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Secrets Within Flowers – Answers from Above

Secrets Within Flowers

Master of the Mystery of Creation,

Flowers always put me in a state of wonder.  To me they symbolize the mystery of life – messages in secret code from Higher Angelic beings.  Flowers grace our world most everywhere.  Magnificent and graceful in their form, they waft their fragrances and glow with a soft inner core.

As you are gazing at flowers, you connect with Me.  Their beauty evokes for you the wonder at this glorious life surging forth in color and grace, this Divine expression of harmony, inexpressible loveliness, these triumphant explosions of precise magnificent forms.  They dance in different movements of growth:  Some of their patterns are swirling, like a vortex, some are spiraling upward, some are soaring, and some are exploding like brightly colored fireworks.  The mystery of ever renewed life is held in their golden pistils and radiant center, which transform into myriad seeds.  And these seeds hold the blueprint that allows them to sprout and blossom again the next season, multiplying themselves with new seeds, over and over again.

Seeds…seeds…holding the blueprint of the entire plant.  Your own souls are like seeds of Light emanated from the Infinite, Eternal sun…holding the blueprint of your unique individual persona…they were eagerly waiting to be planted into the womb of a woman…so that they may gather and be nourished with the physical substances of the earth and develop into a miraculous embryo.  Then, guided by the life energies from their original source, they burst forth from the womb, thrived, grew and flourished and blossomed into unique individuals with their immense potential of learning and loving, of creating, of supporting life.  This is how you are merging heaven and earth within, merging heaven and earth in action and in thought.

As you contemplate the meaning of these beautiful forms, you can sense that these blossoms symbolize the beauty of souls in a state of worship and love.  You can attune to these souls in their gentle, innocent, and pure state.  In deep reverence, they are contemplating My eternal Wisdom and Kindness.  In blissful abandon, they turn their gaze towards my Light – drinking water from My fountains of salvation – taking nourishment from this magnificent Earth that supports you all.

I uplift you as you gaze at the many aspects of perfection in these blossoms – I refine your sensitivities as you inhale their many fragrances.  I caress your soul as you feel and touch the softness of their petals.

I remind you that even though life in your world seems so vulnerable and delicate and is in constant change, it is re-created and surging forth again every year, in forever renewed abundance.

My support and life force is always there, holding you, infilling you with ever recreated energy.  Forever trust in this.  The beauty you find in this world is a hint pointing to the beauty and perfection that awaits your discovery in the many higher dimensions of My Creation that have yet to be explored.

Beloved Master of all Beauty and Perfection,

You have wonderful ways of reaching out to me, especially with the issues that trouble me.  When I am too agitated to listen to Your voice, You find another way.  Once, when I was deeply troubled over some issue, You guided me in finding this large photograph of blooming, radiant, yellow and white cactus blossoms, which had fuzzy dark centers speckled with pure white.  And as I became absorbed in their unusual beauty, they suddenly became a symbol of our soul’s awesome potential:

We are standing here in the dark of our world, as little specks of Light.  But then, out of this seeming darkness, emerges the ascending, brilliant, flaming petals of our souls – merging with each other, eagerly reaching out to the majestic eternal power and magnificence of Your Great Light.

Know that I created blossoms in order to remind all of you about the mystery, perfect order and beauty of Life – I am most delighted when people can sense and be inspired, consciously or not, by these secrets from Higher Heavenly Realms.

Symbolically, you may all look like tiny specks of light.  But within these specks is the promise of seeds and growth.  Within these specks is the promise of eternal renewal bursting forth with life and abundance

Your soul is a spark from the Infinite Source of Light and Life.  Like flowers reaching upward to the light of the sun, your soul longs to connect back with the Higher Dimensions where it originated from.

by Liliane Ritche



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Joke of the day

The Ropshitzer Rebbe was famous for his sense of humor.

Once one of his followers asked him, “What is the reason for your custom to dress in only white cotton clothes?”

The Ropshitzer Rebbe said, “I cannot reveal this to you now. You must first prepare yourself. Immerse yourself in the ritual bath eighteen times every day. After three weeks come to me and I will reveal the reason to you.”

The follower did exactly as the Rebbe ordered, and after three weeks time he proudly went to the Rebbe.

“I did all that you asked,” said the follower. “Please reveal to me the secret.”

The Rebbe said, “Because it is cheaper.”

The follower was confounded: “What? Because it’s cheaper? Why did I have to immerse eighteen times a day for three weeks? Why couldn’t you just tell me?”

The Rebbe answered, “If I would have just told you, then you would have just told someone else, and he would have told someone else, and so on…. And before you know it the price would go up.”