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How does this communication happen?

You may be wondering: “How can I really communicate with God?”

Amazingly you will find that your connection with this awesome, intelligent, creative Power is simple and easy to reach. It happens through your choice for love and your eagerness to understand, and to receive.  You have it in you to do this. You were created with this blessed faculty to open your heart, to share, to trust, to treasure and to receive.

When you choose to write a loving letter to God, you spontaneously connect with the One who created you, who is aware and who supports you.  Allow yourself to be direct, simple and playful. If in doubt, just pretend that you are really communicating your thoughts and feelings to the One who is always there for you. You can do this even when your reasoning mind gives you all kinds of objections.  The intuitive knowing of your soul can begin to manifest in your awareness.  It comes through your faculty to envision and trust in the mysterious Great Presence of Universal Wisdom Beyond that surrounds you and gives you life always.   The answers will come – when they come, honor these answers by writing them down the best way you can.

The truth is, your soul knowing is far more intelligent and connected to true Reality than your limited rational intellectual perceptions.  Believe in the knowing of your higher Self, your soul.

You do not need to worry about your spelling or grammar.  When there is an emergency such as a fire alert, one doesn’t worry about how elegant our language should be.  At this very moment of connecting, some important information is being delivered to you.  Quickly transcribe it.  You will have captured these messages – they won’t disappear on you any longer.  You will review them again, especially when you need them – they will be there for you, to instantly lift you again into that special state of receptivity to God’s abundant Good. It is always waiting to manifest in your awareness.

You may want to ask God questions such as:

Why am I here?

Why was I created?

What is my greater purpose?

What can truly bring me the highest joy?

How can I begin to trust in You?

How can I feel the Love from on High?

How can I begin to connect with You and know You?

How can I overcome my life’s problems?

How can I grown stronger and more peaceful?

How can I best help others?

What shall I do next? What shall I say?

Are you with me?

Listen for the answers.  They will come, sometimes immediately, sometimes bit by bit in ever increasing clarity.  Your fears and anxieties will become irrelevant and dissolve.  You will no longer feel alone nor lost.  You will have help available a moment of focus away.  You will be amazed at the variety of these messages as they respond to the many aspects of your life and moods and questions.  You will enjoy the peace, the support and encouragement toward your great quest for new horizons and for empowering meaning.  You will enjoy the guidance, the Love from the Creative Force of the Universe that is there for all of us forever.

The following chapters of this book can bring you a taste of what this communication with Infinite wisdom can create for you. Your own connection is also meant to be unique, healing, magnificent and joyful. I eagerly hope for and anticipate your success.

Please write or email to me and let me know about your own beautiful breakthroughs!

Points to remember

There may be times in your life when your thoughts are anxious, self critical, resentful, exacting, pressuring, fearful or perhaps predicting an awful outcome. Just remember then:

this is not coming from Higher Guidance.

You will know the voice of higher Guidance by its own unique quality.  It conveys a feeling of confidence and certainty.  It strengthens you with a sense of being valued and lovingly held in the care of the eternal Presence that created Heaven and Earth.

This voice is immensely beneficial in every way.  We have all heard stories of how it has saved lives.  As you sit behind the wheel in traffic, it prompts you to look up and swerve or turn at just the right time.  It can affect important decisions that may involve your future for many years down the line.  Suddenly you make a decision made with a clear understanding and a hunch that you did not have before and it turns out right.

Divine Guidance is what prompts you to ask questions about your true identity, your soul, your potential.  It flashes glimpses about the secrets of Creation, making you stand in utter awe at the mind-boggling, infinite Universe that surrounds you.

And its most wondrous aspect for you is your lifeline to the Source of Eternal Wisdom.  You are forever guided by this Creative Power that sustains you through time and eternity.  Even though you may not yet understand most of what is happening to you and why, you can rest assured that this Higher Wisdom that masterfully rules the Universe is also very capable of watching over you through all your travails. It is prompting you and encouraging you until you eventually reach your destination.

Consciously or not, you probably have already sensed this Divine Guidance a few times before, when you were willing and open to receive it.  It is offering you a fresh start after going through emotional storms.  It comforts you, heals you, and frees you from your hurt, anger and depression.  It is the soul’s impulse of hope, joy, good will and positive vision.  Often it reveals new ideas, practical steps and decisions that bring success and health.  It is the heartfelt impulse that cares for others and finds personal ways to help them. It is the voice of appreciation toward your loves ones.  The voice of ever increasing blessings in Joy.

