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What is Prayer?

Beloved Master of Life, You are our sustainer through prayer.  What is this mysterious power?  How can it be so powerful for many people? When people sincerely pray from the depths of their soul, I envelop their being with warmth and wonder like melodies.  They find themselves immersed, engaged.  They might think that it is […] Continue reading

I Created You to be Blissful

Master of Creation, You are showering me with Blessings, as many as I allow myself to receive!  So much sweetness and comfort is warming my heart as I am getting in touch with Your Truths and Teachings.  I am finally paying attention to You for a few moments. I long for you to receive.  I […] Continue reading

Home Central Station

Our home has officiated as the center for many different courses on psychological counseling for the past eight years.  This has been very rewarding for both of us.  Students have been inspired in many ways to grow in self discovery, and have become skilled in helping many others on their own journeys of growth.  It […] Continue reading

The Gifts Received with Getting Older

Dearest Most Beloved Creator, Master of Life and all Good, tending to all the needs of your children. What can I do to surmount my sense of limitation due to fatigue?  Lately my body is affected by many things, with a sense of increasing vulnerability.  Not pleasant.  I try to ignore it.  I know this […] Continue reading

The Awful Modern Dance

A good friend invited me to attend a “Modern Dance” performance at the theater.  I love dancing, so I hoped to find something inspiring that night.  As a rule, I am very careful not to watch anything degrading or negative.  But in order to honor my friend, I took a chance and eagerly sat down […] Continue reading

Transforming Darkness into Light

Dear Beloved One, Master of Creation Most of my life I have been keenly aware of mankind’s suffering.  Aware of the reports in the history books, filled with gruesome stories of wars, oppression, cruelties and calamities of all kinds.  And I see so much stress and anger still written on so many people’s faces.  I […] Continue reading

Becoming a Beacon of Love

Dear Most Beloved One, I realize I will receive Your help according to how much love I can remember to send forward to You and to others. ~~*~~  You are blessed with your school in psychological counseling running at full speed right in your own home.   Continue giving Joshua total support in planning, directing, teaching […] Continue reading

Secrets Within Flowers – Answers from Above

Secrets Within Flowers Master of the Mystery of Creation, Flowers always put me in a state of wonder.  To me they symbolize the mystery of life – messages in secret code from Higher Angelic beings.  Flowers grace our world most everywhere.  Magnificent and graceful in their form, they waft their fragrances and glow with a […] Continue reading

Intimacy – Answers from Above

Intimacy I am hearing one painful tale after another about the suffering people experience in their closest relationships.  There is much hurt, illusions, abuse, confusion, and fears associated with what was meant as a God given gift.  The divine life force that magnificently energizes us was meant to be also channeled in our physically intimate […] Continue reading

On The Dentist’s Chair – Answers from Above

   On The Dentist’s Chair This fearful infection appeared in my gums and jaw bones, manifesting itself as a painful throbbing, and sent me to the cover of my bedroom.  I need to overcome the fear. Seven extractions, seven implants, four root canals and a large bridge have made me rather familiar with the dentist’s […] Continue reading



Daily Torah Quote

Joke of the day

A not–so–young man and woman were sitting on the porch of the hotel catching a little breeze. The woman turned to the man and said, “It’s really something – you look exactly like my third husband.”

The gentleman asked her, “How many times have you been married?”

She replied, “Only twice so far!”