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The Power of Communal Prayer – Answers from Above

The Power of Communal Prayer

On the sacred day of Yom Kippur, as countless thousands are joining together in the synagogues and temples all over the world, hearts are opening.  It is a time sheltered from pride, aggression, greed, competition, judgment, fault finding and all that is stopping the flow of holiness, freedom, joy and lightness.  Powerful energies are infilling Jewish souls as they respond with their inner search for truth.  This is the time when they place their best attention on the Infinite One in charge of Life at every moment. 


On this sacred day of Yom Kippur, we sit together and read from the same book of prayers, following along with the leading Chazan and a few hundred attentive people. We stand and recite together; we feel united as one people, we humbly ask for forgiveness, not only for our own mistakes, but also for our entire people, the people of Israel.  We reconnect with our supreme Source of strength and wisdom. 


We are inwardly shaking as we realize how foolish and distracted we have been in our lives, how we have wasted so much of our precious energy on lower emotions that are distancing us from our family, our friends and from God.


We feel we have a long way to go till we begin to fulfill our mission and life’s purpose.  Yet we know there is a wonderful promise of forgiveness from the Most High.  We feel relieved and encouraged with a special knowledge: This is the day when God wants to give us a new start, no matter how obstinate and resistant we have been. Our great Sages have taught us that when we are eager to choose better ways to conduct ourselves, God always strengthens us, upholds and guides us.

*        *        *        *

Master of the Universe, King over all Creation,

Your Majesty is being remembered –  We realize

how much we depend on Your protection and support –

how much we are like little children who need supervision and love.


The willingness to purify ourselves, despite last year’s failures, is deepening.  We are standing here hour after hour in deep concentration.  I can feel how very precious this sincerity is in Your eyes.  Immensely precious.  How much You love each one praying here, in their own way, for renewed connection with You.



Yes!  Immensely loved.  Forever loved.  Every moment of their quiet supplication is standing in their merit forever.


I am planting seeds of understanding, guiding them in their decisions, often without them being aware of it.  I love them in every moment of their worship.  I am celebrating with them !  Please tell them about this.


These prayers build a dome of protection over the Holy Land, insulating it from the many destructive weapons aimed in its direction.



Master of the Universe,

     What will happen to the Jewish People?


So many are anguished and fearful about the weak politicians, the bad decisions, the hatred of our opponents and the arms buildups.  We are even being repeatedly threatened with nuclear bombing. We are forever yearning for peace and for a new Light to illuminate all mankind !  We only want to be allowed to live quietly.  Why all this hatred?



In quiet majesty I lead the nations – I love every single soul coming to Earth.  I know this is not always an easy place for them to learn.   So much suffering with the nightmares of hunger, disease, ignorance and violence.  Souls coming here to this world are gradually developing invaluable qualities. They are here, learning to be valiant, enduring, perseverant, discerning, compassionate and strong, more than anywhere else.


Please forgive Me for seeming not to care and allowing all this to happen.  When you forgive Me, trust Me and love Me anyway, you pass the test, making the illusions fall away.  Then My Eternal Good becomes more and more revealed.


I hold the destinies of nations in My hands.  The process of growth and mastery for every soul is vitally important.  This intense training has a blessed purpose, whose benefit stretches out forever.


After your lives here, you are being embraced again in My Love and Light and All Good.  Remember, a lifetime, no matter how painful, compared to an eternity of blissful expansion, is in measurement of time, like a grain of sand on a beach.


But what about our near future in Israel?  How can I free people from this undertow of worry that burdens them most of the time? 


Yom Kippur and the Holy Days are more powerful than you will ever realize.  I love the services; I treasure each prayer like an individual gem.  With these prayers, I transmute whatever negativity has been developed from discordant beliefs and behaviors.


Remember: It was the denial of My Presence and the lack of love and respect between you all that was bringing upon you harmful events in the first place.


Remember, you are destined to a higher calling: “To be a light unto the Nations!  To lift yourself Higher, to accomplish more, to love more.” Much more is expected from you than from most any other nation. Your souls chose this high mission before you were born.


Know that My protection is greater than any other semblance of safety and power.  Know that My hosts of Angels, devoted helpers and great Masters are lovingly collecting every worthy thought you emit, every plea, insight, humble request, good decision, and passionate loving commitment. They are transmuting these into a great Force of Blessings.  They are gathering together the light of every decision to be kind and loving, every expression of gratefulness and praise, so as to create a most powerful energy of protection.  This energy then manifests itself in very creative, unexpected ways of salvation.  These miracles most often are hardly noticed, hidden as they are under the guise of natural coincidence ~ even thought they wouldn’t have happened in a billion other similar circumstances.


