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Chapter 10 – Awesome Revelations

Chapter 10                            Awesome Revelations

Again Jesse is overwhelmed by her presence.  Her radiance envelops him, a radiance of blissful love, blissful peace.  Her face is beaming as she speaks:


“Jesse, beloved child, your visit here brings us great joy!  We have always been watching over you.  You ascended the steps, alone, in the fearful darkness. Your yearning to find the Worlds of Light was so deep. We are thrilled with your faith, your courage and perseverance.


Throughout your enchanting travels and adventures, you remembered your parents and wanted to share your joy with them.

Ever so often you were looking upward, wondering about the Great Secret. You yearned to go even higher, and you inspired all your friends to come along.”


She opens her arms toward him and draws him close until he finds himself under her veil, his head resting on her shoulder.  Time stands still ~ * ~ he feels so peaceful, so happy ~ * ~ as if melting into a warm soft cloud of stardust  ~  ~   ~


     The radiant angels standing at a distance are now gliding closer, celebrating the arrival of the children with a symphony of soul-stirring melodies.  The companions are enraptured, feeling embraced in complete harmony.


Now the Lady of Light announces:

“Beloved children, your deep wish is being answered!  We can now reveal to you some of the Great Purpose of all Creation, the Great Plan behind the Mystery.”




DSC_0071 copy



At these words the mist of glowing pink light above them draws aside like a veil, revealing the stupendous sight of a myriad stars and suns endowed with immense, magnetic fiery Light. Small planets are spinning around them in a graceful whirling dance . . .


And now, above this, the children can feel

the awesome Presence of the Infinite Mysterious One ~ ~ ~

blissfully infusing the staggering power of fire and light into these brilliant suns ~ ~

with glorious angels assigned to take charge of them and to direct their course ~ ~

   all this through oceans of space and time ~ ~

all this in masterful balance, precision and exuberant force ~ ~

The Awesome Presence is aware of all ~ ~.

In Great Love ~ forever ~ ~ ~





messenger of light- cropped





Now the companions can also see in the distance, a sapphire blue planet wrapped in white veils.  They are curious, they can sense this small sphere is special, precious and unique. Suddenly they realize: “Oh! Look! This is our world!  This is where we live!”


Ringing sounds and ecstatic voices are heard, singing and echoing from one end of the heavens to another.  Their melodies are merging and soaring together, becoming a grand symphony.  The heavens are vibrating and trembling.

Kotel- higher resolution

A majestic glow of resplendent Light appears. It is expanding mightily, illuminating the immensities of the heavens with brilliance. Now it is emanating glorious waves of Light across the skies, reaching down toward the companions.


The children feel the touch of these waves like a warm embrace from the Supreme One ~ ~ * ~ ~ they are enveloped in the Awesome Power of that Love ~ ~

Now the children know that the eternal One is really a most caring Father and Mother, always watching over His children with great care ~ ~

He knows their feelings, their pains and their joys ~ ~

He comforts them, rejoices with them, provides for them, encourages them to grow strong, to learn, to choose better and better,…

to overcome their fears ~ ~ ~

to give ~ ~ and to receive ~ ~  ~ in joy ~ ~ ~ *

~ ~ The Awesome One is calling them to look up, to search, to awaken, so as to fill their heart

with Love and new understanding ~ ~ * And at the end of their lives on Earth

He is eagerly welcoming them Home ~ ~ *

~ ~ to comfort them ~ ~ * revive them ~ ~

heal them ~ renew them ~ ~ bless them with new Life ~ ~

with Light and Bliss ~ ~ ~






Waves upon waves of joy sweep over the children. It is almost too much for them to bear.


But the Lady of Light and her companions are there, watching over them.


She opens her arms. Her face is radiant.


“Beloved children, we seek to reach out and to communicate with the people on Earth. Now watch closer and see.”


Suddenly Jesse, Daniel, Miriam and their companions realize something even more awesome. Now they can see that the extraordinary brilliance from the majestic waves of Light spreading across the heavens is filled with great assemblies of glorious angels and beautiful souls, standing together in the distance! The companions can feel their mighty power and their keen attention toward them.


These shining beings want to communicate with them. However they know that their Awesome Light is too overwhelming for the children to face.




