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Chapter 4 – Voyages in Worlds of Light

Chapter 4                              Voyages in Worlds of Light


Now gentle hands are lifting him up through the opening, and he can see many children smiling at him, laughing and cheering.


“He is here! Jesse has arrived! He’s home . . .”


These children are riding on amazing, shining flying ships that have a life of their own and are guided by the mere wish of each child upon it, like a magic carpet.


They are having fun, steering with enthusiasm, swirling in patterns like free birds around a tree before choosing a place to softly land.


As they climb out and come towards Jesse, he recognizes them, even though he doesn’t remember where he had met them before. They are his best friends. Even their thoughts seem obvious to him.


Daniel, the leader, steps forward and the others are parting a way for him.


His voice is inviting:  “Would you like to come with us? Can we show you around?”


He takes Jesse by the hand and waves him in front of him up into his own ship. The seats are cushioned like down pillows. The view all around is open wide. Surprisingly, Jesse feels perfectly safe.

In a moment, they are riding off in their swift vessels, bouncing and swinging, traveling at an amazing speed, riding over mysterious, glowing, sparkling fields and valleys.


The ships are now landing gracefully on the rim of a purple mountain and the children get off and stand there.  Jesse looks up and is overwhelmed. Daniel puts his hand over his shoulder.



There seems to be a vast, vast ocean of living Light stretching out to the infinite… and this Light is made of happiness! Jesse is receiving that happiness! . . . his heart is bursting with ecstatic joy, a joy so intense he can hardly bear it. This place is so enchanting, bathed in infinite sweetness. . . Jesse knows he has always belonged here.





He sees his friends soaring upward and plunging into the waves of dancing light. With cries of delight they are gliding and surfing with the sweeping motions of the waves. Jesse feels himself lifted off the ground and suddenly, with the greatest of ease, he is flying off! It is as easy as breathing!


He feels so light! So free! Dancing and flying with the bursting waves of joy…



Now above these waves of flaming light appears a mysterious new sight.  Jesse is intrigued.  He watches attentively.  The sky above deepens into the deep blue of a night sky.


Majestic, brilliant lights are sparkling in the distance.  Now the other children are also looking up and realizing:

“Oh! The Palaces, the Palaces!” they are excited.


“Jesse, let’s go!” They are joining hands with him to take him on his first long flight. Daniel is constantly by his side.


As they are all sailing toward those bright lights, Daniel explains: “These palaces are places of learning.  Many secrets of the Universe can be revealed here– secrets about worlds visible and invisible, worlds above and below, and worlds higher yet.  Secrets about ourselves… we begin to understand who created us and why we are here.  When we are ready, we are allowed to enter.”


As the companions are approaching, Jesse is gasping at the amazing structures of these glowing Palaces.  He is awed by their beauty and radiance.


Now Daniel leads them toward one of the palaces.  Its door is wide open.  It is immense with strong walls glowing like fiery coals, smooth and cool to the touch, pulsating with a life of their own.  In the center of the Palace is a pool.  In its center, living waters are springing upward and showering gracefully.


palaces- brighter


Near the fountain, banquet tables are laid out with a magnificent array of foods.  Daniel leads Jesse and his friends to them.  He offers Jesse sweet nectar served in a crystal glass shaped like a flower.  The more Jesse drinks, the sweeter the taste.  What a feast! Jesse drinks and drinks…


Between gulps, he asks Daniel. “Is this what you call ‘learning’ here?


The first thing you needed to learn,” replies Daniel, “was to strengthen yourself.”


These glorious moments are interrupted by a distant call – the sound of his mother’s voice:

“Jesse… Jesse!…”


“Oh, Mommy!… you are here also!” cries Jesse.  “How lucky!… but where are you?…” Her voice seems to come from outside the palace.  Jesse runs out to look for her.  Above and below, there is nothing but a deep night.  He feels an invisible force pulling him down and he is losing his balance.  Down, down he is falling, into the dark night.




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