awareness can create for us. So here is how I was fortunate to receive help:


There was one particular miracle that I especially wanted to include in this book, because it is certainly worth remembering. It occurred in May 2002. I didn’t have access to its details, it was just sitting in the back of my mind. One night I felt strongly drawn to a particular book



lying under my bed. As I opened it, a newspaper clipping fell out of it. It was from a Hamodia newspaper dated June 7, 2002 (12 months before).


Quote: “If, G-d forbid, the Pi Glilot fuel and gas installation in northern Tel Aviv had blown up, the dimensions of the disaster would have been truly gargantuan. Experts say that thousands, even tens of thousands of people could have died… It is a miracle that no one was seriously hurt”.


I thought: “Good! Here is the very miracle I was looking for! But I still don’t have a complete account of what happened. How am I going to find it?” I laid this article aside and didn’t mention anything about it to anyone. The very next day, our younger son Zivi happened to visit us with his wife and his 4 children. He took them for a picnic in a nearby forest. When they returned, he casually handed me two pages of a faded Ma’ariv newspaper dated May 24, 2002. It had appeared 13 months before.


“I found these on the ground on my path through the forest. You may want to use this article for your book”, he said in his usual peaceful way.


I looked at it and discovered this was the very newspaper article I needed! These two battered but clear pages gave a full description, with dramatic photographs and maps, of the terrorist






attack on the Pi Glilot fuel and gas installations in northern Tel Aviv!


This article presented another miracle of Divine protection. It showed a gasoline truck whose front part was completely destroyed. Some Arab terrorists had planned a major disaster. Somehow they had managed to insert a bomb inside the spare tire of this fuel truck. The truck was to be refueled as it was parked in the middle of the main storage center for the gasoline and natural gas needed to supply all of central Israel.


We can see from the maps and photographs that this fuel truck was parked very close to huge storage containers several stories high, of highly flammable natural gas. The Arab terrorists activated the bomb at a distance by cell phone. The blast of the explosion was so forceful that the truck was thrust upward, and then crashed to the ground. The terrorists expected this fuel truck to explode, thus setting ablaze all the storage containers of natural gas. These containers were standing close to the large storage tanks of fuel that, if they had also caught on fire and exploded, would have caused an enormous toxic black cloud to spread for miles in Haifa and its surroundings. It was estimated that the fire would have consumed an area 4 miles in diameter. It is better not to imagine what else could have happened because God wouldn’t allow it to take place anyway. Not even a single person was injured in this incident.



Angelic forces are always on the lookout to protect us. All they need is enough prayers ascending from somewhere to allow them to intervene. We don’t realize the power of our prayers. No one can tell about the intricate web of inexplicable interventions that prevents huge disasters. The more we scrutinize the converging steps of Divine intervention in so many incidents through the years, the more we realize how uncanny, all encompassing, absolutely precise and timely it can be.


Divine guidance managed, within 24 hours, to get two articles about the Pi Glilot incident to fall into my hands, one year after their publication! (I still have this “Maariv” newspaper article.)


This so that now you may read one more story of Divine protection in this book. We tend to overlook the blessings and see only the frightening picture in our life situations.


Miracles remind us we are not alone. We can sense an infinite wisdom running this universe and intervening for us at the right time and place. We may not know exactly how to create miracles. But we can often see them happen when we are eager to help others, when we connect in heartfelt, focused prayer with the Almighty, and lovingly entrust our lives into His wise and extraordinary designs. We can remember that we are in the process of learning and growing strong and walking toward a blessed destination.

From the book: Masters and Miracles by Liliane Ritchie



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OK, the great moment arrives. They sit down and first he says, “Tell me honestly, do you love lokshen (noodles)?”

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“I don’t have a brother.”

Oh, no, this is not so simple. Let’s try philosophy. “If you would have a brother, do you think he would like lokshen?”