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Walking to the Chuppah


The bride should walk to the chuppah slowly, but I bless you that this walking to the chuppah should give you strength so that in the middle of the night when your children are crying, you should walk so fast, you jump!  And I bless you, whenever your children are crying, you should remember that you walked to the chuppah with them and you promised them that whenever they’d cry you’d run so fast.  You will run so fast.  Because right now Gd is training your feet to be the feet of a Jewish mother.  Special feet, different feet, holy feet.



Avraham and Sara Come to Every Wedding


When Avraham and Sara got married, there was nobody there who could be Kosher witnesses for their wedding. There were no other Jews.  So who were the witnesses? “Ha’azinu hashamayim va’adabeira, vatishma ha’aretz imrei pi” [Heaven and earth].


And I have a feeling that since Avraham and Sara didn’t have two holy witnesses, they come to every wedding. They want to be a part of it.  Each time we are witnesses for a wedding, we are also witnesses that Avraham and Sara got married.  We are witnesses that Yitzchak and Rivka got married.  We are witnesses that Yaakov and Rachel got married.




Washed Clean


All the big Rebbes say the same thing, that the eidim [witnesses] have to be people who never did anything wrong in their lives.  But it’s like Eliyahu HaNavi.  Because of the Chosson and Kallah, mamash, the eidim are washed clean.



Rebuilding the Holy Temple


OK, beautiful friends, I want you to know that, according to our tradition, everybody who is at the chuppah is part of rebuilding the Holy Temple.  And I want to bless you and me that we should also see the rebuilding of the real one, of the big one, the gigantic one; the one where the whole world has a place in it.  But right now, we are building the sweetest, little, holy temple in the world.



Praying for Your Soulmate


Listen to me, Chosson.  Right now, you are on a level like Adam when he was created.  Before Chava was created.  And there was never a man who was waiting and praying more for a woman than Adam HaRishon was, before she was created.  And we want you to know, Chosson, the Medrash says the most beautiful thing in the world:  Why are women so beautiful?  And, the Medrash asks, why is the voice of a woman more beautiful than the voice of a man?  Because man was created by Gd without anybody praying for him.  But Chava was created because somebody was praying for her.  So right now, Chosson, I want you to connect yourself to the prayer of Adam HaRishon.  The deepest, holiest prayer a human being can offer to Gd.  He says, “Gd, I don’t want to be alone my whole life, I need my soulmate.”  And we bless you, we bless you.  Gd should always hear your prayer.  Baruch HaShem, Baruch HaShem.



Walking to the Chuppah


Everybody knows, everybody knows that the bride is walking with our four holy mothers.  Our mother Sara, our mother Rivka, our mother Rachel, and our holy mother Leah.  And do you know, Kallah, why your four mothers walk with you?  Because everybody knows that all the children that will come through you, your children, grandchildren, until Mashiach is coming, all walk behind you.  And how can Gd let little children walk alone, from Heaven to earth?  It’s a far away place.  And Gd’s best baby sitters are the four holy mothers.


You know a little bit how it feels to have one little baby on your hands.  I want to bless you, that you should feel hundreds of little hands on your holy hands, hanging onto your holy dress.  Gevalt, it must feel so holy, so beautiful.  Kallah, you know we all envy you, we envy you so much.  Because I never walked one inch with our holy mothers. And you have that privilege right now.  They love you, and I’m sure that they won’t leave you.  You know what a good Jewish mother is?  She doesn’t let you alone, right?  So we bless you, we bless you that our four holy mothers should always walk with you and your children, wherever you go.



Building a Holy House


One more thing, Kallah.  You know it anyway, but I just want to tell you and everyone.  You know what a real soulmate is?  A soulmate is the one that builds a little holy wall around her man. It’s invisible.  Nobody sees it, but it’s such a holy wall.  And the Chosson feels so much at home behind that wall.  You know what it is?  A real holy house, so that your husband, wherever he goes, doesn’t feel at home anywhere else.


The Queen of England can invite him, and say, “Do you want to stay in my palace?”  And he answers, “I’d rather stay at home with my Kallah.”  And she’ll say,  “Hey! Don’t you think that my palace is more beautiful?”  And he’ll say, “Queen, what do you know?  My Kallah built a little holy temple for me, and it is the most beautiful house in the world.”




The Bride Walks around the Groom Seven Times


So, Kallah, we bless you to walk around your holy man seven times, with great joy and with great holiness. And it goes without saying, Kallah and Chosson, that I want you to know that shalom bayit forever depends on this walking around seven times.  Do you hear, ChossonKallah, do you hear?  Your whole life depends on these few minutes you are walking around.  So we bless you to walk around with the deepest, deepest ever, ever deepest prayer in your life.

Mazal tov, mazal tov.



Receiving the Torah


You know, Chosson, my holy Chosson, the Gemorah says that until you find your soulmate, you don’t know what the Torah says.  So right now it’s not only your Sukkot, its also your Shavuot.  Mamash, Gd is giving you a new Torah.


And Kallah, you remember when Moshe Rabbenu talked to us about giving us the Torah?  Gd told him first, “Koh tomar lebait Yaakov [I want you to whisper to the women].”  To the men, he spoke openly, strongly.  And you know, Kallah, so far nobody knows what Moshe Rabbenu told the women.  Obviously, when Mashiach is coming, it will be revealed to us what Moshe Rabbenu told the women, before he spoke to the men.  But since this is your standing on Mount Sinai, I want to bless you that you should have a taste of what Moshe Rabbenu told our holy mothers.  Because, let’s face it, where would we be without our holy mothers?  It’s our holy mothers who kept us so holy and so beautiful.  Kallah, I bless you to be one of the holy mothers.  And Chosson, I bless you that right now, the whole Torah should shine for you, in the deepest way.  And your whole life, whenever you open a book, it should be clear to you that, basically, Gd gave it to you under the chuppah.



Holy unto Me


OK, I want to tell you the most unbelievable Torah.  I once had the privilege of being with the Malitse Rebbe, and he said this in the name of his holy father.  You know the portion of Behukotai:  The beginning tells all the blessings, and at the end it says, also, all the words which are not officially understood according to our minds.  We don’t see the blessings yet.  But it always says, “Im lo nishma li” [If you don’t listen to Me], “li”.  “Li,” always “li.” It says a hundred times, “li.”  So the Malitse Rebbe says that there is a Zohar that whenever Gd wants to get angry at us, suddenly He remembers that He married us on Mount Sinai.  And Gd said “li” to us.  Therefore he cannot be angry at us, because this word “li” is so special, right?  That even Gd cannot be angry at us, because of the word “li.”  So I want you, when you say the word “li,” I want you to take it deep into your heart, that you could never, never, never be angry, or hurt the feelings of, your beautiful bride.  Because after you say such a holy word as “li,” what can you do wrong?  There is nothing you can do, just love her, that is all there is to it.


The less joy you have, the less you are one with someone else.  Sad people are not one with each other:  Everybody is sitting in a corner moping by themselves. 


The more you are filled with joy, the more you can be together  with someone else.  So when people say they want to get married, all their friends come together to make themselves crazy with joy, in order to put them together.  And it’s the same between us and Gd.  Unless you are filled with joy, you are not one with Gd.





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