So from their midst a mysterious Emissary comes forward, sailing toward the children, drawing close. His brilliant presence is enveloped in majestic, flaming light. His glorious radiance is as much as the children can take.


The companions can now hear his vibrant voice.

“Beloved children ~ ~ ~ I am known as Uriel ~ ~ How good it is to be with you! ~ ~

The Supreme Master of Creation wants to reveal more wondrous secrets to you.

DSC_0113 circle of people- bottom

He is always here with you and everywhere to protect and renew life on Earth. He  chooses to do this through the help of myriads of powerful Angels and radiant souls.  We have been sent to support and encourage all of you. We are here with you, especially during your many days of learning and growing while you are living on Earth ~


The Awesome Supreme One is aware of everything. He created you and your world and many other worlds Above and below. He wants to fill them with Love, with Joy, with Life and Bliss. He created multitudes of souls so that they may learn to grow strong, to expand their understanding, to become masterful, to give and to receive in Love and Bliss.


Dear children, please remember. No matter what happens ~    you are never alone ~ ~

We want to reveal to you how you can receive the great Love and happiness from the Higher Worlds Above.”


The companions are in awe. They can hear much more than the words ~ They can feel and know the meaning of what is being said to them ~ ~ ~


Uriel continues:

“When you decide to believe in this great Love from Above, you begin to dream about it and rejoice with it. You remember it and you open your heart to receive it. Then we come in to fill you with joy, with a certain knowing and trust and confidence. Then this joy and knowing is gently glowing from you. People are attracted to you. They also want to know your secret. They yearn for this love. When you show them real friendship and caring, they will eagerly respond.


This opens the way for us to rush in with special gifts from Above. Suddenly joy and laughter sparkles on people’s faces, with a great feeling of togetherness. Their hurts and fears have disappeared.


This happy transformation often happens with the many exceptional people in your world who care for others and want to help as much as they can ~ ~ ~ We feel so privileged to work together with you all as a team, even though you are not aware of us. We stand up for you. We renew your courage and strength.


We also pay special loving attention to every child.  We see your tears. We know your fears. We look for opportunities to comfort you, to protect and guide you, to make your life easier and filled with renewed fun.

Uriel’s voice is now more serious and intent.

“Allow me now to show you a most important secret concerning your world:”


At these words, a strange, new experience unfolds for the children. All around them, it is becoming dark. A frightening cold darkness. They just know they are now standing on planet Earth, but they cannot see through this dark, murky fog.


Now they hear voices shouting in anger, bitter arguments, hatred. They can also feel the anguish, the stress and confusion in the minds of countless innocent, gentle people. They can feel their sense of helplessness as they are facing arrogant, cruel power hungry leaders. Now the companions become aware of multitudes of people who are listening to loathsome news, terrified with the sinister threats of war, whole cities destroyed, people starving, genocide… More voices are screaming in panic, madness, suffering and despair.


This is all much too much for the children to bear. “Help us!” they cry out.

Immediately they hear Uriel’s voice: “Look up, look higher, look beyond!”


The children lift up their eyes. There, in the far distance, they see emanations of Light scintillating amid the surrounding darkness. Quickly the companions are soaring toward them. Here are magnificent waves in sparkling rainbow colors descending down! The companions approach closer. They hear the sounds of melodies.



Now they see many young people joining together in eager friendship, holding hands in a large circle, singing and laughing together. Their dancing steps are creating fireworks under their feet!


What a merciful relief! The companions are joining them and they are happily welcomed. All their fear of the darkness is lifted away, even though it is still very dark all around them.


Uriel’s voice is heard: “There are moments, precious moments we treasure. We rejoice when the people on Earth get together to share their joy with each other, to love and support and comfort each other.


We rejoice especially when they do their best to connect with the Supreme life-giving Almighty Power. This allows us to envelop them with Light. Soon they feel comforted ~ at peace ~ Their thoughts are flying high ~ At times they can even taste some of the sweetness of our Worlds of Light and Bliss ~ ~


Uriel speaks again:

“Would you like to see what happens when people are paying attention and lifting their eyes and heart toward the Almighty One?”


