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Accessing Blissful Love


Perhaps there are many questions that may have come to your mind when you are going through a crisis, or standing at a crossroad, or simply being in your average day to day humdrum state of awareness, such as:


“Why am I here? Why all the confusion? How can I communicate with God? Why the suffering?”


Sages and saintly mentors have always reminded us that the deepest, most refined, most sacred inner part of us, the part we call our soul, has its unique divine origin. It was created from the Infinite One, the Source of all Life, Light, Loving- kindness and Mystery called the Creator. They taught us that our soul is that essential part of ourselves which ever seeks the Presence of the Divine. It experiences blissful, everlasting Love. It can connect us with glorious beauty, truth, oneness, rapture, exultation and creative power. It seeks to infuse us with ever deepening wisdom.


Our soul is our true identity. It is the channel that encourages us to awaken and remember who we are truly connected with. Our soul patiently waits for us and calls us always from behind the scenes.




There may have been moments in your life when you were able to attune your mind and heart with your soul. In those blessed flashes of perception, you could begin to behold the great ocean of unknown power, of Love and infinite potentiality manifesting as Life and Beauty. This power has been called by many different names, such as the Infinite One, The Almighty, the All-Merciful One and many others.


In the course of thousands of years, holy men and women, sages, mystics and prophets, have been blessed to experience the Eternal Creator as a Being of eternal love, grace, power, kindness, truth… mystery… It is our destiny and highest calling to perceive and feel this eternal Presence always there for us, aware of each of us, listening to us, guiding us with every opportunity we give it to communicate with us. We truly can choose to listen and to interact in trust with this Being of absolute intelligence and perfection. We can begin to sense this staggeringly awesome Power sustaining and aware of every soul, every conscious being and all the myriads of extraordinary, powerful beings of Light infusing the cosmic dimensions of the worlds around us.


Our sages and mystics wondered: “Why were we created?” “What is our purpose?” They probed again and again in the profound depths of their meditation, seeking to understand the reason and intent for the creation of mankind and of the Universe. And their answer came shining forth:


“The Eternal, all powerful Supreme One desired to share blissful Love with us, with all created beings.”

In other words our Creator wanted to have children to love! We can understand this, for we know the immense joy that comes with holding our newborn infant in our arms. We know the delight of lovingly interacting with our children, watching them grow as they are figuring out how to handle their situations with ingenuity and passionate involvement.


We are created in God’s image. Our Creator created us with free will to be ultimately embraced in blissful love, as well as returning this love in a magnificent flow of giving and receiving! Our Creator eagerly supports and sustains each of us through our many experiences here and beyond, until we learn to give and receive love in ever increasing joy! We can choose to do this in our daily affairs with the people around us.


We can let go of self criticism as well as the criticism of others. We can forget about blame, guilt and regret in our life situations and those of others. We can choose to make our days beautiful with our attention centered on gratefulness and love for others and especially for God. We can do this through our unique privilege of free will. We can begin anew at every turn. Step by step we learn.


Our doorway to understanding and experiencing the reason of our existence in this world is through loving, caring and supporting others, as well as ourselves. Have you noticed that the moment you begin to really appreciate and truly love someone, your life become enhanced with joy and aliveness? Suddenly you realize this is the most wonderful thing that can happen to you.


Giving and receiving blissful Love heals you. It connects you with the heart of the Universe, with all Creation and with our Creator.


For many of us human beings, giving and receiving blissful love is not at all easy. From infancy, most of us are deeply traumatized in some ways with our experiences and incidents of hurt and rejection, lack of personal attention and respect, and sometimes much worse. This happens because we live in this world of ignorance and pain. How can we learn to trust enough and open our hearts?


One way to learn is through simply remembering that there is a loving Presence that created us, that created our beautiful planet and solar system. This Presence gives life and sustains us at every moment, so that we may express ourselves in our thoughts, feeling and actions. You can choose to communicate and pour out your heart to this compassionate Being, as to a best friend or mentor.


There is also another formula that can lift you into an altered state of awareness:


You can write letters to God!In direct simple words. You can share all of your cares, yearnings, dreams, and all the personal inner secrets that you even forgot about. Eventually, when the connection is well under way, you can listen to the answers that will flow spontaneously into your awareness. Conversing with God will open your awareness by leaps and bounds. The answers may surprise you. They come with a sense of peace and inner confidence, a sense of being treasured, listened to and honored. And much more~


You may want to convey these answers into words and choose to communicate them to others. Or you may write them down on paper. In this way, you know these healing messages are on record, like valuable jewels that cannot be misplaced or forgotten. You will find them again and receive their benefit any time you read them. This method is powerful. It reveals some of your infinite resources.


I heard many personal testimonies of people who have benefitted immensely through this




reassuring, compassionate, clear and strengthening inner counseling. It answers one’s questions and gives innovative suggestions with practical steps for every situation at hand. These messages come with a Love that warms and heals the heart. In awed gratitude tears are often flowing forth, cleansing and restoring one’s whole being.


More than we know, average people are blessed to experience the Presence of God in similar ways. And the great saintly people and masters of loving kindness have exemplified this most poignantly through time.


Blissful Love is our essential nature. We yearn for it. Our love for God and for others brings us health, well being, growth. It expands our understanding. It dissolves jealousy, fears, resentments and hatred. Blissful Love enlightens our vision and creative intuition. It brings healing comfort with heart wisdom. Choosing to love fosters harmonious relationships and lasting friendships with fulfillment, peace, loving care and all good. We feel blessed ~


We are created with the faculty to connect with intuitive wisdom and love. We can realize that indeed every life stream, every force field of energy in existence was created through the blissful Love of our infinite Creator. We can know, it is the force of this blissful Love that maintains the existence of the Universe. We can invite this blissful force to consciously reside in our own heart.


Consistently choosing to place all your attention on loving thoughts can change your life in amazing ways. Give it a try for a week. You will see astonishing results!

from the book: Masters and Miracles – By Liliane Ritchie




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The Ropshitzer Rebbe returned home after giving his sermon in the synagogue. His wife asked him, “How was the sermon?” He answered, “I had a fifty percent success. I taught the importance of the rich giving charity to the poor, and I was able to convince the poor to be willing to receive it.”