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Heart Understanding

Beloved One, Master of Souls,

Sometimes my yearning for Your Perfection, Harmony, Peace, Joy, and my longing for freedom from this constraining physical body are so intense they are painful.  I call for release, for wider expanses, for a return to Your Home.  I complain about the pain and ordeals of the human condition we see everywhere in this world, even though I know I shouldn’t complain.

Look deeper, and deeper yet.  Always look for the Source of all that is.  Always do your utmost to reach into the awareness of My Master Plan.  Very few know how to do this.  You have always searched and been blessed with understanding in your mind.  Now reach deeper for the HEART understanding.

Do all this with Love for Me!!!  This is the most potent secret of All.  Do it for the joy of service, even if this service seems to be merely like the few awkward deeds of a youngster.  What is most important is not what is accomplished, but HOW.

Trust in the purpose of every moment of your life.  Trust in My Presence, in My awareness of these very moments. Trust in the greatness of My Plan, My Creative Intent, My Eternal Vision and True Reality.

TRUST !!!  In Love and Joy.

Every human soul is destined for greatness, no matter how convoluted their wanderings, no matter what mistakes each one confronts, no matter how trapped they believe they are in their circumstances, disheartening relationships or limitations.  Sooner or later they will set themselves free with the help of My hosts of compassionate beings from this world and from higher dimensions, waiting to lift them out of the opaque denseness.

When you keep learning and evolving over time, when you perform your activities with humility, and reverent devotion to Me and to others, you are achieving multiple levels of greatness way beyond your awareness.  You are bringing about victory!  For My sake.  Understand that I am in every detail of your life. I am waiting for you to turn every challenging adversarial situation into a turning point whereby you seek Me out. This will give you the relief and peace that I intended for you.  Give up the struggle of trying to fix everything without Me. Include Me in your life by being aware of my Presence,. You will finally find peace.

When you are radiating your love outward to everyone, even to those who seem quite unlovable at that moment, you are bringing Me into your world and the world of all who you encounter.  You are in your true element, which is why it feels so good.

I bless you with eternal Joy, Strength and Wisdom, and ever deepening Love, ever deepening Grace and Beauty –

Most human beings do not know their awesome potential to call for intercession and blessings from the heavenly worlds.  Meditate on this.

It is so simple, when there is willingness to trust in My Wisdom, My Creative Plan for each of you.

Merging in consciousness with My Plan brings


These are waiting for you –

Open the door.  Allow them to enter.  You are essentially beings of great Beauty and Light – I am waiting for your unfolding in simplicity with Love for Me, for Service and Caring, for Life, for all what is Good and Healing –

From the book “Answers from Above” by Liliane Ritche




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A not–so–young man and woman were sitting on the porch of the hotel catching a little breeze. The woman turned to the man and said, “It’s really something – you look exactly like my third husband.”

The gentleman asked her, “How many times have you been married?”

She replied, “Only twice so far!”