Now amazing spheres of colorful pulsating light are appearing, moving toward the companions and getting closer. The children can peer inside them. They can see different gatherings of people young and old, who are joined together in loving companionship, happy to be together. Standing with them are kindly, beloved and revered teachers, whose words of wisdom are bringing joy, good feelings, confidence and strength, with laughter and ease, with high hopes and new visions.


Gradually a powerful radiance of Light is spreading forth. It is dissolving the cold darkness that covers the earth. It envelops the beautiful spheres, filling them with marvelous energy and vibrant colors. It is expanding them. The children are thrilled.


Uriel reappears in glorious flaming Light and speaks:

DSC_0132 copy

“We come rushing in, for this Light opens the way and allows us to intervene on Earth.


Beloved children, do you realize the power that you receive when you get together in love and prayer?


When you open your heart to the love and kindness that is radiating from Heaven, you connect with the secret Bliss that supports all Life.


As we are watching you from heaven, we see marvelous energies of beauty and strength that come down and surround you in bursting glowing colors, with expanding, flowing patterns of light, like giant flowers.


These radiant energies remain there, even long after you have returned to your everyday concerns and worries. They are waiting to welcome you back to fill you with joy and strength again.”



Uriel speaks: “Precious children, here is another most wonderful, powerful, eternal secret with to share with you”


“A powerful secret? Please tell us.”


“Have you ever wanted to know why you were created? Why myriads of souls have been created? Why all the many angelic messengers of Light, all the glorious ministers of the Supreme One have been created? And where are we all going?”


“Please tell us!”


Here is your eternal wonderful purpose:

The Awesome One created all of us to live in Joy ~ ~ to receive His Love and to return His Love ~ ~ ~ giving and receiving ~ ~  giving and receiving ~ sharing it with many others ~ ~ ~ our bliss will ever expand ~ ~ ~

The Supreme One also created all of us because He desires to share with us the thrill of being creative with Him ~ ~ ~ We have free choice! ~ ~ ~

We can choose beautiful dreams, we can plan new projects, we can work on them and make them happen on Earth as in Heaven. And we can offer it all to Him with Joy.


We are all so lucky. We can build with Him. We can forever rejoice in fulfilling His sublime Universal Master Plan.

Myriads of the great and powerful ones among us are receiving the knowledge and the skill to bring His beauty, harmony, balance and Light into Creation. We can magnetize and bring together countless stars and suns and worlds in order to create the galaxies!



And here on Earth many of us are assigned to guide the winds and the forces of nature. We keep your beautiful planet sailing through space smoothly. We are here to call every tree, every blade of grass to grow, every flower to bloom and every fruit to ripen.


Best of all, we rejoice when we can help the people on Earth during their high and low moments of their difficult learning process. We can inspire them, strengthen and guide them. We do this best when they open up and listen to the still, small voice inside them. When they lovingly offer everything they do to the Almighty One they feel happier, more and more safe and confident.


Beloved children, everyone on Earth is invited to participate! You can help build a better world for everyone, each in your own unique way. We will accompany you all along. We will help you to figure out your lessons, your games and your puzzles and how to deal with your school, teachers and classmates.”


Here I must tell you something: when we come down to Earth and look at the way of life there, we are in shock! Earth looks to us like a battlefield, a place of general insanity! People do the most strange, inexplicable things there. They argue and fight and hurt each other over silly reasons! They are even following arrogant, hateful tyrannical leaders who are training them to hate and to go to war and kill many others for them! What for?

Fortunately, we are here to protect many people from the dark forces of fear and hatred, violence and despair.


The children have a question to ask:

“Why can’t you protect all the good people, every day?”

Uriel is quick to answer:


“Yes! This is our deepest wish. But we urgently need the help from the people on Earth. We receive this help when you connect with the Great power of Love from on High. It sustains all Creation. It gives Life. This awesome Power will manifest miracles when enough people on Earth are yearning for real peace and prosperity for all people on Earth. It depends on them. Their Love empowers us. We are building and co-creating a better world with all of you through your prayers. This is our great joy and passionate desire.


You are truly privileged. You all can bring in wonderful changes in your life and in the world when you listen in your heart for the persistent, gentle voice of guidance from the Supreme One.”


