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Reb Shlomo was more than a brilliant entertainer, scholar, performer, and masterful composer, who reached out to millions over more than four decades of public appearances in thousands of communities all over the world.


Shlomo was a friend to all.


Souls in pain, in confusion, souls ready to awaken to a new light, were immensely precious to him.  He felt responsible for them.  To reach out to them he traveled relentlessly, driving himself over and over again to his last ounce of energy.  And there was immense joy for him when he could renew confidence, faith, comfort, and hope in people’s hearts.

Shlomo especially enjoyed quietly teaching his friends. This little booklet represents some of the countless golden magical moments, sitting with him… learning, listening, opening our hearts to the words and melodies – we felt so close, so enveloped in the love and kindness not only of his wondrous soul but also of all the awesome Chassidic masters of the past.  We could feel their immense strength and holiness, we could bathe our souls in their presence.  For Shlomo could convey their holiness through his own boundless love and kindness for all.

Shlomo’s teachings were free and available to all, like the sunshine and air we breathe.  They are a reflection of the eternal love and kindness of the Holy One Blessed Be He who blesses us with life at every moment, who renews creation always, and is waiting for us to wake up in order to give us as much joy as we can hold.


Liliane Ritchie



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Little Josh was brought to Dr. Gill cause he hadn’t eaten anything for days. Dr. Gill offered him all the goodies he could think of. No luck. He tried a little scolding. It didn’t work. A little pleading, to no avail. Finally he sat down, faced the boy, looked him in the eye. He said, “Look young man, if you can be stubborn, so can I. You’re not going anywhere till you eat something. You can have whatever you want, but only after you have eaten will you leave.” Josh just sat and glared for some time, then said “OK. I’ll eat but I have some conditions. First, I’ll have exactly what I want and exactly how I want it and second you’ll share with me.” Dr. Gill was OK with this. He asked the child what he’d like. “Worms!” said Josh. Dr. Gill was horrified but didn’t want to back out and seem like a loser. So, he ordered a plate of worms to be brought in. “Not that many, just one,” yelled Josh as he saw the plate. So, everything other than one worm was removed. Josh then demanded that the single worm be cut into two pieces and then Dr. Gill eat half. Dr. Gill went through the worst ordeal of his life, and after finishing, barely managing to keep his cool, said, “OK, now eat!” Josh refused as he sobbed, “No way! You ate my half!”

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