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Every marriage relationship goes through low points of discord at times.

Very fortunately for Joshua and me, we passed through only a few of these low points during the 50 peaceful and fulfilling years we shared together since we met.  However, whenever there is discord, it easily traumatizes me.  Anger is very toxic to me.  It throws my whole system out.  I feel devastated.

I can empathize with people going through the ordeals of marital unhappiness.  This is why I am sharing with you this very private letter to God, even though it is a bit embarrassing to reveal some aspects of my personal life.  I wrote it in a mood of turmoil and you will find here some of the healing answers I received at that point.

Relationships can be so complicated.  But there is one basic truth to remember: Basically we all have a profound need to be loved, respected, supported and esteemed.  These blessings are not always so easily accessible from another, but we do have our immense privilege available – we can reach out to a much higher Source, our most reliable Friend, our companion on High. This Infinite One infills our very being with life and eternal, loving, real support.

Calling for help directly from Him with deep intent is the most powerful way to heal ourselves and others from discord.  It can bring a change of heart and attitude in easy, unexpected ways.  Its help can work through a smile, an eye contact, a gesture, or a word.  Soon small or big miracles appear, such as new turns of events, unexpected help, synchronistic happenings and signs.  These are here to remind us we are being assisted, guided and watched over by the benevolent unknown divine Force of harmony and life-giving energy that infills Creation.

However, when we are at a low point in our relationship, we are not always ready to believe in the help from Above, or ready to trust in miracles.  Choosing to write a letter to God is one of the easiest ways to clear away the fears and the hurts and to allow new healing to enter our heart.

Beloved Master of Creation

     Our Beloved Friend

What shall I do now?

     I feel so sad – so fearful – anguished about the future – feeling abandoned – How shall I repair the breaches?

I yearn to bring back holiness and true love between us!

             Romantic Love

                      Sweet Love

                                 Passionate, caring, tender, focused, heartfelt, joyful Love

~~*~~  You lose touch with what is truly most important – don’t be so frightened by the moods of your beloved husband.  He is now also frightened about losing your love.  You both care about each other, immensely so. But remember at times to pay attention, fully appreciate your marriage connection.  Remember how essential it is to your well being – more important than most any other concerns in your life.

This present conflict is not happening by chance.  You haven’t spent enough time blessing him and praying for peace and harmony between you two – you have been forgetting to ask for My help.

I am here – your true affectionate, tender, loving Friend.  Your true expansion in loving interaction – I am here forever.  Don’t be such a slave to human limitations and failings.  They are just childish things.  I am here, to nourish your soul with all that it needs ~ affection ~ purity ~ tenderness ~ security ~ peace ~ love ~ delight ~ joy!

I have been your friend throughout Eternity!!  Inspiring you with ever renewed wonder, joy, and delight in My Creation.

Joshua is a bit scared at your strong emotions – he misses you – he is not happy in this world and all its negativity.

Look forward to a new renewal in your relationship.  Human emotions come and go like waves.  But your foundation remains.

You allow your fears to be much too heavy a burden on you.  Instead use your energy to come directly to Me.  How much energy does it take to do that??  You forget that I am all powerful.  I bring peace, a deep peace, and deeper, in an instant.  Depend on Me – let go of your dependence on human strength or good will.

Belong to Me – the Master of Creation ~

the Infinite One ~

all Splendor and Majesty ~

I am Healing Power and Light ~

Heavenly Love ~

Supporter of all that lives,

renewing the life-giving reservoirs of all Good

through time and Eternity.

Focus on that alone for now.  Then you will see everything falling into place. You yourself will become a vessel for all my qualities and you will communicate all of them to your beloved companion.

Take delight in the beauty of music, in the beauty of uplifting books, of all that is good.  Your ability to perceive your world and the people around you with greater depths is expanding – with more refined senses – this is a gift from Me.  You are allowing this change into your nervous system, which is now more alive, keenly sensitive, intensely aware.  Enjoy this new gift.  It is a foretaste of what will evolve in your future.  Let go of the fears – they don’t belong to you – you are in My care and protection, and it is about time you really believe in this.  I am with you, no matter what, for all the years to come – Life is meant to be full of good surprises for you.  Just stay in touch and dip into My treasure house of plenty.  Your life is meant to blossom with Peace, Joy, Delight, and the enthusiasm of creativity and loving relationships…  ~~*~~

This answer from God was written a few months ago.  The day after I received it, Joshua and I were in a state of harmony again, a state continuing to deepen ever since. I am praying for Peace, true heavenly Love and Harmony in the relationships of every soul on earth.

From the book “Answers from Above”  by Liliane Ritche



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