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Am I Here?


A Rabbi told Rebbe Shlomo an unbelievable story: This Rabbi came to the Holy Land of Israel for the first time and walked down to the Holy Western Wall to pray. Like everyone else, he couldn’t get to the Holy Western Wall fast enough; he was waiting lifetimes to get there.

Sometimes it’s so hard to get to the Holy Wailing Wall with all the poor beggars and all the obnoxious people stopping you and asking for money. Every few minutes another beggar stopped him. He was thinking, “I spent so much money to come here… I’m glad to give you money, but please don’t be so aggressive, don’t throw yourself at me. What do you want from me?” Then he felt bad that he had those thoughts, but he couldn’t help it.

Finally, at the Wailing Wall, he thought he got rid of everyone. He took out his prayer shawl and Phylacteries, wanting to make the blessing, when another poor Jew came up to him. At this point the Rabbi was at the end of his wits. He yelled, “Do you think I came to the Holy Wall just to give you money? I don’t know you, and I am not interested in knowing you. Please leave me in peace.”

Can you pray after you yelled at a Jew who maybe hasn’t eaten in a few days when you just came from the hotel and had a big breakfast? He had imagined that the first time he would pray at the Holy Wall it would be so holy, it would be better than any Yom Kippur he had ever had. Now he couldn’t pray. He couldn’t concentrate. He was so broken.

He made a deal with G-d: “Please, G-d in Heaven, if my coming to the Holy Wall to pray has any meaning to You, can You please give me one sign? I will be in Jerusalem for nine more days. Please let me meet this holy beggar again.”

The Rabbi returned to the Holy Wall every morning, but he couldn’t find the beggar. On the afternoon of the ninth day the Rabbi was on a bus. He looked around…. Sitting behind him was the poor man!  He took out a one hundred dollar bill and said, “Please forgive me for insulting you.”

The beggar said, “You are mistaken. I didn’t want money from you. Don’t you remember me? I am Moshe Cohen from the East Side. We grew up together on Delancy Street. But you insulted me so much I left.”

During the Depression, the father of this Rabbi was absolutely destitute. For years, the father of Moshe Cohen sent food to the house of this Rabbi. Moshe Cohen didn’t know about it, only this Rabbi knew the fact that the father of Moshe Cohen finally gave them a loan of $2,000, which was a lot of money in those days, and the father of this Rabbi was able to reestablish himself. The Rabbi knew that his father had never repaid the loan because the father of Moshe Cohen had died, and his children were nowhere to be found.

Suddenly it was clear to this Rabbi that his father must have been praying so very much in Heaven so that his son would meet the son of the person he owed $2,000, and be able to repay his debt.

     I want to bless you and me, friends, that we should repay all our debts and do a little extra.

It is possible to do everything right, and to do it with great fire, but yet to forget the most important thing. A lot of people do everything right, but this one sweet little thing they forget to do.


Everybody has this one sweet little thing, which is the most important thing, which they forget to do, GYd forbid.


When it comes to the most important thing, you better do it yourself.

People are not bad because they don’t know enough, but because they don’t do enough.


What are people doing all the time? They are thinking, “I have to run to make a few dollars.” How low can you be? Do you think that you are here for a few dollars? If you think that you are here for a few dollars, then you are definitely not here.


Your only chance to be really here is if you know that you are here because G-d created you, and you have to do something very deep and very holy in this world.


If you run around all day long to make a few dollars, and who knows what you are talking about and thinking about, then you are completely out of it.





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Once there was an old man who was on his deathbed. He turned to his five children and said, “Please, before I die, run to Mama and bring me one last piece of her delicious cake.”

The five children ran desperately to fulfill their dying father’s last wish. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to him, they returned with the news: “Sorry, Dad, but Mama said she’s saving the cake for after the funeral.”