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Flaming Hebrew Letters Brought Her Soul Back

Sherry Levi shifted gears as she headed up the windy highway towards Jerusalem. This was a familiar road, flanked by pine tree hills and as usual typical with the anxious people driving to get to work. Today you could tell something was different. As she slowed with the traffic she finally caught sight of the […] Continue reading

The Brisker Rav’s Amazing Escape

The following incident has been recorded from a few sources and is well known. In 1940 in Poland lived a holy sage known as the “Brisker Rav” from the city of Brisk. The Nazis were rounding up every Jewish person they could hunt down and sending them to the concentration camps. The only way out, […] Continue reading

Won’t Blow Up

Avi was busy writing tickets. There was never a shortage of drivers who had left their vehicles as easy targets. On the sidewalk, off the sidewalk. This was Israel. The job of a traffic policeman is never easy. At least his beard had him fit in with the religious neighborhood of Geula which was densely […] Continue reading

It Happened To Be So

Sara woke up early one morning and happened to look out of the window of her Mea-Shearim apartment. In the dim light of dawn, she saw a man throwing a large black plastic bag in a trash bin across the street. Nothing unusual about that – but her intuition signaled something urgent to her about […] Continue reading

From Realms of Infinite Joy

Perhaps the best way to open ourselves to true joy is to learn from the example of those rare people who have mastered the secret of real joy, who are living in it and communicating it. If you are fortunate enough to draw close to them, ask them for their secret. Some of them will […] Continue reading

A Mighty Spirit of Strength The Ribnitzer Rebbe

No KGB agent dared to arrest him A few years ago, it was our privilege to become close to a great and heroic soul, a mighty spirit of strength called the Ribnitzer Rebbe, from the city of Ribnitz in Moldavia. His life story could fill many volumes. He lived during the dark times of Stalin’s […] Continue reading

A Personal Message To You

Sometimes wondrous experiences of heightened awareness can dawn on us, unexpectedly gracing our lives, awakening a certain depth of feelings that melts the heart, comforts, heals, and opens our eyes to a deeper, blessed Reality. A holy woman, our dear friend, Freyda Milka, came to visit us. She is the widow of the awesome, renowned […] Continue reading

Mezuzah Reader

What is the mezuzah? What is this little box in various forms hanging over our doorposts and gates that every so often people reach out for and touch before entering? What is this mysterious powerful energy of blessings, known to manifest through the mezuzah in every aspect of our life, in our health, our mind […] Continue reading

Sacred, blessed words

You may ask: “How do we invite encounters with the Presence of God into our life?   Is there a way we can hold on to these experiences? How can we retain some of that ineffable peace, that strength and joy that countless people have been blessed with?”   In our times, many are tempted […] Continue reading

Being a Light Unto the Nations

Perhaps the most magnificent basic quality of most Jewish people is the urge and eagerness to help one another in some way with practical gestures of kindness, using all their available intelligence, skills, talents and ingenuity to make life easier, more purposeful and aware for others. Consciously or not, this is their beautiful way of […] Continue reading



Daily Torah Quote

Joke of the day

Once there was an old man who was on his deathbed. He turned to his five children and said, “Please, before I die, run to Mama and bring me one last piece of her delicious cake.”

The five children ran desperately to fulfill their dying father’s last wish. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to him, they returned with the news: “Sorry, Dad, but Mama said she’s saving the cake for after the funeral.”