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Chapter 1 – Mysterious Encounters


Mysterious Encounters


Jesse lived with his Mom and Dad in a wooden chalet perched over the slopes of green meadows. His small village was nestled at the foot of the majestic mountains of the French Alps. Jesse loved these high peaks crested with brilliant snow. He loved exploring the woods and fields surrounding his home.



He wasn’t afraid of being on his own. From his bedroom window, he could watch the ever changing colors of the crystal clear lake beyond the meadows.

There was one special place Jesse visited often, where he would sit in deep quiet and where he would be dreaming. This place was near the lake, under his friendly tree ~  ~

There he would bask in the warmth of the sun ~ with breezes caressing his face ~ clouds sailing by like silent ships bound for unknown lands ~ birds calling each other ~ the deep blue of the sky ~ sunlight playing in the clouds and glittering over the waters ~ the whisper of the waves washing over the shore ~ the tranquil majesty and mystery of it all ~ peace ~

Mysterious Encounters

Jesse was in awe ~


One day, as Jesse was absorbed in one of these magical moments of deep quiet, watching the dancing of light on the waves, something unusual appeared among those brilliant sparks of sunlight. Yes, there…a face!  So beautiful. . .

Jesse did not move.  He sat still and watched. Her eyes looked deeply into his for some time. And then. . . in a flash she vanished.

Jesse wondered about this for a long time. He could not forget the way that mysterious being had looked at him. Just thinking about it gave him such a warm feeling inside.  He longed to know more but he was unable to talk with anyone about it.




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A few weeks later, he saw her again in the forest.  Her form was gliding in the mist.  Jesse ran up to her, but when he got there, he found nothing.


All he could hear was the breeze blowing in the top most branches of the trees – whooshshsh…


One morning Jesse awoke to find the whole countryside covered with a dazzling blanket of snow crystals. Winter had come bringing the first snow. Jesse went to explore the transformation of his familiar world.


Walking through the snowy fields sparkling in the sunlight, that special feeling of deep peace enveloped him again. The remembrance of that beautiful face hovered over his mind.


“Will I ever see her again? There was something in her eyes… she wanted to say something to me. I know she wanted to.”


A great stillness hung in the air.


Jesse was admiring the exquisite crystal frost on a fallen leaf, as if diamonds had been scattered all over it.  Then he became aware of someone’s presence.  Slowly he looked up.


There she stood!  ~  ~  ~


Between flashes of rainbow light, her face appeared. Great kindness emanated from her. Jesse just stood there, gaping at this marvelous being. He couldn’t speak. She just smiled as she approached. In a gentle clear tone she spoke:


“Jesse, precious little one, I wish to offer you a gift, a gift of Love.”


She lifted her hand. There was something sparkling between her fingers.


“Here is the key of Trust that will open the door to your true home, the Kingdom of the Worlds of Light.”


Jesse slowly stretched out his hand to receive the key. It was shimmering like crystal.

Lovingly she continued:


“You will need to seek the door. Be strong and courageous, for you will walk through the tunnel of darkness. Trust in the loving protection of the Awesome One who created the Heavens and the Earth.”






Once again she looked deep into his eyes. Then gradually, her form seemed to blend into the luminous whiteness of the snow until Jesse could not see her anymore.


Jesse just stood there, holding the key, pondering over this extraordinary encounter. “I am going to show it to Mommy,” he decided. He turned around and ran all the way to his house. But when he got there the key had mysteriously vanished from his hand.


That evening, as Jesse nestled close to his mother near the warmth of the fireplace, he shared his secret about the wonderful Lady of Light.     Mother looked at him and laughed.


“Well, Jesse, you have got quite an imagination!”

“But Mommy, she is real!”  protested Jesse.  “It is not like make-believe. I know for sure.”

“How do you know she was real?” Mother asked.

“Because . . . I just know … she was so very … beautiful . . . and when she looked at me, it made me feel so . . . good . . . and so very happy . . . I saw her three times.”

Mother thought for a while and finally said.

“Jesse you are a dreamer. But you will grow out of it. Why don’t you spend more time playing with your friends?  It will be good for you. Meanwhile, come and help me set the table for dinner, will you please?”

“But Mommy. . .” continued Jesse, following her into the kitchen.

Mother quickly busied herself with housework. Obviously she did not want to hear anything more about this.








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