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Chapter 13 – Discoveries that Heal and Strengthen

 Chapter 13                  Discoveries that Heal and Strengthen


Anna and Jesse’s mother were taking a walk together through the meadows, happily chatting, enjoying their keen friendship. At some point Anna inquired:


“Esther, my dear friend, I know you never want to speak about you past, but tell me something:  all these years I have been wondering about your grandmother.  Would you like to share with me what you can remember at all?


Esther mused:  “To tell you the truth everything about my grandmother Rachel was so beautiful, so loveable. There was such kindness in her eyes and in her voice…”

“Can you remember anything specific about her?”


“My grandmother…with her I was at peace…feeling so good…so secure…In her world, everything was harmonious.  She used to carry a mysterious book in her dress pocket, hidden under her apron.  At times she would lock the door.

Then she would focus intently on the pages of this book and whisper its words.  Her face looked so serene then.  I knew it was time for me to also be very quiet.  This was a secret just between me and her.”

“What about your parents?”


Grandmother told me I was sweet and beautiful just like my Mommy always was when she was a little girl.  With tears in her eyes, she told me my Mommy and Daddy loved me very, very much when I was a baby.  But then they were both taken back to heaven.  That’s all I remember.”


“Hmm…I am so very sorry. So you didn’t have a father and mother since you were an infant?”


“Worse. One day, suddenly, they told me my grandmother had just died. No explanations. I was then 4 years old.  I was shifted from one home to another.  No one really cared for me.  I only knew I was a Jewish war refugee.  Soon I realized that my dearest Grandmother had been murdered, with millions of other Jewish people, including my own parents, in that terrifying war that was raging all around.


I knew I had better not talk about it and certainly not mention my Jewish identity.”

Anna was listening intently.  She embraced Mother with great compassion and held her in her arms for a while. Then she led her to sit under some pine trees and spoke gently:


“My precious, dear Esther:  I hardly can begin to imagine what you went through. I admire you.  How did you manage to live through all this with grace and strength in spite of all the profound silent sadness you have been feeling?  I feel honored to be your friend, honored that you shared with me what you never wanted to talk about all these years.”


“But Anna! So much death… So many millions dying…”


“My precious friend, would you like me to share with you something I know, a priceless secret that will comfort you?”


“Comfort me?”


“Tell me, do you know what death or dying really means?”


“Never mind. What is this secret? You tell me.”


“You see, personally I know that when it is time for us to leave this world at the end of our life here, we don’t really die. We are more alive than ever! We become aware of the vibrantly alive realms of life that are constantly around us, even though they are still invisible to us here. We begin a new adventure, feeling blissful, creative, exhilarated, fulfilled. ~  ~ An extraordinary new life is awaiting our discovery, beyond our highest dreams ~ ~



We all have magnificent destinies to choose in times to come ~ ~  All the suffering of the past will seem like a drop melting in the ocean of Life and Love that will be ours in this amazingly beautiful universe we are all part of.  If you can really understand this, you can truly live in joy, beginning right now.”


“Anna, please tell me, I need to know. How do you know all this? How come you are so convinced of it? So confident?  So sure?”


Anna paused.  Then she said:  “I just know, without a shadow of a doubt because I really experienced it”


“What do you mean? Experienced it?”


“You see Esther, when I was 8 years old, I was blessed with an extraordinary experience.  I have kept it a secret all my life because it was too personal and difficult to begin to communicate.  But now I see that you can benefit from it. Would you like me to pass this secret along to you?  It is my gift.. ”


“Please tell me.”


“This is what happened: On that day, I was crossing the street carelessly as I was running home from school. Suddenly I was hit by a huge truck.  I didn’t realize what had happened to me, but strangely I found myself floating a few meters above the scene of the accident.


“I was watching people below screaming, I saw my body laying there near that truck and my mother rushing over.  I was floating above, kind of detached from the whole scene, but I was a bit confused.  I watched all this for a few moments.


“Then I was drawn inside a pitch dark tunnel.  I wasn’t afraid.  I was floating along toward a pinpoint of Light at the end of this tunnel.  I was curious and moved eagerly toward that Light.  It grew more and more brilliant as I approached.