“But Uriel, how do we know this voice?”


“This voice is coming from your own knowing deep inside. You know what is fair and what is unfair. You know what is good and what is mean. And when someone is hurting and crying, you want to help as best you can. You can tell what is true and what is a lie. You want to know and to tell the truth always. You want to stand up for yourself, grow strong and you want to show others how to do that in spite of the fears.

Your knowing will urge you to stay away from foolishness and danger, and this can save your life many times over. It shows you how to resist evil and be steadfast in your good decisions and good choices.

“But how can we hear this voice of guidance?”

“You can hear it especially when you are filled with joy. It comes to you when you are feeling quiet, and peaceful. It comes to you when you listen to songs and melodies that make you feel warm inside. It comes to you when you are least expecting it. It comes to you when you are being encouraging to others with kindness and care, when you listen to them and want to truly comfort them. It also comes to you when there is danger, and it warms you and guides you.


“Remember, it is prayers to God from the heart of many that call us into action. For instance, in times of attacks and threats of wars, we secretly come dashing in for the rescue, with special plans from the Supreme One. We make new things happen that utterly confuse the enemy. At the right precise time and place, we manifest special events that change evil plans.


“When arrogant people in control have murder in their heart, we send ideas into their minds. Then they make mistakes and the kind of wrong decisions that turn everything upside down for them. This throws them into a panic. Suddenly all their power is falling apart, all their weapons are of no use.


“Please know that the Supreme One is delegating forth great assemblies of holy beings to prevent enormous suffering for whole nations for millions of people. They break through the walls created from all the sadness and darkness, the greed, the jealousies and cruelties that are happening on Earth.


“Most of the time, people are not aware of the awesome miracles that save their lives countless times. If they knew, they would be dancing for joy in the streets like on a day of great celebrations after a war, with a national victory!


“We know that many of you are sometimes wondering:

How can I really pray?

Who is this Almighty, Supreme One? I have no idea how to connect with him.


“Still we can help you. This happens very simply: Just be kind and respectful to others, and show them integrity and love. This also opens the way for us to intervene in your lives with many kinds of happy events and lasting blessings from the Supreme One so as to inspire you with the Highest and the Best.



There is now great tenderness in Uriel’s voice as he continues:

“Precious children, please remember that we are staying very close to you and to all people on Earth, especially when you are going through hard times. We see your many very confusing, dark days, with hurts and disappointments. We seek to help you and wait for your prayers to the Supreme One. But now I have a most important secret to share with you”

“A secret?”


“This secret is there to fill your life on Earth with the magic that brings strength and happiness.”

“With magic? On Earth?”


“Listen carefully now. Do you remember how you felt during the cold, cloudy, rainy days in the winter with those endless storm winds? How you were yearning to see the sun appear again? And then, suddenly, the sun did burst forth in glorious light! You were so happy you wanted to run outside and skip and dance and enjoy everything looking so bright and shiny!


~ So it is for you when you can feel and remember the immense power of Love from the Awesome One. It is radiating from Him like the brilliant Light of the sun


Trust in it. It will make you strong and happy.


It is so good to remember this Love. It is so good to send it back to Him. Continue sending your Love to Him, with all your heart. You have opened the way for us to come in and bring you more joy, with the magic and confidence you need.


This happens without effort. You don’t need to make it happen or push anything, just like you don’t need to push the sun upward into the sky at every sunrise. You will have new inspiration coming to you, with unique creative ideas that bring you happy events that are good for everybody. You will feel safe, joyful, and loving toward others.


When you have this confidence you don’t get upset so much when you see some other people who are acting confused, frightened or mean or crazy. You know how to calm them down, or to inspire them with a better way and other ideas. You know how lonely and scared they feel. You know how much they have been hurting inside for so long. You know how to comfort them, when they are willing.”



“And here is another secret: Have you ever been curious and wanting to find out what happens during your sleep at night? How is it that when you wake up in the morning, you feel strong again, calm and energized? How is it that often the answer you had been searching for before is now shining forth in your mind? Can you guess this has something to do with the love and healing power from Above, always there for you?


