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Once a follower of Rebbe Shlomo felt discouraged about his lack of spiritual progress. He asked Rebbe Shlomo how a person could achieve something spiritually. Rebbe Shlomo said, “The person who gets somewhere is the one who is most desperate.”


What is the deepest filling for emptiness? What is yearning? What is the most powerful being together or not being together? It’s when I yearn for something. Because if I’m yearning for something, that means I know about it, and at some level I have it. But, obviously, I don’t really have it, otherwise I wouldn’t be yearning for it. So yearning is the utmost filling up of the empty space inside.



What is in the deepest depths of me? What is my real connection to GYd? Not the things that I did. My real, most deepest connection to GYd is all the things I want to do.


There is an unbelievable urge inside all of us that wants to know everything. Let me ask you: after you know everything, do you think that then you will be happy? No, because the deepest, deepest longing we have is for all the things we cannot understand.


The whole world is so hungry. Who hates most?  Hungry people.  And why are they angry with us?  Because we have something with which to feed them.


Do you know why the world is so angry with us?  Because they know we have something so very holy and yet we’re stingy about giving it out.





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A young man learning in Yeshiva is engaged to a wonderful young lady from wealthy home. The father is upset. How is this guy going to make a living? So he takes him into his office to interview him while the mother and the future bride wait nervously outside. The father says, “How do you intend to make a living?” “G-d will provide,” answers the young man. “Well, my daughter’s needs are great; she was brought up that way.” “G-d will provide,” comes the reply. “How about a house? She needs a big house.” “G-d will provide.””How about clothes? She’s used to expensive, elegant dressing.” “G-d will provide.” The father comes out of the interview and the mother and daughter anxiously inquire, “So what do you think?” “Why, he’s a very fine young man. He thinks I’m G-d!”