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On The Dentist’s Chair – Answers from Above


 On The Dentist’s Chair

This fearful infection appeared in my gums and jaw bones, manifesting itself as a painful throbbing, and sent me to the cover of my bedroom.  I need to overcome the fear.

Seven extractions, seven implants, four root canals and a large bridge have made me rather familiar with the dentist’s chair.


These treatments, added to previous traumatic experiences on similar chairs in various countries since childhood, made it a bit of a challenge.  Rather than dread the next visit and the next, almost out of necessity, I have to connect with the Highest Source that reassures, heals and sustains, freeing us from trauma.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Master of the Universe, my beloved Friend,


Please do not let fear get in my way.  Give me the courage to take care of my health.

I will dissolve that fear.  Trust.  I am with you in the dentist’s office just as ever, very close, very loving, honoring you as you face all this.  My love supports you always.  I will bring you back to your natural vibrant health.  Trust in this.  I am sustaining and reviving you always in my arms of tender love.  Trust in this wonderful supportive exchange of ideas, thoughts, and love between us.  Complaining depletes your energy.  I am with you, sustaining you.


Connecting with Me is your privilege.  Remember to step away from yourself so that you may be a receptive vessel, a channel of My Presence, My Wisdom.  Stand in wonder like a child in front of the awesome majesty of Creation.  My Light waits to infill the whole creation.  Someone has to be there to receive it.  You can counteract much of the suffering and darkness of humanity with one moment of allowing Me in, and then another and another.


I need you!  Do not waste your precious years left in this world.  Be My servant, My minister, My beloved, My guest.  Be all this in joy.  Time is most precious.  You can accomplish so much more when your attention is on Me.  Free yourself from wasteful worries and fears.  The concerns that seem so important one day, end up tomorrow as being just a far away yesterday.


by Liliane Ritche




Daily Torah Quote

Joke of the day

The Ropshitzer Rebbe was famous for his sense of humor.

Once one of his followers asked him, “What is the reason for your custom to dress in only white cotton clothes?”

The Ropshitzer Rebbe said, “I cannot reveal this to you now. You must first prepare yourself. Immerse yourself in the ritual bath eighteen times every day. After three weeks come to me and I will reveal the reason to you.”

The follower did exactly as the Rebbe ordered, and after three weeks time he proudly went to the Rebbe.

“I did all that you asked,” said the follower. “Please reveal to me the secret.”

The Rebbe said, “Because it is cheaper.”

The follower was confounded: “What? Because it’s cheaper? Why did I have to immerse eighteen times a day for three weeks? Why couldn’t you just tell me?”

The Rebbe answered, “If I would have just told you, then you would have just told someone else, and he would have told someone else, and so on…. And before you know it the price would go up.”