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Dennis was a young black man, paralyzed from the waist down by a shootout he was involved in on a street corner in Oakland, California. Since that time he was a crack dealer from his wheelchair, still on the streets of Oakland. Now he was lying in a hospital bed in unspeakable pain from bedsores, debilitated from the addicting level of narcotic painkiller from which he was currently being weaned.

On the other side of the curtain, his roommate who was recovering from surgery and a visiting friend of his were softly singing soul stirring, uplifting melodies, the likes of which Dennis had never heard before. The two friends were singing and crying at the same time.

Dennis called out to them from across the curtain, “Hey man, don’t stop singing. Please don’t stop singing.”

“Oh, I was afraid I would disturb you,” said his roommate.

“No, man, that’s the most beautiful music I ever heard. Are you making it up?”

“No, it’s all composed by my Rebbe, my teacher, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, who just died and was buried yesterday in Israel.”

“That is the most precious music I ever heard; it is the only thing that makes me feel better.”

Then they all sang and cried together.



The greatest light in the world is peace. We need the whole world to receive the great light of peace.


Light is the most existing thing in the world. And the greatest, greatest light is peace.


The most important thing that you and I have to do in our lifetime is to bring more peace and love to the world.


My greatest dream is to shake hands with every human being in the world.

The world thinks that if I don’t kill somebody else, and the other person doesn’t have immediate plans to kill me, that this is peace.


Let it be clear to you; anyone who says, “Israel does not belong to the Jews” is against G-d.


Do you know why there is no peace in the world? Because the world is into force. First they force war on each other, and now they want to force peace upon each other. But it doesn’t work. Peace by force isn’t peace. Peace is the most non–force thing in the world.


The whole world wants to have peace, but they don’t know how. Stop doing it with your hands, and do it with your hearts!


The world would really like peace, but they don’t know what it is, and they don’t know how to get it. Imagine going into a hardware store to buy ice cream. They won’t have it there. People would like to have peace, but they are always going to the wrong store. They talk to the wrong people about it.


Peace between people is not something you can work on. It’s a gift, the highest gift that there is, from Heaven. Peace is the greatest light which shines from Heaven.


Peace means; I do it with all my heart, with everything I have.


The whole idea of peace is not to lie.


Every time one person yells at another person, he brings war into the world.  And each time a person says words of love to another human being, he brings peace into the world.


Sometimes we don’t want to make peace with someone because we have lost the vision of how that person could be. The highest peace between people is when each knows how the other could be, and how they will be.


Why is there no peace yet in the world?  Who believes in it?  So, for a few minutes, let’s all really believe in the world.  Let’s believe in a world that can be so beautiful that we can all dance together.



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The Ropshitzer Rebbe returned home after giving his sermon in the synagogue. His wife asked him, “How was the sermon?” He answered, “I had a fifty percent success. I taught the importance of the rich giving charity to the poor, and I was able to convince the poor to be willing to receive it.”