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New Carlebach Minyon in Ramot bet, Jerusalem

Carlebach Minyon

Our first Shabbos was wonderful. Please join us this Shabbos.

Shabbat Parshat Bechukosai, May 17, 2014

Mincha Friday – 7:15 pm Shacharit – 8:30 am Mincha Shabbos Afternoon – 6:45 pm

11 Mishol HaYa’ara, 30 meters from 67 Derech HaHoresh, in the Kollel Ohr Shalom, Ramot Bet, Jerusalem

For details call: Joshua Ritchie 02-5715112, Moshe Shein 054-957-1797

מניין חדש

בנוסח הרב שלמה קרליבך ז”ל

בנוסח חסידי תוך שמחה והתלהבות.

שבת פרשת בְּחֻקֹּתַי 17/5/2014

מנחה וקבלת שבת – 19:15 שחרית – 8:30 מנחה – 18:45

במשעול היערה 11, 30 מטר מדרך החורש 67, ברמות ב, בכולל “אור שלום”

לפרטים ניתן להתקשר: יהושע ריצ’י 02-5715112 , אילה 0522-634685



Daily Torah Quote

Joke of the day

Once there was a Yeshiva student going out on his first date. He went to his friend for advice. “What do I talk about with the girl?”

His friend said, “It’s as easy as pie. First you talk about love. Then you talk about family. And then you talk about philosophy.”

OK, the great moment arrives. They sit down and first he says, “Tell me honestly, do you love lokshen (noodles)?”

She says, “No, I hate lokshen.”

OK, let’s try family. “Does your brother like lokshen?”

“I don’t have a brother.”

Oh, no, this is not so simple. Let’s try philosophy. “If you would have a brother, do you think he would like lokshen?”