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Chapter 9 – Yearning to know the secret

Chapter 9           Yearning to know the secret


Jesse and Daniel can now hear from the distance their friends squealing with delight.  They walk toward them and discover them leaping down with the water falls, bouncing like balls over the rocks, plunging into the water, and meeting with each other under the waves.


“Would you like to go ahead?” Daniel asks Jesse in answer to his silent wish.




Effortlessly, Jesse climbs to the top of the highest fall.  His friends are cheering as he takes a big leap.  Down, down he is plunging and merging with the gushing, roaring, bubbling torrents.  He is somersaulting and bouncing with them, and diving to meet his friends under water. There he discovers these waters are special. He can breathe in them just like the fish can breathe in water.





Again and again he is leaping down with the falls.  What fun!  He feels so alive, so elated with the knowledge that here, everything is possible, all dreams can come true.


“He is learning so well,” says a girl with sparkling eyes, standing next to Daniel.


“Yes, Miriam, he is.” Both are watching Jesse for a while, delighted with his enthusiasm.


Daniel quietly shares a secret with her: “Soon I will be able to take him for a visit to the higher worlds.”


“To the higher worlds!” Miriam is in awe. “Oh, Daniel!  How lucky!”


“There is someone there who is waiting to see him,” explains Daniel.


Miriam has a plea:“Perhaps…may I also come along?”


“I wish I could take you Miriam, but these are tremendous heights to travel through.  We need a personal invitation to get there.”


Hovering  above the children, and half-hidden behind the sunlight, a new Messenger of Light silently watches, as the companions are playing. Their guardian isn’t noticed by the children.



Now the companions are skipping and dancing over the sun sparks reflected over a flowing stream.  They are following these sparks until they are reaching a vast landscape, lush forests surrounding a beautiful meadow.  In the distance, they can see cliffs towering over a great ocean.  There is an aura of mystery enveloping this place.


Above the ocean, a majestic sun is filling the heavens with an awesome, all enveloping glow of sparkling radiance.  Jesse is thrilled by its splendor.



As Jesse approaches, he notices in the meadows a gathering of grown-up people standing there.  He runs over to them, eager to make friends with them.  But strangely, they are not responding to him.  They seem to be lost in their own thoughts, unaware.


Some are scared or sad, angry and confused.  Jesse can see they have just left the Earth below and they have arrived in the Worlds of Light.  They haven’t yet realized where they are, nor what is happening to them.  They need help.


Fortunately, help soon came.  A shower of the scintillating, pristine light from Above comes down, washing over them like a cleansing, purifying downpour of healing energy.  Jesse watches and he sees them awaken as if from a dream, the dream of their life on Earth.  Here is a new day, a new reality, and it is so good!  With cries of wonder they are now receiving the mighty healing power enveloping them.

New Picture (1)

Then Jesse sees in the distance, emerging from the sun’s majestic radiance, a wondrous gathering of angelic beings, brilliant with Light.  Jesse knows that they are coming to welcome the newcomers, to bring their love and guidance to them.  He knows there is so much to learn and receive from this magnificent company!

Jesse is enthralled with their beautiful mission.


“I want to fly closer!” he decides.

Soon he is ascending toward this radiant company of angels.  But an invisible force is stopping him on the way.  Before he knows what is happening, he is pushed away and he finds himself sitting over the cliffs overlooking the vast ocean! It was a shock.


Soon Daniel and his companions come to sit next to him over the cliffs.  Daniel smiles broadly at Jesse, but Jesse is feeling confused and frustrated:


“Daniel, I so much wanted to be part of their company! They came to help and welcome these frightened people.”

“Yes, I know,” answers Daniel.

“Why was I pushed back and placed here? Why couldn’t I also help?”


“You see, Jesse, the Worlds of Light were created to offer many different kinds of realms.  Each one is here to serve the needs of different kinds of people.  The people you saw were grown-ups.  They are being welcomed by loving teachers devoted to the adult realms.  Great universities and centers of learning are waiting, where people can expand their knowledge in the arts and the sciences that they really wanted to develop while on Earth, and before. Soon they are enjoying many more discoveries and fascinated with more activities.


But you, Jesse, still belong in the realms most attractive to children.  The Almighty One created an immense variety of exiting domains. Each one can choose what to learn and to grow with.


