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The Awful Modern Dance

A good friend invited me to attend a “Modern Dance” performance at the theater.  I love dancing, so I hoped to find something inspiring that night.  As a rule, I am very careful not to watch anything degrading or negative.  But in order to honor my friend, I took a chance and eagerly sat down with her to see what would happen on stage.

I was horrified.  I couldn’t possibly have imagined anything as bad as this.  Slow, weird, disharmonious sounds, moaning and groaning, accompanied the performance all the way through, with no color whatsoever on stage or in the costumes – only black and grey.  Worst of all, whatever was dark and evil in deeds, emotions and conditions of the human experience was graphically represented there in masterful yet contorted body movements!

What a waste of magnificent talent, creative energy, and skillful abilities!  What a waste of so many years of disciplined training!  It was as if any trace of Love, Joy, simple decency or intelligence had been banished out of human existence.

I walked out.  This to me was a symbol of the spiritual bankruptcy of some of our modern world – why represent the very depths of negativity in its many aspects of darkness and hopelessness, through the medium of body movement, without a single redeeming hint?

What can I do?  Here is my letter to You, written to help me recover from all this.

Dear Beloved Master of Souls,

          Beloved Mentor and Guide,

                   My most wonderful Infinite One,

I have been a bit shaken by this “Modern Dance” show.  I am in great need of cleansing, purification, restoration.

How can I help in elevating the awareness of people?  How can I tell them about You?  About their own true worth, inner beauty and infinite resources?  About how life in this wondrous garden of Yours on Earth, can truly be the most exciting, positive adventure when we are under Your guidance?

You are shaken – quite understandably.  This is how our modern world is perceived by too many.  Fortunately, not by all. . .   This theater presentation highlighted and glamorized how far people’s negative, fearful thoughts and intellectual sophistications can take them, even to the point of becoming mesmerized by these thoughts and wanting to show them off, to share them with everyone.

It is time for a change, for a New Light.

I instated an inherent choice in your world:

Between Light and darkness.

Between love or antagonism,

Hopeful expectancy or despair.

Between enthusiasm or despondency,

Initiative or apathy

Courage or victim hood,

Loving support or hatred.

Each crossroad is a choice on your path. Your repeated decisions to choose well are building you up, training you to grow masterful.

I lovingly watch over you all the way.

Please do not focus your attention on all the ills and foolish ways of mankind.  Watching the news broadcasts doesn’t help you grow.  On the contrary, this throws at you all kinds of disheartening images and negativity that you never would have dreamed of in the first place.  You become a full fledged garbage collector!  And you are not even removing it from yourself or anyone else as you collect it.  Most often, the news media is filled with useless information that is often distorted with a political agenda.  All this leaves you distressed, saddened, and disturbed.

Instead, be grateful that in spite of it all, you are now living in a blessed time of global spiritual awakening.  An increasing number of people are realizing that after all, the way to serenity is through love.  This means a major shift in consciousness.  Bless this change.

Bless this change that is more powerful than you know.  One person radiating the joy of service will bring a powerful influx of blessing in many people’s lives.  People respond to these energies of good will and kindness with new hope and a desire to act in the same way.  Light is much more powerful than darkness.

But it takes diligence to guard yourself ~ how you perceive things and who and what you believe in.  Watch where you put your attention.  Don’t lose your peace of mind every time someone does something negative.  Pay attention to the great acts of devotion and heroism that people do on a daily basis, on small scales and on grand ones. Keep blessing them.

When you choose to love the Infinite Creator of the Universe, your love expands.  It fortifies you with strength and hope.  You begin to realize that Love is the cohesive force that brings together families and nations.  You realize it is Divine Love that keeps the galaxies in space moving harmoniously and peacefully through eons of time.

As you respond to this Divine Love in your heart, it will bring you all the good you are striving for.  Be grateful for your awareness about the true power of Love.  It reveals the latent potential in every one and points out the best aspect in every situation.

Positive Thought and Universal Love is life-giving.  It is true to Life.  It uplifts you.  It is Divine Power in your hands.  It can change your lives, your being, your world.  It is centered on My True Reality, which is always here, waiting for you to be revealed in your lives.

by Liliane Ritche



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