There are some people we are also eagerly reaching out to. These are the people who really want to learn and understand the secrets of Life. They want to know why they are here and how they can help others. We find a way to shine deeper knowledge and wisdom into their minds. This kind of knowledge brings clarity, peace and healing into their lives. It opens many new gates for them.  Their lives are blessed.

Have you been wondering who is there behind the scenes, giving new ideas and solutions and inspiring all the amazing new inventions that are happening in your world? What about the fun and joy and new abundance you receive with all the cars and airplanes and technology, and scientific discoveries, and your wondrous communication systems? How did all this happen?


We are here channeling the wisdom from the Awesome One. We are working as a team with the creative people who are designing these projects, when their desire is to make life easier, more pleasant and successful for many millions of people. We share with their enthusiasm. We help them to build and manifest their ideas in your world. We hope and pray that these new creations will be used only to help and to serve. We are waiting to see only good outcomes.


We look forward to the times when all of you will also accomplish great things with your own hidden potential and talents, when you will express your very best in joy. You are going to climb higher and higher!


And oh! Yes! We pay special attention to some exceptional people: those who are taking care of many people who are sick and depressed and downtrodden. We honor and strengthen these beautiful caretakers. They are the valiant messengers of the loving kindness from Above. We bless them with renewed energy, with a glowing sense of purpose. We lift their souls higher and higher.


Uriel has a last message: “When your life on Earth comes to an end, the Awesome Master of the Universe has assigned many of us to guide you on your way Home, each in your own way. We are waiting for you with great compassion.


We carefully review with you every detail of your lives on Earth so that you may learn all you need to know from your experiences, from your choices and all what you have done and said and shared. Every moment is seen and vividly recorded as on a full spectrum DVD. You are also re-experiencing your life in all its emotions. Nothing can be hidden.

This takes deep soul work. For some people, facing all this can be quite scary, very intricate and painful. We help you along. The heavenly worlds are filled with friends, guides, coaches and counselors who can turn all your life’s experiences, good or bad, into a blessed learning process, if you are willing to learn.





When you are ready, we bathe you in purifying Light from Above. We envelop you in the warm, healing peace that melts away all your traumas and suffering. If you so desire, we prepare you for your next journeys into magnificent Worlds of Light where everything you see and do is filled with the blissful love of the Almighty One. These are places of beauty beyond what you can yet understand ~ realms of glorious adventures.


Your heavenly mentors and loving friends from Above have watched every moment you chose to be kind to others, every time you were valiant through hard times, every time you kept, trucking and persevering to do good deeds, no matter what. All these moments have been very much appreciated. Now that you look at them from your higher perspective, you can see that these moments have made you stronger. They have prepared you to realize and feel the immense power of loving kindness, the wisdom and everlasting support of the Supreme One.


You have absorbed these qualities into yourself. Now they are staying with you forever. You see how you have been helping to create a better world through Him. And you rejoice with all the heavenly company of your angelic friends.




Now the time has come for the flaming messenger to bid his farewell.

“Beloved ones, remember the secret of happiness. Remember the awesome Master Plan that the Almighty One has created for you ~ how wonderful it is ~ for every one ~ in a myriad ways ~ ~ ~”


With these last words the flaming messenger is sending warm and comforting waves of colors to the heart of the children. Soon he is gently retreating and gliding into the distance to join in with the awesome company of angels and masterful brilliant souls Above.







Now the Lady of Light appears. Her majestic form is exuding brilliant Light. She is enveloping the children with this magnificent radiance.

     Tenderly she speaks: “Precious children, remember, you are also assigned with a special mission on Earth.  You are here to help others to trust and to believe in the loving care and protection from the Worlds of Light. ~ ~ ~ *


Every time you reach out to others with this message, with your kindness and friendship, you create many happy times. Happiness is catchy. It shines from one to another. Then it flows forth.”


Her eyes look intently at each child. She smiles:



“The day will come when you will also enter these Higher Worlds we live in *

Great plans are prepared for each of you and for every soul! ~ ~ ~

You will get closer and closer to the sacred Presence of the Almighty One,

just as we do ~ ~ ~

You will be bathing into the golden rivers of Joy ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ floating and surfing over the waves of mighty Life streams ~ ~ ~

You will be joining in with the building of amazing new worlds ~ ~ *”

     Now the Lady of Light turns toward Jesse with immense kindness. Her voice is warm and tender:

“Jesse, we are sending you with a gift. A gift from the Almighty One, in answer to your deep desire.  From now on you will be able to share the Great Secret from the Worlds Above. The Secret of blissful Love. Many others will also feel it.