Now Jesse is bursting out:


“Daniel, I really need to understand!  Everything here is so filled with mystery.  The more I see and discover, the more mysterious it all is!  And Mommy and Daddy…I also want so much to help them to be happy and unafraid…I want everybody on earth to know… The places we have been exploring are so marvelous, so beautiful…there is a forever Great Secret behind them.  I am yearning to know that Great Secret!



“Yes, I also know that yearning.  I know how you feel” answered Daniel.


“Daniel, when we were standing in a circle in the gardens, with the light of the great shining Angel all over us, we felt the Awesome, All Mighty One who knows everything… so much kindness… and the Love… Daniel, I long so much to get closer again… closer… I can feel that if we could go up to even higher worlds… where I know the Lady of Light lives… I feel we could get closer to the marvelous Presence once more.  Please Daniel, help me.  Would you please help? Yes?”


For a moment the companions are thinking quietly.  Then one of the boys speaks:

“Jesse is right, I feel the same way.”


They look at each other and suddenly they realize that they are all experiencing that same powerful yearning, a yearning stronger than any desire they ever had before.


After a quiet moment, Miriam has a suggestion:

“Maybe, with the help of Daniel, we could all hold hands and ascend to those higher worlds together.”

DSC_0048- brighter sun

Now they are all turning to Daniel.  He is sitting on the cliffs, staring at the ocean, his chin cupped in his hands, thinking.


“Daniel, please show us the way,” they are petitioning.




This request is a lot more than Daniel had anticipated.  He wasn’t at all ready to take a bunch of youngsters with him.


“Do you realize what you are asking for? To ascend to those higher worlds, you need to be steadfast, strong and fearless.  You need to be focused on one goal.  This is not just fun and play.”

His words are met with a chorus of pleadings:


“Oh, Daniel, please… take us! …Together we can do it! We shall hold each other up… I am not afraid, I am strong… Me too!  Me too!”



Daniel isn’t at all convinced. But then Miriam says trustfully:


“I believe the great shining messengers of the All Mighty One would love to see us ascend higher.  They will surely help us.”


Jesse also speaks up: “I feel in my heart that the awesome Presence will protect us and guide us with the help of the Lady of Light.”


Daniel is deep in thought for a while. Then he nods as if he received a consent from deep within.


“Very well,” he is finally announcing.  “If your trust and faith is strong, we will go.

Now get prepared.  Everyone, remember three important things:



First: Keep your attention centered on your special goal!

Second: Stay close to me!

Third: Trust in the help from Above!”



And so the children are gently lifted into the sky, gathering speed, higher and higher, way above the glistening ocean.


With trepidation they begin to realize the vastness of infinite space into which they are penetrating.


Further and further the children are ascending, entering golden skies shimmering with stars   and lightly floating spheres.


Magnificent islands are often appearing in the distance and several times the children are

tempted to land there to rest on solid ground and to explore.  But Daniel is firmly reminding

them of their wish and steadfastly urging them onward.


Now Daniel feels guided toward a beautiful sphere bathed in glowing pink mist.  They are approaching the sphere.  Soon they are floating through the mist and landing on a luminous field.


A mysterious stillness is enveloping all and the children are gathering quietly.




Something has changed.  There is a strange shimmering and vibrating throughout the open expanses above them.  Soon, gentle rivers of Light flaming upward are shining in the distance and are beginning to flow toward the children, illuminating the heavens and the field.


Daniel holds Jesse’s hand.


“Someone is here to greet you,” he announces.


Above the flaming streams, brilliant stars are appearing in formation and are descending majestically.  As they approach, shining figures can be seen inside those stars.  As one of them glides closer, Jesse suddenly recognizes her.


“It’s the Lady of Light!” he cries out.


He leaps with joy and flies towards her.  All his friends are following.






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Once there was a Yeshiva student going out on his first date. He went to his friend for advice. “What do I talk about with the girl?”

His friend said, “It’s as easy as pie. First you talk about love. Then you talk about family. And then you talk about philosophy.”

OK, the great moment arrives. They sit down and first he says, “Tell me honestly, do you love lokshen (noodles)?”

She says, “No, I hate lokshen.”

OK, let’s try family. “Does your brother like lokshen?”

“I don’t have a brother.”

Oh, no, this is not so simple. Let’s try philosophy. “If you would have a brother, do you think he would like lokshen?”