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A Message of Welcome to the Reader, from the True Author

Dear God, I forgot that you have a much better Message of Welcome for the readers.  Please, Tell us.

~  ~  ~  “ I am here with you now as you are reaching out for this book that will gently guide and encourage you. This book is about welcoming Me into your lives and My welcoming you into My vast awareness ~ listening to My voice.

Consciously or not, you yearn to know Me, the Great Unknown. ~  to feel My Presence deep within your heart ~ ~  to experience My qualities of Peace, inner stillness, balance and calm, strength, grace ~  ~  ~

In your life, you may have experienced golden moments of happiness.

Like most everyone, you are longing for this.~

Great Joy. ~

Empowerment as if on top of the world. ~

Deep gratitude. ~

These are the feelings you have when you are in tune with Me, or in inspired real prayer. Yet most of the time those moments seem so short lived and unreliable.

Know that I am with you, prompting your search for Me, sustaining you all along.  You are never alone.  Your soul quest is immensely precious to Me.  I watch intently over your every step, your every yearning and choice for a better outcome.  I am here for you, waiting for you to become aware of My presence and receive strength from Me.

I permeate every molecule, every breath of life, energy, substance and matter that fills all existence.  My true essence is what you need the most.

My Love creates and restores all life.  It will manifest in the joyful dance of your openness and expectation for the Best.

My radiant helpers and messengers are thrilled with your choice of investigating your potential as you are being receptive to My instructions and clear guidance appearing in the pages of this book.  These words are addressed to you personally.  They are messages from realms of infinite Light and Life.  This is where you can draw the strength and direction that allows you to enter the place of real happiness.

I am encouraging you to speak to Me directly.  To write your own letters to Me, pouring out your heart, expecting an answer.   When you hear the answer, know that you can accept it.  Open yourself to Me.  My answers will flow into your awareness before you have the presence of mind to object.  These will be my messages of eternal love and support for you.

Because the subtle content and feelings of My words can be elusive for you, quickly write them down on paper before you forget.   For you are receiving them only when you are in an altered state of mind, a state often difficult to maintain for long.  These messages will then be available to you to re-read clearly later on.

I am waiting to fill your life with the adventure of delightful growth and the passion of discovery.  Allow my energy of love to continue flowing through you.  My Love is vast enough to sustain the universe.

Your life will harmonize with a new melody.  Your relationships with others will naturally inherit the power of transformation and change.  You will stand strong in the confidence that you are supported always in My Care – You will be at peace.  Things will fall into place for your best benefit.

My guidance is always near you, just a breath away.  You have received it many times before.  Only you thought it was your own idea, you didn’t appreciate it for what it was.  Now, if you wish, you can begin to pay conscious attention to it.  You only need to believe that it is there for you.

Make yourself still.  Breathe fully.  Quiet down the clamors of your cautious voices of reason.  See them for what they are – fear.  Let go of them. Relax.  All the inner resistances that come up can be brushed past.  Persevere, and again persevere.  Chose to look at your life from My higher, vaster perspective.  Know that I am eternally devoted to you, more than you will ever realize.  I am here, giving you life and all what you need for your growth and expansion.

The heavenly realms of guides and helpers are rejoicing with your willingness to reach out to Me and believe in Me.  My voice is tailored to your every need and mood at every moment.  My blessings and guidance are always with you on your lifelong journey.

My true Being is:

*     *     *

* *   the blissful, eternal, infinite creative power of wisdom and loving kindness   * *

beyond comprehension. . .

*     *     *

From the book “Answers from Above” by Liliane Ritche



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A not–so–young man and woman were sitting on the porch of the hotel catching a little breeze. The woman turned to the man and said, “It’s really something – you look exactly like my third husband.”

The gentleman asked her, “How many times have you been married?”

She replied, “Only twice so far!”