“It was so very beautiful! I was magnetically drawn to it.  In its center, I could discern someone awesome standing there, radiating this wondrous, enchanting, majestic Light! Glorious colors!”








“I felt totally embraced in a love so profound, so pure, so infinitely gentle, so comforting and healing, way beyond what we can ever experience here in our world. The bliss of it! Indescribable….

From within the Light I heard a voice…. a voice vibrating with immense kindness….It asked me:

“Do you want to stay here with me or do you want to go back?”  I suddenly realized that if I chose to stay, I wouldn’t go back to my parents. I knew that doing this would cause them awful grief.  As much as I was desperately yearning to stay in that Light, I had compassion on them and I chose to return to them.”


“The next thing I knew, I found myself back in my body in the hospital with all the terrible aches and pains and broken bones.  The doctors were amazed to see me come back to life after I had died. All during the following days, my inner resource of comfort was my immense feeling of awe and deep connection with this blissful Love and Light. It was the healing energy that brought me rapidly back to life and complete health”.


“Awesome! You died and came back?”


“Years later, I found books describing various extraordinary reports of many other people who have been blessed with a personal experience similar to mine.  It is real.  It is healing. It transforms.”


“Anna, is this the reason why you are so clear minded and happy most of the time?”

“This was my experience of a Higher Reality. It has been my foundation of strength and inner peace. And now can you see why I understood right away the visions of your gifted little Jesse? Can you see how his message is essential to all of us? How it can be a support and confirmation to what many people can already sense deep within?”


“Anna. I thank God for the blessing of your presence. I know so little. There is so much more to learn and discover.”


Hand in hand the two friends walked home in the glow of the sunset that was setting ablaze the fields, the meadows and the trees with a magnificent orchestration of golden light.


Before her departure for the United States Anna took the train to go shopping for two days.  She returned with a suitcase filled with books for the family.  Jesse was now entering second grade school and had learned to read slowly.  Soon he and his parents were deeply absorbed and inspired with their reading.  This made Anna’s impending departure a little easier.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~





After profuse exchanges of blessings and thanks, good wishes and pleadings for her to come back next year, she left, promising to do her best to return.


On the next day, among all the gifts, Jesse found a small, brown, thick, leather bound book embossed with inscriptions in shining gold letters.  Jesse was intrigued and opened it at random.  Strange.  The page on the right side was covered with letters he had never seen before.  And on the left, he read on, and the more he read, the more excited he was:




The Almighty One, the Master of Creation is blessed

and is blessed by the mouth of every soul.

His greatness and goodness fill the universe,

Knowledge and understanding surround His majesty,

He is most exalted over the holy Angels of Life

And sublime in glory above the highest praise.

Accomplishment and honor stand before His throne,

Loving kindness and compassion fill His Glory.

The awesome great Lights which our God has created are good. 

He formed them with knowledge, with discernment and with wisdom

He endowed them with strength and power,

That they may rule within the world.

They are infused with brilliance and emanate glorious light.

Majestic is their radiance throughout the universe.

They are blissful in their rising and exult in their setting,

Fulfilling with awe the will of their Creator.

Glory and honor they give to His name,

Exultation and ecstatic song at the mention of His kingship.




Jesse ran over to his mother.

“Mommy, look! Somebody wrote about the very same things I saw in the Worlds of Light!! Somebody also knew about them! Mommy, please read!”


Mother gasped. Her eyes opened wide.






“Oh! The Jewish prayer book! Almost the same one that my dearest grandmother was praying with everyday!”


“You mean, these were the very same words she was saying? Who wrote these words? How come nobody ever told me about them? When were they written? From where?”


“These words were written thousands of years ago. They have been the prayers of many millions of people all this time”

“You mean, people have known about these Angels of Light for thousands of years?”


“That’s right.”


“Then, how come most people are so afraid of them?”


“You are asking a very good question.”

“Mommy, what are those mysterious letters on the right hand pages?”


“These are the letters from the ancient Hebrew language.”


“How come?”


“These prayers have been translated from the Hebrew into several languages. They have been reaching out to Jewish people scattered in many countries. Ours here is in French.


But for now Jesse, please, let’s just read on together, so that we may begin to know more about my dearest grandmother ~ to know what was in her heart and mind. “



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