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Transforming Darkness into Light

Dear Beloved One, Master of Creation

Most of my life I have been keenly aware of mankind’s suffering.  Aware of the reports in the history books, filled with gruesome stories of wars, oppression, cruelties and calamities of all kinds.  And I see so much stress and anger still written on so many people’s faces.  I loathe tyranny and terror.  I loathe the insanity of it all.

Please do not allow the sadness I sometimes feel over the horrors of the past and present to overwhelm me.  My priority is to keep my awareness of You.  Bless me with the wisdom to spend my time and energy in a constructive way, listening to Your guidance.  Bless me to remember acknowledging how fortunate we are.  Every day the blessings of life, energy, good will, intelligence, creativity, strength and endurance wash over us, surrounding us in a sea of good.

I need to remember all the countless beautiful people gracing our surroundings.  All the courageous homemakers who in spite of their many difficulties are mothering and fathering their children night and day and don’t give up.  All the devoted friends that remember to do thoughtful, kind deeds.  All the bystanders who are gladly helpful to someone in need.  All those devoted to elderly parents and some wayward, difficult relatives.  All the dedicated service personnel, seeking ways to protect and safeguard life and making our days smoother to navigate.

Even those suffering from their own medical hardships take time to reach out to another bedfellow.  And even those who do a major juggling act in trying to balance their checkbook, often open their purses and pockets for another.

Still, my heart is heavy with the awareness of the nightmares people are going through.

So much love and light is waiting to descend into the hearts of the multitudes going through all these trials.

They are building their own strength and initiative.  And this is good.  They are builders of a new world, a new awareness.  If only they would know and perceive My Master Plan for them, if only they would know how much I love them, especially in the midst of their struggles.

Their mistakes and trials are training them in self-mastery, in the ability to forgive others and to have compassion for them.

Stop focusing on failures and misery.  Start believing in My Love and rejoice!

Dealing with your own limitations and character imperfections is fine, as long as you also clearly highlight your positive strengths!  Remember your own beautiful inner search for integrity, for courage, your desire to be true to who you are meant to be and not some shadow of your true self.

You have blessed me with glimpses of Your infinite golden ocean of Love and Light, waiting for each one of us to dip our toes into it, to walk further into it, to immerse in its fullness.

Stay aware of My Eternal Loving Presence, My wisdom, My creative Power.  Take time to leisurely reflect over it and do nothing else.  Your state of trust will help others.  Don’t be afraid of their pain.  Instead draw close to them in compassionate support.  Remember all this is a passing show.   A learning process.  Like with a child learning to walk, there are many bumps, many surprises with the laws of gravity.  But then there is the victorious feeling of taking your own steps.  You all love the challenge * * *

You span more than just this lifetime.  Your long term destinies are in My care.  I have an eternity of exciting, blissful adventures awaiting each soul in the majestic gardens of My Creation.  You will want to learn and experience much more in Joy, and I am waiting to fulfill that wish of yours. I promise you , you will not get bored.

In the meantime, you do not have to carry the burdens of the world.  Thrive and grow strong, steadfast and happy, and thus help others with renewed hope in My Goodness.  I hold you in My embrace.

by Liliane Ritche



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