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Chapter 7 – Visitation of a Star

Chapter 7                              Visitation of a Star


Sitting on fragrant, green meadows, the children are chatting happily together like the best of friends can.  Jesse’s attention is now becoming drawn toward something in the sky above. He looks, and thinks, and looks again.


“Daniel,” he says at last, “I have been wondering about those luminous stars ever since I came here. I so much want to know what they are. Let’s go catch one!”


Daniel is laughing:


“We couldn’t catch one in a billion years!”


But then he thinks about it. He listens inwardly, smiles, nods, and then says, “However, if you so wish, would you like to invite one to come and visit us?”


“How?  Right now?” Jesse is excited.


“Right now.” Daniel stands up and announces in a loud voice. “Let’s make a circle.”


As soon as he said that many other young people playing in the gardens came running toward them.


They are joining hands and standing in a large circle. They begin to circle around together gently to the rhythm of a melody. Voices are heard singing the words:



~  ~  ~  Listen, listen to your heart’s call    ~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~  Blissful Love is shining for all    ~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~  Chose the ways of loving kindness   ~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~  Blessing you in joy and oneness  ~  ~  ~



Jesse feels such love for all his friends. He knows they are all sharing this marvelous feeling of togetherness ~ Oneness ~ Peace ~  ~  ~.

Now the children can see that one of the stars shining in the distance is approaching them.  It is moving closer and closer.  Suddenly its massive radiance is hovering above their heads!







Awestruck, the children are gazing at this intensely alive, vibrating Light, resonating with a sound similar to an oceanic humming.  Brilliant light beams are surrounding them.


Someone is there, in the center of this Light, radiating immense power, shining with the brightness of the sun!  The children are covering their faces, afraid to peek.


But Jesse can sense that this awesome being belongs to an immense family of great ones… a glorious company of masterful angels working together in unison, with stupendous power. They are the angelic messengers of the Awesome One who created the Heavens and the Earth.

Now Jesse understands more than words can tell and perceives more than eyes can see. He feels enveloped by this most awesome, warm, loving Presence ~ the Presence of the Supreme All Mighty One ~

Oh! Yes! Jesse now remembers… the Supreme One who created the Heavens and the Earth! This is what the lady of Light had told him!


Jesse is irresistibly attracted toward this Eternal, all Powerful Presence.


He can feel its gentle power pulsating within his own heart.  He can sense this Presence is there forever, giving life to everyone, to all living creatures ~ ~


A glorious feeling tells him



~ ~ ~  he is treasured and watched over, forever ~ ~ ~

All is very, very good  ~ ~ ~



The children are standing together, absorbed in their own inner revelations.  Then the great angelic being begins to emanate a more gentle light, in waves of iridescent colors flowing and radiating in dancing patterns similar to the movement of the waves on the smooth sands of the seashore… reflecting a million sun sparks.


The companions are watching these sparkling, flowing waves of light reaching down to them and gently washing over them.  At their touch, they are transported with new ecstatic joy.

Now the glorious visitor begins to gradually rise higher. Soon it is majestically lifting up into the heavens above, and receding further and further in the distance until it can be seen just as one of the stars standing watch.


For a while Jesse stands there, holding Daniel’s hand. Softly Daniel speaks:

“They are here to transmit the Light of Love… When we are ready, they bring it to us.”




Quietly the two friends are now resting in the fragrant meadows. They can hear the sound of distant waterfalls and the joyful laughter of their friends who are playing near a stream of water.


Tenderly, Daniel speaks: “Jesse, when you return to your everyday world below, you will remember the Light from the Awesome One.  Remember this Presence, your most beloved Friend. It is listening to you, it is aware of your feelings, wherever you go.


When you are peaceful and share your thoughts and feelings with your Friend Above, you can soon hear the answers.  You will receive a special knowledge, with thoughts and ideas flashing through your mind. These will give you what you need in your life, like strength and courage, peace and joy.”


Jesse is thoughtful: “You mean…something like the way I feel when we are together?”

“Yes, and even much better. I am not always around, but your Friend Above is there for you always. If you pay attention, you will know it. You will receive what you need. You will be joyful. You will be amazed at what you will accomplish with this wonderful companion.”



“You see Jesse, when we live on Earth, we get so busy with the many troubles and worries of Earth-life that we don’t even remember this marvelous Presence. We don’t even wonder about it!  And often, we completely forget about it.


But even so, the great shining ones, the messengers of the Most High, are sent to us. They come silently and swiftly through invisible waves of Light. They are warm and comforting as sunshine, soft and gentle as the dew of heaven. They are here to inspire and protect us, especially when we intend to do something good, or when we are in pain, crying for help.”


“But Daniel, isn’t there a way that we can feel their presence when we are on Earth?  Nobody there seems to know anything about them.”


“There are many ways. The easiest way is when we are choosing to be caring and kind toward others.  Have you noticed the smiles of happiness that shine on people’s faces when they care for and are friends with one another?  They feel so good!  This is the time when the great shining ones can bring the Light from Above to us.  Love works magic in these people’s hearts, even if they don’t really know how it happened.


Jesse, just remember: The Supreme all Powerful One created all and gives us life. He is with you. He knows your trials on Earth. He seeks to guide and protect each one with immense, eternal Love. When we respond to this Love, we are glowing. We trust more, we feel safe and comforted. We feel warm toward others, no matter who they are. We pay attention to them and listen to them.


And the more Love there is, the more joy builds up in us and around us. We are all sparkling with good feelings. All kinds of wonderful things happen. Good people come our way. New understanding shines into us. With real Love, we receive amazing moments of glorious knowing, feeling ten feet tall, even when we live on earth.”



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