You can make a choice.  You can set your attention on this Voice of Higher Wisdom deep within, waiting to be heard.  It reveals itself at times in flashes of intuitive guidance or as a flowing stream of inner knowing that brings a sense of harmony, peace and Joy.  When you pay diligent attention to it and ask for help from the Supreme Source from where it originates, you will sense it, hear it and follow its promptings.

This Voice is immensely compassionate and understanding for each and everyone.  It knows who you are, why you are here and where you are going.  It knows every detail of your life, your personality traits and tendencies.  It is your greatest Friend, Companion, Counselor, Coach, Supporter and Cheering Team.  It is waiting for your willingness to share and to listen.

This inner Voice is the great panacea for establishing peace in your relationships.  It is healing you from your hurts and wounds.  It is conveying to you a sense of freedom – your worries and fears simply calm down and soon vanish.  This Voice is revealing a sense of the Eternal Present, the wonderful, supreme, all-knowing Presence supporting you with Life forever.

All this is a very mysterious process connected with the Infinite and Eternal.  Our soul’s origin is from the abundant, blissful, creative Love that brought forth the Universe.  Our soul is our true identity.  We are all much greater than we realize.  Even though our present condition prevents us from understanding this, we have it in us to reconnect with our Source of origin, the loving Force behind all Life!  It is always here, awaiting our discovery.

How do we rediscover our Source of Wisdom and all blessings?  It happens through our yearning for it, through our reverent love for all its positive qualities of peace and joy.  It happens when you seek to express compassionate love towards others and support it with action.

You reconnect with this Voice of Wisdom when you listen in deep focus and attention, when you are willing to be open and receptive, in a state of inner quiet.  If you aren’t used to doing this, it may take some perseverance to attune with this inner knowing.  Don’t lose hope.  You are doing exactly what you need the most. Surround yourself with what supports your intuitive knowing.  You can choose to read books that uplift your soul. You can listen to the sounds of music that bring you inner harmony.  You can commune with the beauty of nature.  You can choose friends and mentors that are blessed with this inner soul connection with God.  Protect yourself from negative thinking.  Instead, chose to love. Love all your life’s blessings. Love those who uplift you, your friends, your family and more. Love your inspiring books, words of wisdom, music, love your values and dreams and more.

Perhaps this communication with this unknown, mindboggling Divine Power that sustains the Universe may seem too scary and dangerous. All you need to do is to remember that this compassionate creative Being is also capable of toning down its Presence to a level that won’t frighten or overwhelm you. The presence of Your Creator will perfectly adjust its Force to your ability to receive.  Often it will speak to you in a light hearted, humorous way.  It will inspire you in a joyful, healing way. It will also be forceful when necessary, but never in a harmful way.

It will also speak through you as you speak to others.  You may find yourself speaking words of wisdom that touch the hearts of others. You will wonder how this came through and you will be grateful to the One who is the Source of all Good.

This blessed communication is meant to be yours, no matter how unworthy or incapable you may think you are, simply because you are a human being with a soul.  Your soul is created in the image of the Creator and it feels perfectly safe when becoming aware of the Love of this Awesome Presence.

When you write a letter to God and wait for the answers, remember you are addressing the Presence of life giving Love, waiting to permeate, illumine, heal and uplift your whole being.  It all depends on you ~ on your eagerness, your focus, and your willingness to persist in this mode of healing communication.

Perhaps when you first attempt to write a letter to God, you may think that your answers are just coming from your imagination.  So write them down anyway.  It will make you feel at ease.  Keep writing whatever comes to your mind.  Words will start flowing.  It will feel reassuring and easy.

Keep writing. New thoughts, new ideas will emerge ~ kindly ~ encouraging ~ positive ~.practical ~ expanding your vision ~ lifting your perspective to a higher level.  Before you know it you will begin to converse with this loving Presence that is here for you.  It will feel natural and spontaneous.  You will realize the trend of thoughts you are writing down will be from a Source higher than your own “normal” state of awareness.  It will surprise you.

You will be amazed how easily this process can happen.

Later on, even years later, when you re-discover and review these writings, they will surprise you even more for their uplifting, healing quality and their usefulness in practical guidance even now at this very moment.

“Did I really write this?” you will wonder. “That wasn’t coming from me.”

Stepping aside and allowing the Higher Guidance to come to the fore, listening to it, writing it down and following it will open your life to ever increasing blessings, with creative ideas that bring success in all areas of your life.  It will open your heart to the Power of Love that heals and strengthens you. It will bring you great joy in all your endeavors and relationships.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

As you read the following personal letters and answers from the One Above I was blessed to receive, you will perceive many inspiring answers to your own questions.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

But now I asked the Beloved One, the true Author of these letters for His personal message to you.

Here it is ~ ~ ~

From the book “Answers from Above” by Liliane Ritche



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