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The individual

   Every person is a revelation of G-d, which has never been before, because every person has something of G-d, which nobody else ever had. I have something that Abraham didn’t have. I have something that Moses didn’t have.


If you serve G-d like somebody else, then you needn’t have been born. They did it already.


Do you think the closest to G-d I can get is when I know what is right and what is wrong? The closest I can get to G-d is if I know the holiness of every individual.


A human being is a picture of G-d. If I love G-d very much, then I love all the pictures.


You cannot be a real teacher until you have G-d’s vision about a particular person.












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Joke of the day

Once there was an old man who was on his deathbed. He turned to his five children and said, “Please, before I die, run to Mama and bring me one last piece of her delicious cake.”

The five children ran desperately to fulfill their dying father’s last wish. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to him, they returned with the news: “Sorry, Dad, but Mama said she’s saving the cake for after the funeral.”

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