Like a well disciplined army of an organized Heavenly Force of Good, My helpers know how to intervene.  They are staying on guard, watching over you, protecting you. At times they are inspiring leaders in charge on Earth with some of the split second decisions needed that will save countless lives.  My helpers restore trust, optimism, joyful laughter and a sense of being watched over in unexpected, genial, masterful and astounding ways.


Give them a little bit of credit!!  They work with My wisdom and with instant speed.  They know how to re-arrange and use all these precious life-giving energies of faith, Love and Kindness that you can express at times.  They depend on you.


See what happens when you recognize, remember and see Me as King of the Universe!  Then you know I am your Father and King.  You are my royal family.  As you become aware of this eternal truth, My spirit works through you.  Just by being willing to become elevated, you become an emissary of new blessings and joy.


Many subtle miracles happen between people when they connect in a loving way.  The soft words, the smiled greetings, the encouraging comments, the acceptance of differences, the support – these are the moments I treasure, even though they seem minor to you.  Remember, love and kindness between all of you is the best protection for the Jewish nation, and for all nations as well, since their well- being depends on yours.


Soon you will see signs of Divine Providence that will astonish you, cause you to rejoice, and regain courage and hope.  Awaken! Do not put your trust in the power of politicians and wealth, rather place it in the interventions and blessings of the awesome Creator of all.


I do not force Myself on people.  I wait for them to choose Me.  My work is gentle and kindly.  Your free choice is immensely precious to Me. See what happens as your world evolves. Miracles stories pour out. Scientific discoveries are confirming the basic tenets of faith, as well as Kabbalistic teachings.  The willingness to see things from a higher, wider perspective becomes spontaneous.  These are ways I reach out to you.


You need to remember that whatever happens in your personal lives and in the world at large is meant to be a divine learning process.  It is never wasted, whether it is a success or a “mistake”.  On a large scale and from a higher, eternal, vaster perspective, you can realize that even World War II was a necessary learning process for mankind. It was an inconceivable tragedy, yet it triggered an awakening in many nations who are now miraculously joining together in peaceful ways in Europe and elsewhere instead of being obsessed with war and the pride of conquest.  Before then, these nations were heading straight towards self-destruction through nuclear power.  The arms race was on.  There was not enough love and deeds of kindness among people to protect you.  Something drastic had to happen to stop this sliding into total devastation that could have destroyed most of mankind.


Many forces have been working ever since then to repair, rebuild, heal and preserve life on this planet.  Life in your world is now exploding with ardent ambition towards building, learning and creating.  You have so many extraordinary new tools of technology available and seemingly limitless information at your fingertips!



Master of souls,


Why is the world population growing so rapidly?  What if it continues growing so fast?


Souls are eagerly coming here in great number because you are now entering a wonderful, most exciting creative epoch in human history.  Become more in tune with its magnificent potential scope and demonstration.  This is the dawn of a great awakening – with intelligence, co-operation and Love, there are infinite resources available yet to be discovered. These will protect you and nourish you all with plenty of food.


Don’t be discouraged, don’t denigrate this era because of the limitations, faults, mistakes and threats that still exist at this time.  Continue forward in your awareness.  Persevere and continue growing with it.  Do not ignore or minimize the potential of this time in your history. It will flourish in higher awareness with an increasingly beneficial influence over all.


The way is now being prepared for a great new Leader to appear, who will cause blessed messianic times to unfold for mankind.


I am here, waiting to bless each soul with the joy of growth, evolving and expansion.  What you are witnessing so far is only the beginning of your magnificent and wondrous history, a history fit for the children of the King of the Universe. A history of rebirth, blissful transformations and blossoming for each one. Within My


by Liliane Ritche



Daily Torah Quote

Joke of the day

poor man came to the house of an elderly couple. Unfortunately they had nothing in the house to give him except an old piece of fish “from before the time of Noah’s Ark and the flood.” Out of desperation, they served him this fish and the next thing they knew he had to be rushed to the hospital. The elderly couple, of course, accompanied him to the hospital but, unfortunately, watched him die in front of their eyes.

At the funeral the elderly woman was crying uncontrollably and her husband was having a hard time trying to console her. She was hysterically screaming, “The fish killed him, the fish killed him.”

The husband who couldn’t stand to see his wife in such a state comforted her and said, “My darling, it’s really not that bad. We had the merit of fulfilling three good deeds: Welcoming guests, visiting the sick, and escorting the deceased!”