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A Personal Message To You

Sometimes wondrous experiences of heightened awareness can dawn on us, unexpectedly gracing our lives, awakening a certain depth of feelings that melts the heart, comforts, heals, and opens our eyes to a deeper, blessed Reality.

A holy woman, our dear friend, Freyda Milka, came to visit us. She is the widow of the awesome, renowned saintly Master known as the Ribnitzer Rebbe from Moldavia, Russia. As a woman of unconditional love, she blessed me with guidance in all ways, placing special emphasis on my success in the completion and publication of the book you are now holding in your hands.

On the day after her visit, before the holyday of Purim, I was alone in my garden bordering the forest in Ramot Bet, Jerusalem. As I was sitting quietly I became increasingly overwhelmed in deep wonder. My eyes opened to the springtime magnificence of all that was surrounding me. Tears of joy were flowing as I merged in oneness with the mystery, the splendor and grace that fills all Creation. The trees were lifting their branches toward the heavens, bursting with fragrant blossoms and exquisite new foliage. At my feet myriads of tiny flowers were turning their gaze toward the light. New grass was undulating in waves of luminescent green under the soft breeze and my soul was actually caressed by those sparkling, gentle waves. The majestic cloud formations sailing over head felt like the presence of powerful forces moving across our skies with clear, masterful intent to protect us. Sunlight was shining behind the clouds and setting them ablaze with intense, fiery brilliance.

As I glimpsed at this brilliance, I sensed for a timeless moment some of the staggering eternal Light of the Supreme One always there with us, supporting the entire Universe. It was penetrating, infusing my very essence, purifying, cleansing, and healing. From my very depths I prayed to always stay connected to this Light and to be a worthy vessel of this breathtaking splendor, this awesome life-giving Light from the Master of Creation.

I also prayed that this book you are now holding may comfort, inspire and strengthen you – that you may be blessed with serenity and joy, with a sense of confidence, rightness and trust – realizing that, in the glorious Higher Realms of life where all is known in every detail, you are being cherished, valued, honored, and supported throughout the many challenges and confusions of your life here.

May all of us discover and know why we are here. May we understand that we are being prepared, refined, trained and perfected, each in our own unique way, in order to receive the joy of ever deepening love, higher awareness, awe and peace and ascend to greater heights through time and eternity.

See the chapter titled: ”A Mighty Spirit of Strength, the





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How do you know which part of the service the congregation has reached? It’s very simple – if one third of the congregation is outside then they are davening (praying); if half the congregation is outside then they’re reading the Torah (Bible). Ah, but if everyone is outside then the Rabbi must be giving a speech!