Jesse, when you remember what you learned here, you will bring peace and understanding to the people you love.


Your dear mother will be the first one to respond.  She was never abandoned.  I am now sending a dear friend that will bring blessings of wisdom and clarity for her and for your father. I am also sending a sacred book.”


Her eyes gaze deeply into his. In that contact Jesse knows that he can now reach people’s hearts.  He can feel their immense, desperate need for true love, peace, joy and happiness.


He knows that each one was created for the joy of learning, and growing. There is so much to discover, to overcome, to create ~ ~ so much to accomplish ~  ~ He realizes that in time, each one will discover the way to enter the glorious Worlds of Light.



In a grand vision majestically unfolding before him, Jesse can now see multitudes of people living on Earth. They are as if stirring and awakening from a very long sleep. Their sleep was filled with restless, confusing dreams and also terrifying nightmares.


But now they are opening their eyes to a new Light. They are realizing they can live together like beloved companions, singing, sharing and laughing together, learning from each other. They are becoming strong and aware, eagerly caring for each other. So much joy! Sadness or health problems are gone and forgotten.


Together they are building majestic cities of Light. They have learned to tap all the electric energy they need from sunlight. Their homes are grand mansions and palaces, their doors open, welcoming guests most any time ~ ~ ~ Palaces similar to those Jesse had visited before on his first journey.  They are designing enchanting gardens of peace. They are creating resort centers of magnificent beauty, fit for Kings and Queens ~ ~ ~  available to all ~ ~ ~


crowns- PICT1340- cropped


Jesse sees them gathering together in great assemblies, rejoicing in glorious celebrations ~ discovering powerful secrets ~ sitting and learning with great Masters ~ absorbing from them the strength, the loving kindness and the wisdom that brings healing to all.


They are learning to communicate with the Creator of the Universe as with a most beloved Friend


They listen for the answers


They treasure every word and follow their clear direction in everything they do ~ ~

Yes! A new dawn! A great new Age of Light is approaching for the people on Earth! With new ways to make life beautiful and easy, blessed with creativity and new inventions that only benefit. Jesse can see that many people are already now responding and receiving glimpses into the hidden Light and Love from Above.


Now Jesse and his friends can sense that the time has come for the Lady of Light and her companions to return to the higher realms.  They are pleading with her to stay with her forever.

She comforts them warmly:


“We are always with you. Please trust that we are always near to hear you.

Hold on to your Highest Dreams…

Listen to the voice of the Supreme Beloved One

who treasures you… who gives you Life and Light… as a Gift of Love… forever renewed…


Her words are echoing throughout the open expanses. A great Light appears above her. It flows through her and from her. Her form seems to merge into it. The children can hardly see her in that overwhelming brilliance as she and her companions gradually glide upward, entering into this magnificent sphere of radiant Light.


Now the sphere is lifting and ascending higher into unknown heavens.


It is emanating a pulsating radiance of shimmering waves, reaching down to the children, resonating with the same eternal message:




“Hold on to your Highest dreams…Listen to the voice of the Supreme Beloved One who treasures you… who gives you Life and Light … as a   Gift of Love…… forever renewed…”




Daily Torah Quote

Joke of the day

poor man came to the house of an elderly couple. Unfortunately they had nothing in the house to give him except an old piece of fish “from before the time of Noah’s Ark and the flood.” Out of desperation, they served him this fish and the next thing they knew he had to be rushed to the hospital. The elderly couple, of course, accompanied him to the hospital but, unfortunately, watched him die in front of their eyes.

At the funeral the elderly woman was crying uncontrollably and her husband was having a hard time trying to console her. She was hysterically screaming, “The fish killed him, the fish killed him.”

The husband who couldn’t stand to see his wife in such a state comforted her and said, “My darling, it’s really not that bad. We had the merit of fulfilling three good deeds: Welcoming guests, visiting the sick, and escorting the deceased!”