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Our holy master Rebbe Nachman says that not only the soul has a soul – but my body also has a soul – the inside of my body. You know, imagine if all I used my hand for was just to take, and I never used my hand to give. Rebbe Nachman says I can get physically sick from this. My hand is crying, “Why didn’t you use me for the right purposes?” You know, if my ears only hear terrible things, if my ears never hear something holy, then physically my ears are angry at me: “Why didn’t you do something with me which I really want to?” Not only my soul is angry, the inside of my body is too.

Rebbe Nachman says the deepest thing. What are hands for? Hands are for reaching. How do you reach out to another human being? It is beyond giving and taking, reaching… reaching out to G-d in Heaven, gevalt. You know, there’s a Zohar which is most beautiful: Jacob, when he prayed, he was holding out his hands. Gevalt! He was reaching up to Heaven. Esau, when he prayed, his hands were always down. He didn’t want to reach G-d. He just wanted to get something from G-d. Do you know, friends, the whole wedding ceremony is between the hands. Because, you know, a lot of people love each other, but they don’t reach each other. And the deepest thing is to reach each other.

There’s another very important thing. Many things are very beautiful, but they don’t move. You know what feet are? Not only physical feet – the inside of my foot wants to move! Not to move to a new neighborhood – inside moving! Just moving!

I want to bless all of us that we should reach out to each other and that everything we want to do for the world and for G-d should be moving, moving, moving, moving, moving.

Friends, how far away are we from the day that the whole world should reach out to each other and dance? You know how far we are? Less than one second! It’s so easy. And yet the world is not doing it. Not because it’s so hard. Because the world refuses to do that which is easy. You know, if the word “peace” would take fifteen years to write down, every nation would say, “Hey, we are the first ones to make peace!” But it’s so easy! All it takes is, one handshake and one kiss. So they say, “Who needs it.” right? But, friends, you and I, we are not ashamed to be simple. You know what is the most simple thing in the world? That there is one G-d in Heaven. Is there something simpler than that? No “x” – no zeroes – nothing – just one G-d. One G-d.



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Joke of the day

Once there was a Yeshiva student going out on his first date. He went to his friend for advice. “What do I talk about with the girl?”

His friend said, “It’s as easy as pie. First you talk about love. Then you talk about family. And then you talk about philosophy.”

OK, the great moment arrives. They sit down and first he says, “Tell me honestly, do you love lokshen (noodles)?”

She says, “No, I hate lokshen.”

OK, let’s try family. “Does your brother like lokshen?”

“I don’t have a brother.”

Oh, no, this is not so simple. Let’s try philosophy. “If you would have a brother, do you think he would like lokshen?”