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Rebbe Nachman says that people come to a wedding, and then they walk out. One says, “It was a beautiful wedding. I liked the food.” Another says, “I liked the music.” Another says, “I met a lot of good friends there.” They weren’t really at the wedding.

Then someone walks out and says, “Baruch HaShem, thank G-d, those two got together!” He was there at the wedding.

Children are a little piece of G-d’s joy

We lost our children because we didn’t teach them the secret of joy.

Rebbe Nachman says, why is the joy at a wedding so strong? Because this is like the preparation to bring children into the world, and the greatest, greatest joy in the world is when a little baby arrives here.

You know what that means? That means, basically, that when a human being enters this world, not only does he bring with himself a soul, he also brings joy with him into the world. Because, the truth is, what is our soul? Just a little bit of G-d’s joy. So when a baby is born, it is just a little piece of G-d’s joy coming into the world. And in order to teach the world to prepare themselves for this holy joy, so people get married and for seven days the whole world is dancing, in order to prepare them to receive this holy joy which will come down from heaven.

If parents would know this secret of joy, they would watch over their children, I am sure there would be peace in the world. Because if parents would know that little children are a little piece of G-d’s joy, they wouldn’t like them to just go and be killed for nothing.

The world has maybe learned yet how to cry, but the world has not learned yet how to rejoice.



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poor man came to the house of an elderly couple. Unfortunately they had nothing in the house to give him except an old piece of fish “from before the time of Noah’s Ark and the flood.” Out of desperation, they served him this fish and the next thing they knew he had to be rushed to the hospital. The elderly couple, of course, accompanied him to the hospital but, unfortunately, watched him die in front of their eyes.

At the funeral the elderly woman was crying uncontrollably and her husband was having a hard time trying to console her. She was hysterically screaming, “The fish killed him, the fish killed him.”

The husband who couldn’t stand to see his wife in such a state comforted her and said, “My darling, it’s really not that bad. We had the merit of fulfilling three good deeds: Welcoming guests, visiting the sick, and escorting the deceased!”