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Answers from Above

We human beings can have access to vast spiritual reserves yet undiscovered. They are here to strengthen us and guide us on every level. Most often, this Inner Guidance comes when we yearn for it and when our heart is filled with trust, gratefulness and joy. This Inner Voice has its own unique quality. It […] Continue reading

Masters and Miracles

Love’s Higher Vision on Relationships   Higher inspiration comes through  many different channels. For some, it comes most powerfully through the Masters of loving kindness that have graced our world with their presence  of immense compassion. When we connect in our heart with great  Masters,  they find a way to reach  out to us and  […] Continue reading

The Torah Jew as Certified Life Coach

The Torah Jew as Certified Life Coach  – There is no such thing as an unimportant person. Each of us is infinitely valuable. Still, it dis human nature to want recognition and dstatus. We look for the best. We gravitate toward the expert — someone who has received good training and has credentials that we […] Continue reading

A Gift of Love 8

Chapter 8:          Help Will Come Through “The Lady of Light”   Hand in hand, Jesse and Daniel are wandering further through open golden fields. They are picking ripe fruits from the trees and feasting on their exquisite taste. Gentle forest animals are trustingly approaching, watching them curiously. Flocks of birds are flying by, their […] Continue reading

A Gift of Love 7

Chapter 7                              Visitation of a Star   Sitting on fragrant, green meadows, the children are chatting happily together like the best of friends can.  Jesse’s attention is now becoming drawn toward something in the sky above. He looks, and thinks, and looks again.   “Daniel,” he says at last, “I have been wondering about those […] Continue reading

What makes you happy

What does it mean to be happy with what you are doing? Everyone says “I’m happy with what I’m doing.” What does ‘happy’ mean? Happy means: If you would be willing to be born, and hang around this world for 80 years just for this one thing, without ever doing anything else again after that […] Continue reading

Jewish Coaching

Life Coaching Inspired by Gedolei Yisroel “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the essence of coaching and is Refuah’s motto. The Torah approach to healthy relationships is based on developing a warm, sincere and caring attitude, employing Torah values of compassion, loving-kindness, empathy, respect, and positive regard for every Jew. The Refuah Institute was founded […] Continue reading

How you can help spread Torah on Facebook with one click!

You can help spread Torah on Facebook Without having to do any work or spend any money!!! This service will post uplifting teachings through your Facebook account on the walls of all of your friends automatically. Sign up to get teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev click here Sign up to get teachings of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach click here   […] Continue reading

Thirteen Steps

13 Steps to Harmonious Relationships 1.  Be Understanding  Understand with empathy. Listen attentively, with compassion. Ask clarifying and open-ended questions to fully understand and to show your interest. Communicate your understanding with “active listening” and by responding in a non-critical and non-defensive way. 2.  Be Respectful   Honor each person by showing positive regard and respect.  […] Continue reading



Daily Torah Quote

Joke of the day

Once there was an old man who was on his deathbed. He turned to his five children and said, “Please, before I die, run to Mama and bring me one last piece of her delicious cake.”

The five children ran desperately to fulfill their dying father’s last wish. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to him, they returned with the news: “Sorry, Dad, but Mama said she’s saving the cake for after the funeral.”