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The Secret of Loving Relationships

There are some basic secrets about our purpose as human beings that only God can answer. One of them is about what makes loving intimacy possible and lasting between mates. I asked. This is the answer that God, in His immense patience and kindness, placed in my mind about this often confusing, bewildering, scary and fascinating topic.

Master of the Universe,

Could you please share some of Your secrets about loving intimacy?

~ ~ ~ Do not forget that during your moments of loving intimacy with your soul mate, the holy Divine essence of your souls are yearning for deep communion in love, for oneness in tenderness and passionate involvement, in caring, respect and devotion.  The wonder of true love ever springs forth anew when you remember the mysterious Divine origin of each other.

Your souls are immensely precious in My eyes, forever.  When you relate to each other through My perspective, you are feeling My love flowing between you two.  You see each other’s beauty beyond the physical appearance.  You are eager to give, to bring support and kindness to each other.  You experience blissful moments of fulfillment.  Always remember to return to My perspective.  Without it, your physical intimacy soon loses its quality of pleasure and joy.

People cannot thrive for long without some kind of loving relationship.  Unfortunately, many have gone through upheavals in their personal relationships.  They shut their heart and try to live without any loving interaction, never wanting to risk getting hurt in that way again.  How sad is their existence! I am here, waiting for them to reach out to Me.  I long to see them establish a loving trust in Me, in My wisdom and lasting, personal, loving attention for them. As they keep reflecting that trust in their life, I can gradually heal their heart.  When their heart is returning to its natural state of loving spontaneity and caring toward others, they are opening the way for a new friendship and loving relationship to come their way, and they will rejoice again, even more than before.

With My help you can fill your life with many kinds of loving companionship.  So many millions are yearning for a true friend !!!  My highest delight is bringing many people together who are willing to be a true friend to others, caring and supporting, willing to gratefully give and receive.  I draw people with the same intent together. You only need to ask and be willing to be a true friend.

When you seek My guidance and healing wisdom, when you reach out to Me in trust and gratefulness, then new friends, loving companions, family and a treasured mate will be drawn into your life – and the love between you all will spring forth effortlessly with ever renewed joy ~ ~ ~

From the book “Answers from Above” by Liliane Ritche



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poor man came to the house of an elderly couple. Unfortunately they had nothing in the house to give him except an old piece of fish “from before the time of Noah’s Ark and the flood.” Out of desperation, they served him this fish and the next thing they knew he had to be rushed to the hospital. The elderly couple, of course, accompanied him to the hospital but, unfortunately, watched him die in front of their eyes.

At the funeral the elderly woman was crying uncontrollably and her husband was having a hard time trying to console her. She was hysterically screaming, “The fish killed him, the fish killed him.”

The husband who couldn’t stand to see his wife in such a state comforted her and said, “My darling, it’s really not that bad. We had the merit of fulfilling three good deeds: Welcoming guests, visiting the sick, and escorting the deceased!”