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Stories about three Exceptional Women Helpers Receive Help

Rachel*, a dear friend of mine stands out for her passionate dedication and commitment to others in need. She is a magnificent woman who spends every precious minute of her life helping women going through crises through her compassionate support. All sorts of calls come her way such as women in the midst of divorce, with abusive husbands, problems with their children, and financial strain. She has written a few books on family life, practical tips for survival, guidance for better relationships and self-esteem, and she lectures regularly. She mentioned about great Divine Providence in her life, so I insisted on hearing about some of her daily miracles. The following are some of her personal accounts:

Lost Boys

“One day somebody handed me an article from the ‘Ma’ariv’ newspaper with a photograph of three fifteen year old boys who had run away from their homes and were hiding in an abandoned house, without food, water or electricity. Some * a pseudo name for privacy other young man was trying to help them. For two weeks I couldn’t forget the faces of these boys and was wondering how I could contact them to be of assistance. But I was already overloaded with another dozen charitable endeavors, aside from writing and publicizing a few books. So locating them seemed quite unrealistic.

One night I was giving a talk in Tel Aviv when suddenly I had an intense stomach ache that compelled me to leave early. I was driving home to Jerusalem at 10:30 pm on the long open country Modi’in Road. As I was approaching one of the sparse bus stops on the road, I noted several lone people were hitchhiking. I wasn’t going to stop late at night to pick up a stranger but something inexplicable happened. My car stalled and stopped on its’ own, right there, for no apparent reason!

I took it as a sign that I had to give someone a lift especially since they approached with happy expectancy at their good fortune. A young man asked for a ride to Modi’in, to which I agreed. As I started to drive off, another jumped in. I didn’t pay them much attention. When I drive, I usually am busy counseling people in need on my cell phone, wearing an earpiece in one ear and gesturing as I drive. No one at all called me that night. I dropped off the first man at Modi’in and continued on my way to Jerusalem.

The second young man still sitting in the back broke the silence of the long drive.

“What kind of work do you do?”

“I counsel mothers on how to love their children more.”

He perked up.

“Oh! That’s so beautiful and so needed. I’m also involved in that kind of work.

“Really, in what way?”

“Right now I am helping teens at risk, boys who didn’t have any love at home. This is their basic problem. I know where there is an abandoned house where many teens are staying. I collect leftover food for them from weddings and celebrations. Most of them are afraid their parents will find them and are quite scared.”

“Wait a minute! Was an article published about them in the ‘Ma’ariv’ newspaper two weeks ago?”

“That’s right!”

I was flabbergasted.

“You are the very person I was looking for! For the past two weeks this article has been sitting next to my computer. I kept thinking that maybe I should throw it away. But how could I? The story was heart-wrenching and disturbing and I couldn’t keep their story out of my mind!

“Yesterday, someone dropped off three large bagfuls of new clothes on my doorstep, good jeans and sweaters that I knew would be perfect for these kids. This is the first time this kind of clothing was donated to me. Thank God you are here. I still don’t know how I can be of real help. In the meantime, I have the bags of donated clothing for them. And God will provide more, you’ll see.”

Shortly afterwards, I was visited by a Swiss multi- millionaire. I referred him to this wonderful twenty two year old youth, who had taken upon himself to do everything he could for other youths in need. The millionaire took their plight to heart and promptly decided to fund all of this young man’s activities.

Wrong Number

I had left a forwarding message on my cell phone for all the callers in crisis needing my help. The only trouble was, I had mistakenly given the wrong number. I had missed by one digit. It turned out that the person who answered the phone with the mistaken number was a Rabbi who was very capable and delighted to help. And he answered all my callers probably better than I could have!

I now realize that if I wasn’t ready to ask for help with my overload of phone requests, God decided to delegate a bit of my charity work to others,


In my prayers, I always asked for extra help from the Angel of love and compassion, Michael. So when I meet someone with his name, I feel a confirmation that I am being watched over.

The service I run to help women who are going through a divorce was out of a budget. I was desperate for money in order to assist them with essentials such as food and lodging. Unexpectedly a very kind man offered and gave a huge donation, enough to support these women for many months.

His name was Michael.

When I was hospitalized for an appendicitis surgery, a nurse with a bad attitude came in to take a sample of my blood. She kept poking, and poking impatiently, without success. Finally I screamed. “Get away from me. Don’t touch me again!”

At that moment, a handsome young doctor passed by.

“Let me try,” he graciously offered. He calmly succeeded in drawing my blood on the first try. I was very grateful. And in the next few hours, he walked by my room a few times, looked in and smiled.

His name was Michael.

Red Light

I was driving with my son in the center of Jerusalem through a maze of streets pointing in all directions. The light turned green. But at that moment I felt a pressure on my chest. My son said:

“Mommy, the light is green. Why don’t you go?” I said, “I don’t know.”

At that moment, a heavy vehicle came hurtling down the road at a high speed through the red light. It would certainly have crushed us if we had been driving across the road.

My friend Rachel is blessed with amazing energy at every moment. Her painful back problems and other health challenges of a few years ago disappeared. It is an honor to know her.




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