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The Great Ocean – Answers from Above


The Great Ocean


Joshua and I rarely take the time for special outings, but somehow on that day we managed to drive over to Nitsanim, a beautiful Mediterranean beach.  Feeling the warm sand between our toes and following the light foam on the ripples washing up before us, we noticed something quite unusual.  Little plastic cylinders were riding the waves and landing on the sandy beach right before us.  These were permanent markers and white board markers in perfect condition!  An army of them.  We gratefully picked a total of 119 of them to bring home.  We took them as a message of support for Joshua’ classes on counseling, for he demonstrates new concepts on his white board to his students – a prominent and indispensable part of his classes!  It was also simultaneously an amazing encouragement for my creative work, as well, a symbol of writing that represented this book you are now holding in your hands.


Beloved Master of Creation,


Creator of Beauty, of majestic oceans, wide open skies, bright sun, varieties of Light, majestic mountains, green lands and golden sands, you graced me with a wonderful opportunity to pay a visit to Your Ocean.  It was waiting for me to come and benefit from its healing energy.  Just like You are – always waiting for me to heal and enjoy and dip my feet into every renewed Good from You.


Your waves washing over the sandy shore reflect a million sun sparks and skies of many blue colors.  They caress the shore in their soft flowing power and white foam that melt into the water as it recedes.  The deep waters carry gigantic ships across their immense vastness.  Just like You.  You are there to caress our soul with Your soft, flowing power and to support us always so that we may sail across the vast dimensions of Your Creation, and trade your Goods with the multitudes on the shore of arrival.



Just as My Oceans give you an impression of vast Power and everlasting Existence, I seek to heal you through your awareness of My Presence in Creation.  I speak to you through your love of Beauty and Harmony and how you eagerly behold it in your childlike enthusiasm.  I thrill over your receptivity to the mastery of My greatness and fill you with the wonder and the joy of your open heart.  I am very close to you, closer than your own breath.


There were others before you on that beach who also needed an unusual surprise. 

The exhilaration from being on a sandy welcoming beach, outdoors in the sun, makes you all more receptive to the wonder of My life.  This is when little things such as sea shells and the 119 new colored markers you found washed on the shore become a treasured gift.  These were my special gifts for you to sense and feel a connection with My generous Presence, with feelings of well being, and the rich bounty of existence.  You are right in your insights.  Watch for the next surprises! I am very imaginative in the playful way I can interact with you.

by Liliane Ritche



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The Ropshitzer Rebbe returned home after giving his sermon in the synagogue. His wife asked him, “How was the sermon?” He answered, “I had a fifty percent success. I taught the importance of the rich giving charity to the poor, and I was able to convince the poor to be willing to receive it.”